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Bloggerettes Night & Fourme’s Noon

Where was i yesterday? Busy & Not posting?!

A dinner gathering was held in honour of FourMe’s recovery from Cancer 😀 The dinner was hosted in her bestie Shoso‘s place and bloggerette Walladah brought over a Noon she had vowed to throw on FourMe when she goes into remission and she was true to her word 😀

A lovely & very yummy spread of food was available… much Continue reading

Pizza, Cupcakes, & Fun Bloggerettes Night :)

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Yesterday night we were invited for another albeit more casual Blogerettes gathering in FourMe’s place… Rules:  Come from your couch as you are… no fuss and wear nothing but sweats or track suits! We were prepared to lounge casually around the couches, eating harmful but yummy food, and talking about nothing and everything 😀

The menu as you can see was 5 large pizza’s -can you guess from where?- and lots of soft drinks… and every one who attended brought… CUPCAKES!!! While we were waiting for the pizza’s to arrive the girls were eating one cupcake after another with tea! I was worried that they would ruit their appetite for real dinner: Pizza & salad from Salad boutique! It didn’t help that we were indulged in a 100% homemade chocolate cake made by the one and only FourMe herself!!! Yes the yummy cake that looks like a hedgehodge is hers!

That was one lovely sugar and fat filled night to remember… Thank you girls for another amazing gathering :* That’s 4y’s cake below by the way it deserves another standing ovation 😀

Saturday Lunch with Munch BBQ… 3awar Qalb!!!

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Warning: This is going to be a long post with lots of lovely pictures and delicious food description.

Since this time of year is the prime time for BBQ’s and outdoorsy gathering… I received a very generous offer from Munch Catering to provide us with a complimentary BBQ. We decided that Saturday would be a good day to have BBQ Munch…

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Blogerrete’s Ice Cream Night!

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We decided to throw an ice cream night at a blogerrete’s house and being an ice cream fan whose nickname is Danderma (which means ice cream if u didn’t know already) i was in charge of the Ice Cream Station… i think i am going to open up a business of catering ice cream stations for parties :p

There were food of course but it was an ICE CREAM party… so the ice cream pictures win of course… no calories were counted that night of course and we had a BLAST! Those of you girls who didn’t make it or couldn’t stay missed all the fun! Those of you who choose to comment and say who was there… this post is for us to remember that lovely night we had and all the laughter 😀

Pictures will talk… Wanasa Mo ? 😉

Awsome Halloween Treats from Glitzy Goodies…

Glitzy Goodies left me a comment on their blog regarding their business. If you are planning something for the Kids this Halloween take a look at what they offer… i like those scary buckets with the Candy inside 😀

Click here to view their facebook page or call them on 99974883 for more information.

Help Needed: Which BBQ Service to Choose?



I have been asked to arrange a BBQ for 20 people. Now i am a vegeterian who knows nill about how to BBQ -i BBQ my own paneer cheese and veggies but i doubt the ppl would appreciate that- i must choose a BBQ Service, must be an excellent one, design the menu, and make arrangements for desserts afterwards.

Now after going through Facebook and the Blogsphere i know i have those several choices:

1- Abu Abdulla’s Grills: His food and Arayes are said to be amazing and it’s a no fuss approach to BBQing. But i heard his food is not covered or frozen but i am not sure if thats true or not?

2- Q8 BBQ They have a large variety of marinades and combinatins and they seem to know what they are doing plus you can order online! But again i don’t know about their service or the taste of their food.

3- Munch’s BBQ the most reviewed BBQ service around. I like what i have seen esp. the BBQ pizza. I don’t know how it compares in taste to the other BBQ places though.

4- BBQ @ Home: I like that they come and setup a booth at the dining place but i don’t know about the taste?

5- The Little Oven: Their pictures look good but i never heard anyone reviewing them before so i wouldn’t know the taste?

Have you tried any of the above BBQ services before? Can you recommend any of them? Do you have anymore places that i do not know about? and what desserts do you think complements the BBQ food? Your help is highly and desperately needed… much obliged 😀

10 Reasons Why: I dread Salon Makeups in Q8!

1- It is almost impossible to get an appointment. Everyone is fully booked weeks before hand. What am i supposed to do hire a fotrune teller to tell me when i am going to be invited this upcoming year?

2- If IF you are lucky enough to get an appointment… it is always in a bad time. Like 12 pm or 3 pm and the bloody party starts after 8!

3- There is always someone in your chair at your appointment time getting the “last” touches done. She looks in the mirror and says “no do this a little lighter” or “no this is a little heavier” or “la la mo 7elo redo this” etc. etc. … WILL YOU JUST Continue reading

“If Only Yuma Munera Knew” Ramadan Collection…

“If Only Yuma Munera Knew” Ramadan Collection is the brain child of two Fashion Obsessed Best Friends from KSA: Sausan Al Kadi & Hind Al Fayez.  “Envy” by Sausan Al Kadi with the collaboration of “Overdressed” by Hind Al Fayez would like to introduce to you our Ramadan Collection’10 “If Only Yuma Munera Knew”.Mixing different textures and fabrics with one of a kind vintage embellishments pieces. Including (jalabeyas Harem pants, jumpsuits, graphical shirts and embellished tanks).

For more information please visit either facebook fan pages: Overdressed or Envy

30 Years Worth of Birthdays & Cakes!

With less than a week to my Big 3 Oh… I headed for my photo albums to see how i had celebrated my Birthday and what did i have for a cake on each and every one! My favourite so far is My first Birthday Cake shown above! It’s the most creative one… Date: July 1980, Kuwait, Grandma’s house. Big Bash apparently and i started walking on that day during my party 😀

2nd Birthday Continue reading