Things 2 Do in London: Selfridges Shoe Galleries!

If you are planning on a bit of post xmas shopping… one place i would want to start with is the New Selfridges Shoe Galleries!

Located on the 2nd floor… it opened up very recently -Last October or November- and it is AMAHZING!!!

The vast shoe display area has two entrances… on the doorway of each entrance there is a huge lovely shoe on display!

 My favorite is the strappy one dotted with light bulbs that change colors below! Why isn’t there a similar shoe in real life!? I would have worn it 😀

 You can  find any brand of shoes… from high street to designers and from haviannas and wellington boots to loubies… all displayed amazingly… it’s like you are in a shoe museum!

Let me show you the shoes i fell in love with this Xmas… i wonder if they are reduced for the boxing day or not… this is the first one… you can see the nails digging into the clear heels… my kinda shoes ❤

and this purple thing… although i don’t like the color purple but i loved this Nicholas Kirkwood pair! Check out the heels!!!

and those exclusive ones…

and this was the one i almost took ❤ Stupid me didn’t buy it and stupid me is very very sorry now!

I wonder if they are still available in the sale?! and i wonder how crowded the galleries were yesterday! I would expect an utter pandemoneium taking place!



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  1. I know some girls that are willing to sleep in those..


  2. The pix make me crave for LONDON!:”(


  3. I’m green with envy 😛 I would be scared (or rather el Hubs) of stepping in. The Kirkwoods and Balenciagas are 2 of my favorites yum yum

    Women cannot be blamed for their love of shoes, no matter how much weight one loses or gains shoes will fit and they take any outfit from blah to ta-daa 😀


    • Posted by danderma on December 27, 2010 at 1:23 PM

      Exactly! Everyone can wear shoes… fat or slim… you lose weight you don’t chuck your shoes out! Shoes are the best invention for a quirky outfit detail! ❤


  4. I am planning to post my set of pictures too, how come you didnt take a picture of the table that is made of wooden maniquin shoes!? I loved it 😉


  5. Siiiiigh… heaven on earth!


  6. […] Danderma also posted about it last month (link) […]


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