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Lofat Diet – Day 1

The first day of my diet has started! I woke up anticipating my box of food would arrive before i got out to work but it didn’t so i had to have breakfast on my own this morning… Continue reading


Which diet did i choose?!

I went with the LoFat Diet 😀

I signed up for the silver subscribtion of breakfast + lunch + dessert for two weeks. It cost me 79 KD

All i had to do is phone them up, they faxed me their silver two weeks plan menu… they had TONS of things to choose from, and for the daily main dishes there are more than one vegetarian option and they are all mouthwatering. I chose what i wanted without having to see a dietritian and take a blood test and wait and be weighed and all that hoopla! Within 5 minutes i was ready to subscribe and start my diet and they offered to send me their mandoob to take the menu and the money but i have decided to make the trip my self and pay them my self…

The variety of food is great. The ease of subscribing is fascinating, i made a decision on the whim to subscribe and that’s it… no fuss no mess… all i have to do now is wait for my lovely package to arrive and start the diet process (after i finsh devouring those digestive biscuits for breakfast… they ARE low fat!)

I will be making a photographic diary of my Diet on daily basis and posting about the dishes i recieve. I am supposed to recieve lunch today (Koshary + Salad + Om Ali) and breakfast for tommorow (pancakes with maple syrup, fruit kebab, and fruit yoghurt) … i cannot wait 😀

Pizza, Cupcakes, & Fun Bloggerettes Night :)

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Yesterday night we were invited for another albeit more casual Blogerettes gathering in FourMe’s place… Rules:  Come from your couch as you are… no fuss and wear nothing but sweats or track suits! We were prepared to lounge casually around the couches, eating harmful but yummy food, and talking about nothing and everything 😀

The menu as you can see was 5 large pizza’s -can you guess from where?- and lots of soft drinks… and every one who attended brought… CUPCAKES!!! While we were waiting for the pizza’s to arrive the girls were eating one cupcake after another with tea! I was worried that they would ruit their appetite for real dinner: Pizza & salad from Salad boutique! It didn’t help that we were indulged in a 100% homemade chocolate cake made by the one and only FourMe herself!!! Yes the yummy cake that looks like a hedgehodge is hers!

That was one lovely sugar and fat filled night to remember… Thank you girls for another amazing gathering :* That’s 4y’s cake below by the way it deserves another standing ovation 😀

15 Minutes Light Fusilli Pasta Recipe…

You just got out of work. You are hungry. You want to eat something that is home cooked that is both satisfying, healthy, and low in fat. You don’t want to order in something but you are too knackered to cook something? Then this is the recipe for you, if it qualifies as a recipe to start with… Continue reading

Recipe: Fast & Low Fat M7albiya

I love m7lbiya… but i usually steer away from it so i do not gain weight during Ramadan. Yet it’s the ultimate dessert after futoor… there is just something about it that is irresistible and irreplaceable. Continue reading

Another Breakfast @ The Lime Tree Cafe, Dubai

The last time i was at the Lime Tree Cafe, i snapped some casual pictures and posted about them Eons later (click here)… this time i went with my camera, determined to take proper pictures and write another post…

It was 8:30-9:00 AM but the place was packed with Europeans yet it was quiet and peaceful. No screaming babies or pretentious humans dressed to the nines staring at you… people were as relaxed as they Continue reading

Another Activia Yogurt flavor: Peach & Apricot!

After my recent discovery of Activia’s Mango Yogurt in TSC Salmiya… i was going to check if TSC Jabriya had that flavor. To my surprise, not only did i find the  mango flavor, i also found a new flavor… Activia Peach and Apricot!!!

I bought it immediately! I am a big fan of peaches but i don’t like apricots… but i had to buy it! I didn’t try it to be frank… i will try it in 2 hours insha2 Allah… but the question is… why don’t the Co-Ops stock those flavors? I checked yesterday and only the strawberry ones are available in Jabriya Co-Op! Laish y3ni? It is made in KSA… that’s like next door! Yebooh o khalsoona!