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Book Wanted: Hind Wal 3askar!

I am not sure how new this novel is… what i know is it’s being sold in the big libraries in KSA… it’s about a woman named hind and the 3askar denotes the society keeping her oppressed or something. Many people are saying things about some controversial sentences that appeared in the story. Some say it’s even better than Girls of Riyadh  Now of course i have to read it for my self. No one tells me the book is very good and stirs controversy and then expects me to think oh i should leave it alone. I have a mind of my own thank you very much.

If it’s sold in KSA then it’s being sold in Dubai for sure. If it has controversal materian then it won’t make it through the borders of the land of no controversy -god forbid- … aka Q8… for fears of corrupting out innocence. Do you think i should drive all the way to Khafji to get my own copy? How sad is that?! To actually drive to ANOTHER COUNTRY… Conservative KSA of all contries b3d… to get a book to read and make up my mind about!??!?! Why can’t this book be sold in Q8 y3ni o khalas? Why can’t i stroll into a bookstore, head held up high, and buy it, read it, and toss it to where i decide think it belongs: bin or book shelf?!

I will read it… sonner than later… even if i have to drive all the way to KSA to get it. Even if i have to take a plane to Dubai to read it. They say i can order it from Neel & and it will be delivered but i have stopped buying anything on line after the whole Aramex DHL Customs fiasco so i am not sure it can be dilevered!!! If you have any other means of getting this book or finidng it in Q8 please let me know?!  

My first 3baya buying disaster…

Buying a 3baya is not as easy as i thought it would be!

Let me tell you what happened to my first bought abaya… it’s been a long time since i have written a long ranting post! Feels like the old blogging days…


The past week have been spent 3baya hunting… first i went to Continue reading

How did you spend your first salary?!

While posting about the Body Shop Gift Set the other day i remembered how much i loved the Body Shop. Growing up i always vowed to spend my first ever hard earned salary buying everything in the Body Shop 😀

By the time i did actually get my salary, the first thing i bought was a Panasonic CD player from Virgin Megastore, followed by a DVD Home Theatre set which was a bit expensive in 2003 🙂

Whatever i had left must have gone on knicknacks! I must take a look into my old Salary Excel File and see what did i buy with it all… but the moment i started spending that money, it was the most amazing feeling EVER!

How did you spend your first hard earned salary? If you still didn’t get it, what are your grand plans towards spending it 😀

Fatburger… never again!

I have heard mixed reviews about Fatburger… and being a vegetarian i wasn’t looking forwards to trying it. But then my husband told me that they did have a veggie burger on the menu so i thought why not?

We order two meals: Mine a veggie burger with onion rings and water and his was a double burger with fries and a soft drink. The total was 7 KD + which is just too much for a couple of burgers…

The onion rings at the end of the meal. and the Veggie Burger was totally horrible! It looked and tasted like chicken! I took the burger to the counter and asked them more than once if they are sure that this is a veggie burger and they assured me it was. I looked up the veggie burger in the Fatburger website and it was Boca burger… a soy burger that looks like meat and i have had it before… this was not Boca Burger… this was not minced vegetables made into a patty… this was most likely a quorn burger and had i know that i wouldn’t have ordered it since quorn is disgusting and tastes exactly like chicken and if i wanted to have a burger that tasted like chicken i would have ordered my self a chicken burger… i was gagging with every bite :S

Verdict: So not worth the trip. Never going back again!

The Bogus Upgrade from Zain!

Ever since yesterday when i connected my Zain’s Ego and opened the browser i get the message above. Apparently my subscription was upgraded to 1 Mbps  and they thank me for being loyal!

Good wallah… i never thought they cared to the extent of giving free updates to long time customers. My husband calls them today to ask about the upgrade… you know what they told him?!

“The message you received by mistake. Only the new subscribtions are getting an upgrade. Your subscribtion is old so you didn’t get an upgrade and you recieved this message by mistake!!!!!!”

Wallah?! What’s with the thank you for being faithful? How can i be a loyal customer when old subscribers don’t get an upgrade while new ones who you don’t know how loyal they are getting ones?! It’s like some one is sticking his tongue out at me and saying “Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah no upgrade for you!!!”

Lakin ilsharha mo 3lekom. El sharha 3la ile lel7een meshterek wyakom!!!

Why am i getting rude comments on my London posts?!

Getting rude and disrespectful comments goes hand in hand with blogging. if anything it means that you are going in the right direction for you have triggered someone to attack you.

What i don’t understand though is why the volume of rude comments significally increases whenever i start posting about London?! Why Q8y people are taking those posts as personal insults against them is beyond me!!!

It’s not like i am saying you flan X don’t know London or you flana Y ma etdeleen London. It’s not like i am the first Q8y or Khaleji or Arabi to set foot in London. London is filled with Q8ys who live/study/work/visit there and know it like the back of their hands. I am just another one of those. I have a camera and i take pictures of whatever i do when i visit there and post it in MY BLOG!!! That’s it!

It’s my blog and i am FREE to post my memoirs and my experiences and my trips and my purchases and share them with friends, family, and the rest of world. Ma feha shay y3ni! It’s not like ini ga3da atshay7a6 3la el awadm o I am not saying that i am Christopher Columbus who discovered all things London and you didn’t. and to think i am posting about London because you are clueless and i am not is something from your imagination… lakin i guess inah kil min yshof il nass ib 3ain 6ab3ah… mo?

To you… you know who you are. Grow up and get a life. Elle 3la rasah ba67a ye7asesha welle mo 3ajbah any of my posts, London or other, the solution is to simply click the X icon on the top right corner of this page, no one is forcing you to come here and you cannot expect me to write whatever posts that make you happy… understood?!

Rant: Develish Lurkers on Facebook!

OK explain this to me because i cannot seem to be finding an explanation…

My husband has a private profile on Facebook. All of his friends on Facebook are his MALE friends and family. Most of his of pictures and info are private. To the ones he shows his info he has MARRIED TO available on his profile. It is very clear he is NOT interested in meeting women.

Why then does he get one friend request after another from girls? Q8y girls, full names included, even though he doesn’t know them?

Why are some girls shameless? You send a friend request o a man who you don’t know… your friend request is REJECTED! Why do you keep coming back? why do you send him a private message on facebook?!?! What the hell do you want?

What on earth are wrong with girls?! Don’t you have any dignity? throwing your self at a man like that? what exactly do you think? By stalking a man he will cave in and what? Marry you? Can’t you find a more dignified way to bag your self a husband?

Esh yeswa 3leech inah we call up your father or your brother o we tell them gethbaw bentkom?! Oh yes it can happen… or you can find the wife at your door smiling at you sweetly then clutching a bunch of your hair with her fist and using it to pull your head around and bang it against the door… maybe that will knock some sense into you!

What would you do to rebell stalkers on facebook and KEEP them away?! Sometimes even women you don’t know want to be friends with other women ‘3asob 6eeb even if you don’t know them! Eshfehom il awadm?!



Have you ever been robbed before?

I was shopping in Selfridges yesterday when i heard scream and i saw a woman running like the wend, getting out of Selfridges door and disappearing in the crowds while another woman was running after her… after a while the 2nd lady who was chasing the first woman came back and started talking to security. Apprently the 2nd lady was shopping when the first woman came close to her… snatched something which i am guessing is her bag, and ran with all her might infront of all these people. Never mind that there are CCTV cameras every where and that she can be identified!

It is very scary indeed. It could have been anyone of us. Sometimes when i am shopping my stuff are all over the place and i do not really pay much attention… Now this incident will make me think twice before i let go of my stuff or open my bag in public!

I have never been robbed before. Once a couple of European guys tried to open my backpack while standing behind me in the escalator in ODEON but they were too close i felt them and moved away before they could snatch anything. Have you ever been robbed before or known someone who was? In Q8 or abroad? How did it happen?

Winter in Q8 Means: Flamingoes in Shuwaikh!

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What i love about the arrival of winter time in Q8 is the drive to the free trade zone… i would buy myself a yummy drink, go to where the flamingoes are, roll down the window and stare at them, listen to them chirp or tweet or whatever sound they make… I always fail to take a decent photograph of them and i see many who come and try… the ones above are this year’s photos…

I wonder if they have been doing that forever or it’s a new thing? Before 2007 i found no record of “Flamingoes in Kuwait”… and why only Shuwaikh? What’s so special -aside from the pollution and the nasty odours-… why?

Blast from the Past: Pillow’s 7yaka!

I have been decluttering lately when i dug into an old dusty box and found these! OMG! i remember how crazy we were about these when we were kids -and teenagers!- i remember going to from one Co-Op to another, looking at the little orange boxes sold in the kolaf store and trying to choose a 7yaka as we used to call it, then we would spend hour upon hour with the little threads and the little hook thing pulling the thread into a knot on the mesh! My mom made my first ever swan 7yaka into a pillow for me and the 2nd one i ever finished -bilzoor- was heart shaped therefore it took literally forever to find a heart shaped pillow that would fit. Still waiting!

Do you remember these “7yaka”? have you ever made pillows out of them?

Saturday Lunch with Munch BBQ… 3awar Qalb!!!

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Warning: This is going to be a long post with lots of lovely pictures and delicious food description.

Since this time of year is the prime time for BBQ’s and outdoorsy gathering… I received a very generous offer from Munch Catering to provide us with a complimentary BBQ. We decided that Saturday would be a good day to have BBQ Munch…

The Continue reading

Blast from the Past: Al’3az Takhtakh wal Mo’3amroon Elkhamsa :)

As i was waking in the Book Exhibition my eyes fell upon these little novels and i was instantly a 13 years old kid drooling over them. If you are a chicken nugget who grew up in the 90’s chances are you never heard of Takhtakh before. If however you grew up in the 70’s and 80’s there is NO WAY ON EARTH that you do not remember Takhtakh wal mo’3amroon el khamsa… 3a6ef o ikhtah il de3la looza, Mo7eb o his sister Noosa, and Zengar Takhtakh’s dog! I used to love those novels and sought them all over Q8! That particular one pictured “9awareeh El Lail” is one of my favorites ❤

I alwayas wanted to solve mysteries and go hunting for clues like they did. El shaweesh 3a6iya! How can i forget el shaweesh 3a6iya who hated their guts!? ooh the days when my quality time meant being sprawled on my bed with a good Lo’3z and a falafel sandwich with a cocktail juice in hand… ahhh the memories ❤ Where did those days go?

and where did my vast collection of Al’3az go? I think my mother threw them all away after i had gotten married :`( I spent years collecting them… i almost had all the collection… they are very old… and now they are gone!

Do you remember Takhtakh wal mo’3amroon elkhamsa?

A New Level of Sucking for the OSN Reciever!!!!!

Yesterday at 4 PM… i was ready to settle in front of the tv… i checked the OSN guide and i found there is a movie that looks promising… Caroline on OSN HD 1… i put the channel… the movie had just started… 2 seconds and BAM!

I get the Message above “The Programme is Copy Protects” … the screen is all black… i can hear the movie and read the arabic subtitling but i cannot watch the movie!? You know when you go to a hotel and they give you a preview of a  movie by showing you a glimpse then the screen goes blank with a message to purchase the movie? This is a similar thing… only i am paying 16+ KD a month to include the bloody HD channel in my subscribtion and it usually works!

I thought it was a mistake. I closed the reciever and opened it again, no such luck! What is this supposed to mean y3ni? Ok copy right protected so why are you broadcasting it if ur not willing to show it on TV ? No really i DO NOT UNDERSTAND this… this is what we call in Arabic 3aba6 o estehbal… i can’t watch a movie for a channel i am paying for because it’s copy right protected? News flash for you… ALL THE MOVIES ON PLANET EARTH ARE COPY RIGHT PROTECTED! OSN? Your reciever sucks… your movies suck… your transmission suck… your service suck… your subscribtion suck… and your pricing suck and I AM NOT GOING TO UPGRADE AND PAY MORE SO I CAN GET THE NEW RECIEVER IF THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO…  

Bad *Doggy* Morning!!!


Ever woke up and felt you had gotten up at the wrong side of bed?

I went to bed at 11 P.M. and woke up very late for work. Work starts at 7 i woke up 7:50 -yeah i know-… i had the worst nightmare and apparently i didn’t wake up because i was enjoying being scared from that nightmare :S

I scramble to change and go to work… i am already late… i finally battle the morning traffic and reach the work gates by 8:30… and what to i see?

A dog, i don’t know what kind, like the one in the picture above… same color b3d… trotting past the gate in front of me… past the security guard who tried to run after him… the dog was faster… the gurad let him be and off ge goes to the parking!!!!

So now i park. I sit in the car. Too afraid to get out. I hate all types of animals, esp. dogs. All animals scare me to the core. He might as well be a very hungry stray dog. He could eat me! or Maul me or run after me tearing my clothes. A stray dog at the crack of dawn roaming the parking lot you have just parked in is NOT something i would care for… thank you very much.

and it isn’t like someone was there to help me out. Feeling scared and jittery… i grabbed my bag, got out of the car and all but ran all the way to the entrance of the building, heart thumbing!

I didn’t encounter him thankfully… but what if i DO encounter him on my way out? That thought alone is making me anxious right now!!! Why are there stray dogs on the streets? Who would raise a dog, have them produce off springs and throw them in the streets? Dogs are NOT like cats. Dogs ARE dangerous especially when hungry! What am i supposed to do? Camp in my office all day?!

So who had a better dog free nightmare free morning? I hope you all did!

Where to buy *Fake* Designer Items in Q8…

I heard about this store a while back. Tucked away in the basements of the Old Souk of Kuwait in Mubarkiya is a little stand that sells grade one replicas of designer bags, wallets, belts, shoes, rings, watches, bracelets, and so much more! I had to explore so i asked for directions my self…  Continue reading