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Things 2 get 4m London: Harrods Cocoa Dusted Almonds!

One thing to make sure is in your luggage and make sure you never board the plane from Heathrow without is the Harrods  cocoa dusted almonds! They are so addictive! You would pop in one almond after the other and savor the chocolaty taste… the chocolate is good… the chocolate powder on top gives the almonds a lovely feel on your tongue and it is so very good ❤

Highly recommended on your next trip to London!

New Year Breakfast @ Prime & Toast!

On the first morning of the year 2011 we decided it was a fine day to go out for breakfast. I woke up with a sore throat but i thought what the heck a good breakfast would surely battle away the flu symptoms… Continue reading

Things 2 Get 4m London: Carluccio’s White Truffle Oil

One thing i always wanted to try is Carluccio’s White Truffle Olive Oil… i actually always grabbed it and tried to sneak it in the cash register but my husband would catch me and lecture me on the fact that we cannot travel with a bottle of olive oil back to Q8.

The bottle is TINY though! Very small and no taller than the palm of my hand! So at last i managed to buy it behind his back, hide it, and smuggle it back to Q8 with me and guess what? Not one drop is spilled!

Now i am searching for a great recipe to match this great tasting white truffle oil… insha2 allah i will be posting about it soon… oh and Butootee will not be allowed to taste any 3eqaban lah 3la na7astah 😉

Do you have any suggestions?!

Home Berry Frozen Yoghurt…

I was feeling a bit cranky yesterday at 9:30… and i was also craving some frozen yoghurt… for some reason New Q8 Bride’s post kept popping into my head so i went to my mother and sister and asked if they want any frozen yoghurt? You should have seen my mother’s beam when i said they deliver it to your door step!!! Continue reading

Book Wanted: Hind Wal 3askar!

I am not sure how new this novel is… what i know is it’s being sold in the big libraries in KSA… it’s about a woman named hind and the 3askar denotes the society keeping her oppressed or something. Many people are saying things about some controversial sentences that appeared in the story. Some say it’s even better than Girls of Riyadh  Now of course i have to read it for my self. No one tells me the book is very good and stirs controversy and then expects me to think oh i should leave it alone. I have a mind of my own thank you very much.

If it’s sold in KSA then it’s being sold in Dubai for sure. If it has controversal materian then it won’t make it through the borders of the land of no controversy -god forbid- … aka Q8… for fears of corrupting out innocence. Do you think i should drive all the way to Khafji to get my own copy? How sad is that?! To actually drive to ANOTHER COUNTRY… Conservative KSA of all contries b3d… to get a book to read and make up my mind about!??!?! Why can’t this book be sold in Q8 y3ni o khalas? Why can’t i stroll into a bookstore, head held up high, and buy it, read it, and toss it to where i decide think it belongs: bin or book shelf?!

I will read it… sonner than later… even if i have to drive all the way to KSA to get it. Even if i have to take a plane to Dubai to read it. They say i can order it from Neel & and it will be delivered but i have stopped buying anything on line after the whole Aramex DHL Customs fiasco so i am not sure it can be dilevered!!! If you have any other means of getting this book or finidng it in Q8 please let me know?!  

Things 2 Do in London: Selfridges Shoe Galleries!

If you are planning on a bit of post xmas shopping… one place i would want to start with is the New Selfridges Shoe Galleries! Continue reading

Crimson Garden’s Zerda “Muhalbiyat”

The Bodouir commented on my Zerda Post the other day that Crismon Garden makes something similar to the dessert i described. I had to see for my self of course so on Friday i went with my mom and my husband to Crimson Garden Spoons… the weather was amazing and we sat outside, people watching and eating their yummy food… at the end of the meal we ordered tea and their “m7lbiyat” which was described as having 7alwa at the bottom and m7lbiya on top with… it came and it looked so very good!

It was topped with caramalized almonds, pistachios, and rose petal flakes… the m7lbiya was really good but the bottom 7alwa was a bit harder than the zerda i have tried… all together it is a good dessert that is very similar to the Zerda i am looking for… if you pass by Crimson Garden i would highly recommend it 😀

Koshary Take 2: Koshary Jo7a’s

Yesterday afternoon as i got out of my orthodontists appointment i had to eat something soft to eat… and since i was craving Koshary anyways i thought let me make the trip to the alleys of Hawalli to get my self some…

I honked and yelled and cursed all the way Koshary Jo7a in 7awalli, the behind Fotokina on the same street as Hasan Abuls & Alshaye3… don’t know the street’s name though… i got there, ordered my self a koshary for two and came back home…

I already had some chickpeas… so i mixed the stuff up and took the picture… Boy does it look different from the one i got the other day! It was more appetizing and much more fresh! Tasted amazing too!!!

Highly recommended for a first Koshary Trial 😀

Things 2 Do in London: Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food!

Since i get so nervous on the day i am travelling back to Q8 i usually only have breakfast and skip lunch… therefore by the time i go past customs into the tax free area in Heathrow Terminal 5 i would be STARVING…

Knowing that the only meal that would await me on the plane is hours away and is actually a gooey greasy mushroom rissotto… i would Continue reading

Lovely Custom T-Shirts from FreeDumbTees!

FreeDumbTees is a new Q8y business specilized in designing custom shirt for all occasions. I took a look at their website and i truely liked their designs! I am a person who owns 20,000 Tshirts so i know i will be placing my order soon… i just have to clear up some space in the cupboard :p

Who Makes the Best Koshary in Q8?

I woke up this morning with the strangest craving ever… I was craving Koshary!

Not only plain old koshary… no no no it won’t do… i was craving koshary topped with chickpeas… something we do not have in Q8… this strange craving comes from reading Ansam’s Post about Koshary Abu Tareq!!!

What was i supposed to do now? People wake up craving toast biscuits croissant not Koshary! Koshary Jo7a make pretty good koshary and considering the horrible weather outside today i couldn’t drive all the way to Hawalli -i feared for my safety- so i went online and searched… apparently Koshary Taw El Lail that is being sold in Surra & Khaldiya co-op is supposed to be good.

So i drove there and got my self some… and some chickpeas as well… i put them together and tried the combo together… not bad but didn’t taste as good as i expected it to be…

The craving is still not satisfied… i must retry the combination from elsewhere! if you are a fan of Koshary do you know of Koshary place other than Koshary Jo7a that sells pretty good Koshary please?!

Things 2 Do in London: Maoz Restaurant!

When i fist so Moaz and to be absolutely frank i was shooting something from across the street of  Moaz while my husband waited in front of it. Since i take forever to shoot he busied himself peering into the not so promising looking place…  when I came back to my husband insisted we go inside to try it!!!! Apparently this caught his attention… Continue reading

Things 2 Do in London: Pandora’s Crepes in China Town!

Tucked away in a tiny busy street of China Town is a tiny Crepe making Continue reading

Fatburger… never again!

I have heard mixed reviews about Fatburger… and being a vegetarian i wasn’t looking forwards to trying it. But then my husband told me that they did have a veggie burger on the menu so i thought why not?

We order two meals: Mine a veggie burger with onion rings and water and his was a double burger with fries and a soft drink. The total was 7 KD + which is just too much for a couple of burgers…

The onion rings at the end of the meal. and the Veggie Burger was totally horrible! It looked and tasted like chicken! I took the burger to the counter and asked them more than once if they are sure that this is a veggie burger and they assured me it was. I looked up the veggie burger in the Fatburger website and it was Boca burger… a soy burger that looks like meat and i have had it before… this was not Boca Burger… this was not minced vegetables made into a patty… this was most likely a quorn burger and had i know that i wouldn’t have ordered it since quorn is disgusting and tastes exactly like chicken and if i wanted to have a burger that tasted like chicken i would have ordered my self a chicken burger… i was gagging with every bite :S

Verdict: So not worth the trip. Never going back again!

Things 2 Do in London: Afternoon Tea at Camellia’s Tea House!

On my last day in London I planned to meet with FourMe for a good bye chat in the evening. We decided to meet in Carnaby Street since both of us were in that area… Continue reading