Last Post on This Domain!

This is an official goodbuy to my domain…

From now on you will find me on … you will get this post if you have subscribed to my old domain whether by email or google reader… Please change the susbcribtion to 😀

Thank you for subscribing and See you there!

Lofat Diet – Day 1

The first day of my diet has started! I woke up anticipating my box of food would arrive before i got out to work but it didn’t so i had to have breakfast on my own this morning… Continue reading

Which diet did i choose?!

I went with the LoFat Diet 😀

I signed up for the silver subscribtion of breakfast + lunch + dessert for two weeks. It cost me 79 KD

All i had to do is phone them up, they faxed me their silver two weeks plan menu… they had TONS of things to choose from, and for the daily main dishes there are more than one vegetarian option and they are all mouthwatering. I chose what i wanted without having to see a dietritian and take a blood test and wait and be weighed and all that hoopla! Within 5 minutes i was ready to subscribe and start my diet and they offered to send me their mandoob to take the menu and the money but i have decided to make the trip my self and pay them my self…

The variety of food is great. The ease of subscribing is fascinating, i made a decision on the whim to subscribe and that’s it… no fuss no mess… all i have to do now is wait for my lovely package to arrive and start the diet process (after i finsh devouring those digestive biscuits for breakfast… they ARE low fat!)

I will be making a photographic diary of my Diet on daily basis and posting about the dishes i recieve. I am supposed to recieve lunch today (Koshary + Salad + Om Ali) and breakfast for tommorow (pancakes with maple syrup, fruit kebab, and fruit yoghurt) … i cannot wait 😀

New Theme Poll Results…

The poll on the new theme is now closed with 60% of voters liking the new theme… i would say it passed 😀

Now for the next few days i might be a bit slow on posting since i would be spending my time trying to customize my theme and make it more *me* and change some stuff here and there, add some cool plugins… by the way this theme is a FREE wordpress theme that can be used and customized by anyone and you might have seen it somewhere else before… it is NOT specifically made for me and i do not posses the ability to build themes from scratch (yet!)…

What do you think of the new theme?

I am still playing around with the new theme and trying out stuff… i think it looks pretty good but needs a bit of tweaking here and there…

Now check the new theme out by clicking the picture above to enlarge or by going to the new site  (click here) then please come back and click the poll below to let me know if you like it or not.

By the way when i am done with the new theme and i officially open it i am having a big lovely surprise for my readers… kinda like a home warming gift 😉

Stay Tuned and help me out by giving me your opinion… the sooner i am done the better 😀

I am going on a diet! Which Diet Meals Provider To Choose?!

I am tired of feeling fat andbarrell like… i am looking in the mirror and i am NOT happy!!! Recently i have gotten too comfortable around food consuming and craving all kinds of sugary fatty concotions!!! I have decided to make each day in 2011 count and worthy… there is only one 2011 to live in this lifetime… Mo?

So i have decided to cut out all the unnecessarily sugar/flour/fat from my life and join a diet program -after i wash down my Starbucks blue berry muffin with a tall caramel macciato that is-. Currently i have decided to go with Regime Bu Gowa6ee as q8ys call it… I am thinking of subscribing for a breakfast/lunch deal for around two weeks and i am choosing between Lo Fat, Diet Care, and Diet Center… Hopefully it will help me keep my food balanced for the next two weeks so help ease me back into my regular more restraint diet and if i see it’s beneficial i would extend it for a month or so…

Have you tried Lo Fat, Diet Care, or Diet Center before?! What do you think of their services?!

I’ve Moved!

I’ve bought my own private domain…!

I waited forever to acquire bs Allah ma ketab 😦 Ham .net 7elo ma feeh shay… now my old domain will point to… ooh have i got a lot of tweaking to do!

Taraqaboo my new theme ele beyrkab any time mini lee bacher 😉

P.S. Last line reminded me of Um Mit3ib Allah yathkerha bel khair :*