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When did you stop receiving a 3ediya?!

Up until i got a job my grandparents gave me a 3ediya. Up until i got married my parents gave me a 3ediya. Now i have not seen a 3ediya since 2003 and i have to say 3eed is so much less fun when you don’t have bank notes blessing your wallets. Then again i felt a bit stupid walking to my grandparents and getting money when i am all grown up!

Do you still get a 3ediya? What time is the right time to stop getting a 3ediya? Did you miss getting a 3ediya?

Do You Remember This Cartoon: Alice Fe Belad El 3aja2eb!

oooh where do i start with this one?

ًWhenever it rains in Q8 i start singing the opening tune of this cartoon. Whenever i remember it i remember the old cosy days 80’s… my father would have just woken up from his afternoon nap and the cartoon would have just started… my father would cut us pieces of the old pound cake served in tin packets… either orange or chocolate marble flavours… and we would also little estekana’s of tea with pieces of marie buscuits soaked inside until it becomes a mushy celerac like texture… the tea, the cakes, and Alice in Wonderland… one of the fondest memories of my childhood ❤

Do you remember Alice Fe Belad el 3aja2eb? THIS Alice fe belad il 3aja2eb?

Blast from the Past: Tin Tin Comic Books!

Once upon a time when Re7ab Complex wasn’t all about video games, there was a library in the basement called “3alam Thaqafat El6efel”… they made subscribtions for kids and sold educational books and toys… they also sold Arabic Tin Tin Comics.

My father came home one day with a bag full of Arabic Tin Tin comics for me to read bought from that library. I remember my sheer joy at grabbing the bag and running to my room… flipping through the pages will all the happiness in the world. 

I also know for a fact that the first British book store i walked into was WH Smit in 1987. I walked alone, browsed the English books -i spoke zero english then- and then grabbed my self a Tin Tin & the Cigar of the Pharos book and bought it. I remember flipping through the pages wishing i knew how to read English to understand it. The book was never translated into Arabic, so were many other books -a bit racist towarda arabs and africans and russians- … i kept that book. and when i finally was capable of reading and conversing in English, many years later, i took the book out and read it from cover to cover. I still have it. My first ever English Book.

I still love Tin Tin. My favorite character is Captain Haddock especially when he encounter Bianca Castaphior! I can’t stop laughing! Do you remember Tin Tin?! Do you still read it?

Bloggers: How Anonymous Do you Think you Are?

 I know that people around the world are always intrigued by the question of who is behind that mask/website/book/blog etc. I know that Q8y people in particular are, how shall i put it politely,inquisitive. I know some people who are obsessed with knowing the real identity of bloggers/bloggerettes…

But when one of my friends told me that a family member of hers had told her about my blog and told her my real identity with my full name, i was beyond shocked!!!

My family & my closest friends know who i am of course but all of them are sworn to secresy and they wouldn’t tell. I have a select few of bloggerettes whome i have met and they know my real identity like i know theirs. But then blogerretes (and bloggers) all know the importance of anonymity and act with the rule of not exposing a fellow blogger’s identity for the public, it goes without saying of course.

So i am curious… how on earth did people find out? As in it’s public knowledge that flana is Danderma?! Not that i care of course it’s not like i am doing something wrong and i would happily shake hands with any one who asks but then there is  certain level of mystery and vagueness that i would like to keep especially when a rant is brewing!!!

Now a show of hands… how many of you know my real identity and bloggers, how anonymous do you think you are?!

Tip: To keep your identity secret, do not comment on blogs with an email that you use for your real name profile in Facebook 😉

Saturday Lunch with Munch BBQ… 3awar Qalb!!!

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Warning: This is going to be a long post with lots of lovely pictures and delicious food description.

Since this time of year is the prime time for BBQ’s and outdoorsy gathering… I received a very generous offer from Munch Catering to provide us with a complimentary BBQ. We decided that Saturday would be a good day to have BBQ Munch…

The Continue reading

My fathers infatuation with the new digestive chocolate caramels!

One day my father came home with a box of some new Digestive biscuits “Chocolate Cramels” . My baby sister who never was a fan of digestives buscuits before has tried one and ever since had fallen in love! It is VERY VERY VERY good… maybe the best kind of digestive biscuit EVER… and we keep finding boxes of this new digestive EVERYWHERE! Apparently my diabetic father loves it so much he keeps buying endless supplies of it :S

So if you cannot find it on the Co-op shelves… it’s kinda his fault. Sorry about that. So worth Trying though… don’t miss it even if ur not a Digestives fan. A couple of those dunk into your morning latte and you’ve got a yummy breakfast 😀

Childhood in Q8 Means: Escalope Panée!

Back in the early 1980’s when there were not many places to dine in Q8… i remember us going to the TSC Jeans on Fridays and ordering a very popular dish back then “Escalpoe Panée”… the dish was so popular back then and i suppose it still is in Egypt since whenever you see a movie/series where people are trying to fine dine they would almost ALWAYS order Escalpoe Panée…

The dish was one of the few meat dishes i actually enjoyed eating as a child. We would be ecstatic when my mother went  shopping in TSC, got us Escalope meat and prepared them at home in the big fryer… Always served with a side of home made french fries, sweet corn, green peas, and a wedge of lemon… The lemon would be squeezed over the crusty fried bread crumbs and slightly softening it, penetrating into the meat… then the escalope would be cut into small bite sized squares and dunked in an abandance of ketchup… I always remember watching some 80’s cartoon while eating our escalope… for some reason Raneen always jumps to mind “Safenat Elasdeqa2″…

No one does Escalope like TSC… it is still served in their restaurants… i think Lenotre and Nino serve it as well but it doesnt look like it did back when we were children. Not many people eat it now but then not many people have tons of memories attached to that piece of thin meat either!

Do you like Escalpoe Panée? Did you eat it as children? I wonder why it went out of fashion, maybe because of the fried bread crumbs?

Childhood in Q8 Means: Nequicks Chocolate Powder!

Whenever i see this yellow box with it’s funny happy rabbit i am pulled back in time to the days of my childhood.

Since my parents had a strict chocolate eating policy enforced on us where we were not allowed to eat chocolate freely all the time,  we had to imrpovise! Whenever they were a sleep, me and my siblings would go into the kitchen and each of us would fill a bowl with this chocolate powder then we would eat it with a spoon! That’s how much we loved it. Sometimes we drank it with milk but it was much more fun to eat it with a spoon. Sometimes we would have little drops of water in the bowl and mix it with the powder and the results would be little clusters of water and chocolate and we would bite into them so happily ❤

Was it only us who ate nesquicks powder with a spoon or did you do it too? Do you have another way of eating that delicious powder?

30 Years Worth of Birthdays & Cakes!

With less than a week to my Big 3 Oh… I headed for my photo albums to see how i had celebrated my Birthday and what did i have for a cake on each and every one! My favourite so far is My first Birthday Cake shown above! It’s the most creative one… Date: July 1980, Kuwait, Grandma’s house. Big Bash apparently and i started walking on that day during my party 😀

2nd Birthday Continue reading

An Amazing Birthday Night @ Meat & Co.

18 years ago, i was walking with my mother down Baker Street, London, when she announced that i had a new baby girl cousin! You can imagine my surprise when i made the math and realized that my  baby cousin is all grown up… she is now an 18 Years old Adult @_@ Continue reading

A childhood memory from before 1990…

2-3 years prior to the darkest 7 months in Kuwait’s History… this song was very popular… so popular i had a cousin of mine decide that for the national day vacation we were to present our family with a dance we would perform while playing that song…

She forced me and her sister to train on the dance she choreographed… we whined while she barked orders and drilled us into perfecting the moves and on the national day our two families gathered in our house… her father brought the huge black video camera, and we wore traditional black q8y thoubs and danced to it… happy and feeling as patriotic as ever even though we were 7 & 8 years old…

No foam was involved… no plants, animals, or humans were hurt in the process… and every one was extremely happy!

Happy National & Liberation Day… may Kuwait be always and forever Free… and may all it’s haters burn in the fires of their hatred hell!

February in Q8 Means: Spraying with Foam Has Begun!

I go out the door this morning only to find my moms car sprayed with two lines of foam from head to toe -or bumper to bumper- with the bloody dreaded foam! She was in the Avenues last night which means spraying has already started! We are still in the first 10 days of February! Why are we getting sprayed already?! Isn’t it bad enough that we have to get sprayed at all? People can’t you control your children? your brothers and sisters and friends and nephews? Lee Meta y3ni? I wish spraying people with foam becomes ill legal so at least we can live foamless! Urrrrrrrrgh!

Old is gold… so is the Canon A-1!

Picture 098

When we were children in the early 80’s, dad owned a beautiful Canon A-1 camera and he used to take AMAZING shots with it… he had lenses and stuff and we were always mesmerized by his equipment… It was even used by a q8y man during the 1990 invasion to shoot Continue reading

Glaze Cupcakes….Zoo’3a Cupcakified!


There is a new distinguished cupcake baker in town… and the name is “Glaze”!  

Today was our first family gathering in Ramadhan, given that my family have  finally arrived back from the UK… and the choice of dessert was fruits and a tray of Glaze Cupcakes… Continue reading

Grilled Veggie Pasta Recipe in Pictures…

I got off work early yesterday, went to the co-op to buy the ingredients as i like my food fresh, then went home and made it. and as i promised, i will post how i made it with pictures…

You see, in order to get the best out of this recipe, you need three important Continue reading