Home Berry Frozen Yoghurt…

I was feeling a bit cranky yesterday at 9:30… and i was also craving some frozen yoghurt… for some reason New Q8 Bride’s post kept popping into my head so i went to my mother and sister and asked if they want any frozen yoghurt? You should have seen my mother’s beam when i said they deliver it to your door step!!!

I call the number 99220094 and a nice guy answers me… he says the frozen yoghurt car will be there in 30 minutes and 20 minutes later i recieved a call informing me of their arrival! One moment i am in my lounge wear snuggled on my couch and the next i am wearing a 3baya with my sister and standing in front of a frozen yoghurt dispensing machine 😀  

There are two flavors: Strawberry & Original so i ask for a mix of the two with Mango and Granola… They have granola and some chocolate cookie thing -i didn’t hear right- and they have fruit toppings like strawberry mango pomegranate pinapple and some others as well…

Verdict? Well…

Pros: Fast, Efficient, Polite, Clean, Very conveniet since they stand at your door way and give you what you want. Fruits are fresh as well and the frozen yoghurt is not bad at all…

Cons: A bit expensive (3 KD per Cup)… one size only… you must order a minimum of 3 cups (9 KD)… they don’t have Knet so you must have cash… and the car is VERY NOISY… as in VERY VERY noisy… the noise reached my mother on the 2nd floor so i don’t recommend you order it at a time when everyone in the neighbourhood might be sleeping. If your street is very narrow or crowded you will be making a little scene as well…

I have to admit it was so much fun… true we became 6emashat il freej with our 3bayat and the car dispensing our frozen yoghurt… but we got our yoghurts after all at the comfort of our own house! We went upstairs and hard our yoghurts immediately… i liked the original one more than the strawberry… Pinkberry still wins the taste contest but this one is not bad as a substitiue for the days when you are too tired to drive all the way to the avenues…

If you wish to have your frozen yoghurt now they are available from 9 KD minimum order and they deliver until 11:30 PM… call them now at 99220094


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  1. Yarabi ilkil jareba ela anaa:P



  2. I remember trying it in one of the expo’s a few months back .. and I thought it was “Alright” .. I tried many frozen yogurts inside/outside of Kuwait and here’s what I think

    – Pinkberry: I thought it was good but way over hyped!

    – Lakoocha: I took a bite and then dumped the whole thing in the garbage .. Allah yezeed el ne3ma

    – Napket: The only flavor I liked was Ansam’s .. The rest were meh

    – 3a9eer el ‘9a7iya: I know that it would sounds awkward but I loved it!


    – Dubai: The Yogurt Factory .. You have to try it!


  3. Posted by 3feesah on December 30, 2010 at 4:06 PM

    شكلة يشوق عليكم بالعافية
    ابد ماخلو شي ما وصلوه للبيوت
    وياحلو لبس العباة

    وموضوع دندرمة وبمصنع روب مثلج بدبي يشوق
    بس طقني برد ليتني قاريته بالصيف


  4. i thought it was pricey too 😛


  5. 3ad etsadgeen i was waiting for u to review it.
    i trust ur taste.
    khalas bajarba


  6. Posted by Ananas on January 2, 2011 at 1:10 AM

    mishkilat-hom el minimum charge rather than that its not bad 🙂


    • Posted by danderma on January 2, 2011 at 5:41 PM

      true if i have no one else to buy with me i would be stuck with 3 large frozen yogurts to eat on my own…


  7. bel3afya inshallah… mal ikea a7la o ar5a9 :p


  8. 3KD
    eshd3wa !!


    • Posted by danderma on January 2, 2011 at 10:57 PM

      Ee wallah o minimum order 9… y3ni i would order it only if i really REALLy have to and don’t have another choice


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