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New Year Breakfast @ Prime & Toast!

On the first morning of the year 2011 we decided it was a fine day to go out for breakfast. I woke up with a sore throat but i thought what the heck a good breakfast would surely battle away the flu symptoms… Continue reading

Things 2 Get 4m London: Carluccio’s White Truffle Oil

One thing i always wanted to try is Carluccio’s White Truffle Olive Oil… i actually always grabbed it and tried to sneak it in the cash register but my husband would catch me and lecture me on the fact that we cannot travel with a bottle of olive oil back to Q8.

The bottle is TINY though! Very small and no taller than the palm of my hand! So at last i managed to buy it behind his back, hide it, and smuggle it back to Q8 with me and guess what? Not one drop is spilled!

Now i am searching for a great recipe to match this great tasting white truffle oil… insha2 allah i will be posting about it soon… oh and Butootee will not be allowed to taste any 3eqaban lah 3la na7astah 😉

Do you have any suggestions?!

How to Make Qer9 Moqla 3la il fa7am!

Yesterday Afternoon my mother had some fresh coals burning on the portable dowwa to make some chai fa7am… So a thought had struck me… why don’t i try to make Qer9 Moqla?!  Continue reading

I like those glasses!

I’m sick and bored and sitting on my couch this morning… i flip to alwatan TV and there is a man i don’t know talking about some financial thing i don’t understand. I was just about to change the channel when i noticed his glasses…

They are SO COOL! I have never seen such glasses before… they would be perfect for people like me who break their glasses constantly… those are already split in half so they won’t break as much 😀

Have you seen those glasses before?! Would you wear them?!

Bent El Deera’s Yummy Zerda!

After my Zerda post asking for zerda recipes my dear fellow blogger Bent El Deera contacted me to let me know she has a home made zerda for me!!!

For those of you who do not know Bent El Deera… she is an AMAZING cook masha2 Allah la elaha ella Allah tabaraka il ra7man…her blog “Aklati” is all about her cooking and i really trust her taste in food… So to have the pleasure of having a Zerda from her is something extraordinary indeed…

Thank you hon for the delicious zerda! We enjoyed it very much at home :*

A trip to hungry bunny Alkhafji…

We took a quick road trip to Khafji in KSA for the sole purpose of two reasons: 1- Find the book Hind wal 3askar i am searching for and 2- Visit Hungry Bunny for a nostalgic childhood Continue reading

Bloggerettes Night & Fourme’s Noon

Where was i yesterday? Busy & Not posting?!

A dinner gathering was held in honour of FourMe’s recovery from Cancer 😀 The dinner was hosted in her bestie Shoso‘s place and bloggerette Walladah brought over a Noon she had vowed to throw on FourMe when she goes into remission and she was true to her word 😀

A lovely & very yummy spread of food was available… much Continue reading

Home Berry Frozen Yoghurt…

I was feeling a bit cranky yesterday at 9:30… and i was also craving some frozen yoghurt… for some reason New Q8 Bride’s post kept popping into my head so i went to my mother and sister and asked if they want any frozen yoghurt? You should have seen my mother’s beam when i said they deliver it to your door step!!! Continue reading

Things 2 Do in London: Pedlars Shop!

I am a sucker for everything retro! This year as i was browsing in the basement of Selfridges i noticed a new store called Pedlars that sells the most exquisite funky & retro items! My kinda store! I am so glad i found it… let me show you my favorite pieces… Continue reading

Do you know Qer9 Moqla?!

Once upon a time very long ago, we gathered in the tent in front of the dowwa in the then freezing Q8y winter… one of my aunts would bring a little pan (moqla)… mix some eggs milk saffron cardamom & flour with sugar, then pour the mix into the pan and over the coal she would make us something that tastes like a cross between a pancake and a qers 3qaili…. and it was so SO good and warm and sweet and fulfilling… the ultimate quick winter quick comfort food!

I remember my mother calling it qers moqla… I remember my mother trying to recreate it later on and making a fairly good version but not quite the same… so i cannot rely on my mothers recipe. I tried to google the recipe online but guess what? Apparently no one knows much about qer9 moqla or makes it!!! Let alone have a picture of it…

Have you heard or had qer9 moqla before?! Now if you did can you please get me the recipe?! I just can’t stop thinking about it…

Blast from the Past: After 8 Chocolate Mints!

Whenever i see the dark green box of After 8 chocolate mints something comes over me and i grab my self a box for me to enjoy later. It is not the best tasting chocolate on earth but there is something different about it’s dark colors and posh feel and it’s tangy minty taste is quite special to my heart for it pulls me back in time to my 80’s childhood… my father would bring home a box and i would hover around waiting for his fingers to hand me the little elegant dark paper pouch containing a little sliver of chocolate with sugary mint center! I always hated how tiny and thin the chocolate portion was… i always wanted it to be bigger for i wasn’t allowed to eat the whole box in one go… but now i am allowed to so i don’t mind at all 😀

Do you like After 8 mints?! Do you have any childhood memories attached to it?

How are you spending this New Year’s Eve?

With 4 days left to go i have absolutely no idea what to do this new year eve… i usually am in London this time of year celebrating by staying home and having a good meal and watching telly… i used to love the idea of celebrating in a restaurant that is until i realized the food they serve is too overpriced and uncustomizable to my needs and somehow the service deteriorates and the food is less appetizing than usual and you end up cranky rather than enjoying your time so i stopped.

How will you be celebrating this new year’s eve? I really wanted a nice family gathering with a good BBQ outdoors and people enjoying their time and eating till midnight. SInce that is not going to happen i think i’ll settle on utilizing the roof top of our house by putting my chair there and having something really good to eat… i am wishing on a mini vegetarian friendly BBQ for one person (aka chai o kastana o qer9 moqla) to follow afterwards… sitting down under the stars eating and counting my blesssings: I am alive. I am healthy. I have a roof over my head. I have enough money to feed and dress me. I have a family that adores me and friends i cannot live without.

Maybe i will add a tub of ice cream to spice things up. I am not sure what to order for my dinner yet.

What are you going to do on New Year’s Eve?!

Have you ever played with Oujia Board before?!

When we were young teenagers i heard about the Ouija Board and all the controversy surrounding it. To my surprise i heard about people from my age playing with it, some swear it’s a true thing and others disregard it as a mere game… and what surprised me even more is the fact that there are some people who are crazy enough to dab with such a dark object in the first place. Why would anyone want to play such a game and open the hellish gates of fear and doubt and uncertainty is beyond me!!!

I mean i love to hear ghost stories and i believe there are demons and jinns AND ghosts and good and bad spirits around us… but to actually be crazy enough to dabble with such stuff? How would you know you won’t be possesed afterwards y3ni? Why on earth would you do such a thing?!

I heard a story from a friend of mine who after playing with the Ouija board a toy in her room began shivering and the thing (whatever it was subconcious or demon or whatever) in the board said it will hurt her… laish itsawoon ibroo7kom chithee laish?!

Have you ever played or known someone who played with the Ouija board before?! What happened afterwards?!

Crimson Garden’s Zerda “Muhalbiyat”

The Bodouir commented on my Zerda Post the other day that Crismon Garden makes something similar to the dessert i described. I had to see for my self of course so on Friday i went with my mom and my husband to Crimson Garden Spoons… the weather was amazing and we sat outside, people watching and eating their yummy food… at the end of the meal we ordered tea and their “m7lbiyat” which was described as having 7alwa at the bottom and m7lbiya on top with… it came and it looked so very good!

It was topped with caramalized almonds, pistachios, and rose petal flakes… the m7lbiya was really good but the bottom 7alwa was a bit harder than the zerda i have tried… all together it is a good dessert that is very similar to the Zerda i am looking for… if you pass by Crimson Garden i would highly recommend it 😀

Snow in London <3

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Whenever i see the snow pictures my eyes tear up… it was so so SO beautiful… i believe it still is though i have prayed that Heathrow would have been closed to cancel my flight on the day of my return… Alas Allah ma ketab… If you are planning to go now see how much snow there is and make sure you are fully equipped against the cold… Allah yarzegna snow in Q8 insha2 Allah 😀