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I’ve Moved!

I’ve bought my own private domain…!

I waited forever to acquire bs Allah ma ketab 😦 Ham .net 7elo ma feeh shay… now my old domain will point to… ooh have i got a lot of tweaking to do!

Taraqaboo my new theme ele beyrkab any time mini lee bacher 😉

P.S. Last line reminded me of Um Mit3ib Allah yathkerha bel khair :*


Ako Recycling in Q8?!

I have been receiving emails and bbm broadcasts about recycling in Q8 followed by the address

I was very happy for there seems to be a proper recycling initiative in Q8… about time! We are like 20 years behind in that area! I went to the website and browsed around and to be frank i saw nothing relevant to an actual recycling programme to start in Q8 amongst us common people in households and malls or schools… or how if we did have a recycling programme at home would we be able to grab our stuff and take it to them for recycling…

Now let me ask you this… if there is a proper recycling initiative in Q8… would you actually take the time and make the effort to recycle your bottles or cans and separate your waste? Or would you think it’s too much of a hassle?!

Pancakes in a Can from a Vending Machine in Japan!!!

I have found this invention in an amazing travel blog i have stumbled upon recently and thought i would share it with you!

Hart, a blogger who is currently living in Japan, found the above Can in a Drinks Vending Machine in Japan (post link)! Now if the Japanese are known for something it’s their innovative creativity! The can has a liquid drink and when dispensed it is actually heated… and when drunk it tastes exactly like what a bite of pancakes with maple syrup and butter tastes like, la o hot b3d!!!

According to Hart its too sugary… but then it is still something different than what we are used to! Many people wouldn’t mind trying it!

I wouldn’t try the drink to be frank, sounds too sugary for my taste :S  But don’t you wish you had similar vending machines in Q8? and Would you try this liquid Pancakes in a Can drink?

ITS RAINING IN Q8 AT LAST! Congratulations & Good morning :)

Free Home Delivery on Contact Lenses from Kefan Optics…

Whenever i see the last set of my daily contact lenses in the box i get nervous. It would mean i have to go out that day and drive to the nearest Kefan Optics to get my new monthly supply of contact lenses.

A few days ago i was at Kefan Marina Mall getting next month’s supply when i saw the ad above! Perfect! No i do not have to dread the sight of the last contact lense in the box! They will deliver my lenses until my doorstep! So convenient! My lenses cost me more than 15 KD a month it’s just right!

I wonder if they will stamp my loyality card as well! Have i talked about it before? Let me know if i didn’t so ill post about it too! Thank you Kefan Optics for making my life easier 🙂

To Be Released: رواية “هذه آخرتك” لفيصل وليد الجاسم

I recieved an email from the writer of this new arabic novel and i wanted to share it with you. To be frank i am intrigued… is it going to be a scary novel? is it going to have philosophical assumptions or be based on what little we know regarding the afterlife. Best of luck to the writer and thanks for giving me a reason to consider going to the book fair this year…

سيتم اصدار اول راوية كويتية تتحدث عن الحياة الابدية للانسان بعد الممات ، جريئة ومثيره للجدل ، كما انها اول راوية تحصل على توقيع للمشاهير قبل طرحها بالاسواق ،
الرواية ستتوافر بمعرض الكتاب الدولي – الكويت من تاريخ 13-10-2010 ولمدة عشرة ايام  بصالة رقم 6 جناح 57 بدار بلاتينيوم بوك بجوار كوستا كوفي

الرواية بعنوان ( هذه اخرتك ) من تأليف الصحافي والاعلامي فيصل وليد الجاسم
ومن ابرز المشاهير الذين وقعوا على الرواية: الفنان مشاري البلام نجمة الشباب والبنات شجون الهاجري ( شوجي ) نجم الشباب الاول ( حمد العماني) الاعلامية زينة كرم واخروووون

Fining people who park in Handicapped Spaces… Zain ysawoon fehom.

I was in 360 parking recently when i noticed that the Handicapped Parking Signs have been changed. I think they have had enough. The only way to stop people parking in Handicapped spaces is to fine them apparently. Not that it mattered much for a group of 3 cars already parked there but still. I wonder how will they fine them? Using what law? Traffic law? 360 law? Did they actually fine anyone? I saw a lady get into her car yesterday nonchalantly so i doubt she was fined or anything?

On another note i read in Al-Qabas this morning that Dr. Yosef Al Zelzela Suggested in the parlimant that they fine people who park in Handicapped places 500 KD. Read Here.

It’s really sad that the only way to have some compassion is by emptying people’s pockets. But i don’t see any other way for it to work. I hope the fine goes through as a law and they ACTUALLY enforce it.

What do you think?