Things 2 get 4m London: Harrods Cocoa Dusted Almonds!

One thing to make sure is in your luggage and make sure you never board the plane from Heathrow without is the Harrods  cocoa dusted almonds! They are so addictive! You would pop in one almond after the other and savor the chocolaty taste… the chocolate is good… the chocolate powder on top gives the almonds a lovely feel on your tongue and it is so very good ❤

Highly recommended on your next trip to London!


Would you stay at your in laws this case?!

The other day we were talking about marriages in q8. Particularly about couples moving into a wing, apartment, or a floor at the in laws residence… when a matter i found confusing arose…

Many Q8ys build apartments in their houses for their sons to move in when they get married especially considering the current state of exaggerated rental rates in the country. Nothing strange there.

What’s strange though is that when a woman decides to start looking for a bride or actually finds a bride, she decides that preparations for his sons marriage includes furnishing the whole apartment with her own taste and all he has to do is marry a woman, bring her to live in his already furnished apartment and expects her to live with him happily ever after!

I was aghast at the idea. Starting my life in a bedroom and a living room that i didn’t get to choose? That his mother chose for me?! Why?! For gods sake the apartment is theirs but it should be furnished according to MY TASTE as i am the one going to live there!

People once chewed a girl for insisting on refurnishing the apartment according to her taste. I thought she was right in her move and that the mother in law was being inconsiderate & selfish getting angry at her daughter in law yet others thought i was deluded?! That furnishing the apartment was a great and very generous thing to do and the wife should have been grateful!!!!  Another girl i know thinks who cares? It’s not i will live there forever let the mother in law furnish it as she pleases… i am confused here… am i the only one who thinks it’s the wive’s absolute right in furnishing her apartment according to her taste? Not the kitchen or the bathroom per say but at LEAST the bedroom?! Especially considering the 90% of Q8y ladies think that Louis XIV style furniture is the way to go while i strictly hate that style and prefer modern?!

 My late mother in law heard i was saving for a Kenwood Major system so she bought me a mixer system in another brand that was fine but i couldn’t keep it for one second in my kitchen and i exchanged it and paid extra for the Kenwood Major i wanted… and that was just a mixer!!! How can anyone live in a furnished apartment and stay there happily when they get married is beyond me…

Would you stay in an apartment at your in laws furnished entirely according to your mother in law taste!? How so?!

New Year Breakfast @ Prime & Toast!

On the first morning of the year 2011 we decided it was a fine day to go out for breakfast. I woke up with a sore throat but i thought what the heck a good breakfast would surely battle away the flu symptoms… Continue reading

Things 2 Get 4m London: Carluccio’s White Truffle Oil

One thing i always wanted to try is Carluccio’s White Truffle Olive Oil… i actually always grabbed it and tried to sneak it in the cash register but my husband would catch me and lecture me on the fact that we cannot travel with a bottle of olive oil back to Q8.

The bottle is TINY though! Very small and no taller than the palm of my hand! So at last i managed to buy it behind his back, hide it, and smuggle it back to Q8 with me and guess what? Not one drop is spilled!

Now i am searching for a great recipe to match this great tasting white truffle oil… insha2 allah i will be posting about it soon… oh and Butootee will not be allowed to taste any 3eqaban lah 3la na7astah 😉

Do you have any suggestions?!

How to Make Qer9 Moqla 3la il fa7am!

Yesterday Afternoon my mother had some fresh coals burning on the portable dowwa to make some chai fa7am… So a thought had struck me… why don’t i try to make Qer9 Moqla?!  Continue reading

The ten types of women I cannot Stand…

1- The girl who is all over you when you have an upcoming family wedding/reception acting all sweet and friendly and your BFF… then when a family 3aza happens she disappears without even a 3atham Allah Ajrech

2- The girls ele when she laughs teg3ad tetka3ka3 ib a3la 9oot.ha regardless of her surroundings… laugh as loud as u like at home but bel 9ekka ako shay ismah 3aib…

3-The girl eletetshay7a6 24/7 about her designer clothes, designer jewellery, brand new car, and she must let you know how much her outfit costs at any given moment. 3lamich mo shayfa khair?!

4- Om Shallakh who tells tall tall tales that no one can believe just to get people’s attentions.

5- The girls who talks about nothing but how men run after her all the time and following her home and leaving her gifts and calling her number at the middle of the night and falling at her feet asking for her hand in marriage. La o she would be jaikara b3d.

6- The girls you don’t know who adds you on Facebook just so you would see o comment on her one million pictures and tell her she is wow etshaweq o wow etyanin o mowa mowah… shofoone ‘3a9eb 6eeb! Shasaweelich ana!

7- Botamba girls who insist on wearing the tightest clothes especially leggings and skinny jeans and the shortest of shirts so everything is bel 9ekka… la o foogha itkoon met7ajba b3d… el seter zain este7aw!

8- The sneaky girl who would befriend you at once, gets all chummy with your girl friends, then you find out they’ve been meeting behind your back. Then suddenly you are the pariah of the group!

9- Girls who scream at the help/salespersons/waiters and treat them like slaves. Dismissing their service  without even saying a simple thank you or please.

10- The girl ele when she is out with her husband would run away from you and act as if she didn’t see you even though your eyes have locked… eshda3wa ib nakel raylich? Min dara 3ankom?!

3ndi more bs b3d mali kholg… what kind of girl can’t you stand?!

I like those glasses!

I’m sick and bored and sitting on my couch this morning… i flip to alwatan TV and there is a man i don’t know talking about some financial thing i don’t understand. I was just about to change the channel when i noticed his glasses…

They are SO COOL! I have never seen such glasses before… they would be perfect for people like me who break their glasses constantly… those are already split in half so they won’t break as much 😀

Have you seen those glasses before?! Would you wear them?!