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Bloggerettes Night & Fourme’s Noon

Where was i yesterday? Busy & Not posting?!

A dinner gathering was held in honour of FourMe’s recovery from Cancer 😀 The dinner was hosted in her bestie Shoso‘s place and bloggerette Walladah brought over a Noon she had vowed to throw on FourMe when she goes into remission and she was true to her word 😀

A lovely & very yummy spread of food was available… much Continue reading

How are you spending this New Year’s Eve?

With 4 days left to go i have absolutely no idea what to do this new year eve… i usually am in London this time of year celebrating by staying home and having a good meal and watching telly… i used to love the idea of celebrating in a restaurant that is until i realized the food they serve is too overpriced and uncustomizable to my needs and somehow the service deteriorates and the food is less appetizing than usual and you end up cranky rather than enjoying your time so i stopped.

How will you be celebrating this new year’s eve? I really wanted a nice family gathering with a good BBQ outdoors and people enjoying their time and eating till midnight. SInce that is not going to happen i think i’ll settle on utilizing the roof top of our house by putting my chair there and having something really good to eat… i am wishing on a mini vegetarian friendly BBQ for one person (aka chai o kastana o qer9 moqla) to follow afterwards… sitting down under the stars eating and counting my blesssings: I am alive. I am healthy. I have a roof over my head. I have enough money to feed and dress me. I have a family that adores me and friends i cannot live without.

Maybe i will add a tub of ice cream to spice things up. I am not sure what to order for my dinner yet.

What are you going to do on New Year’s Eve?!

Things to do in London: British Museum’s Book of the Dead Exhibition!

One thing i love most about London is the vast amount of interesting exhibitions they have year round! As i am a sucker for anything historic and related to the ancient Egyptian dynasty i couldn’t wait to visit the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead Exhibition in my favorite museum in London.. The British Mesuem! Continue reading

Things 2 Do in London: The Tintanic Artefact Exhibition!

One great thing about London is the amazing exhibits you get to see every now and then. This year i was lucky enough to be there during a great exhibit, the Titanic Artefacts Exhibition Continue reading

Ako Recycling in Q8?!

I have been receiving emails and bbm broadcasts about recycling in Q8 followed by the address

I was very happy for there seems to be a proper recycling initiative in Q8… about time! We are like 20 years behind in that area! I went to the website and browsed around and to be frank i saw nothing relevant to an actual recycling programme to start in Q8 amongst us common people in households and malls or schools… or how if we did have a recycling programme at home would we be able to grab our stuff and take it to them for recycling…

Now let me ask you this… if there is a proper recycling initiative in Q8… would you actually take the time and make the effort to recycle your bottles or cans and separate your waste? Or would you think it’s too much of a hassle?!

When did you stop receiving a 3ediya?!

Up until i got a job my grandparents gave me a 3ediya. Up until i got married my parents gave me a 3ediya. Now i have not seen a 3ediya since 2003 and i have to say 3eed is so much less fun when you don’t have bank notes blessing your wallets. Then again i felt a bit stupid walking to my grandparents and getting money when i am all grown up!

Do you still get a 3ediya? What time is the right time to stop getting a 3ediya? Did you miss getting a 3ediya?

Saturday Lunch with Munch BBQ… 3awar Qalb!!!

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Warning: This is going to be a long post with lots of lovely pictures and delicious food description.

Since this time of year is the prime time for BBQ’s and outdoorsy gathering… I received a very generous offer from Munch Catering to provide us with a complimentary BBQ. We decided that Saturday would be a good day to have BBQ Munch…

The Continue reading

Invitaion: “Society Girlz” Exhibition by Shurooq Amin

La y6oofkom: The Historical, Vintage, Classic and Cars Museum in Q8!

What are you doing this weekend? Nothing new? Same old same old? I have got just the place for you!

Earlier this week my husband was telling me about a newly opened historical cars museum in Q8 and insisted that we pass by. I thought to my self “How many Historical Cars in Q8 are there anyways? and how far do they go back?” … i thought there would be 2 3 cars maybe and all dating back to the 40’s or something. Little did i know that i would be blown away by those cars… Continue reading

Event: Zwaya El Sha’3af Talent Celebration in 360 Mall

I was invited to this talent celebration in 360 mall which to be frank i am looking forward to attending and i am sharing with you the invitation as well… spread the word if you please.

You are coordinately invited to Zawaya Ashaghaf’s celebratory event held at 360 Exhibition hall on the 14th, 15th and 16th of October. A whole day event with an exhilarating show starting at 6 pm.

The event will carry the following:
A) A talent show and exhibition.
B) Comic book.
Yasmina Dashti, a unique genius talent and an author will also participate.

Live, feel and spread the passion

Kind regards,
Shaghaf 2′s team

ينطلق مشروع زوايا الشغف في عامه الثاني في 360 مول بين 14-16 أكتوبر 2010 في قاعة المعارض – الدور الأرضي، ليقدم احتفالية فريدة من نوعها تحمل مبدأين أساسيين الشغف و العطاء و عدم الحكم على الغير، و تتضمن الآتي:
1) عرض المواهب : يبدأ العرض في تمام الساعة 6 مساءا من كل يوم من أيام الاحتفالية
2) كتاب الرسم الفكاهي (comic book) :
بالإضافة الى ذلك تضم الاحتفالية الكاتبة النابغة ذات 11 عاما ياسمينا دشتي.

ونتقدم بدعوتكم لحضور الاحتفالية كما نطمح بالتعاون معكم للدفع في هذا الاتجاه ومساندكم من خلال الدعوة الى حضور هذه الاحتفالية والتعليق عليها وعلى المواضيع الخاصة بها كالاستثمار في الاهتمامات الذاتية، النظر الى جوهر الأشياء والانسانية المرتبطة بها، وعدم إلقاء الأحكام المسبقة أواتباع التصنيفات الفئوية التي قد تتكررأو تيم يتداولها، راجين أن يلاقي هذا النشاط قبولكم

To Be Released: رواية “هذه آخرتك” لفيصل وليد الجاسم

I recieved an email from the writer of this new arabic novel and i wanted to share it with you. To be frank i am intrigued… is it going to be a scary novel? is it going to have philosophical assumptions or be based on what little we know regarding the afterlife. Best of luck to the writer and thanks for giving me a reason to consider going to the book fair this year…

سيتم اصدار اول راوية كويتية تتحدث عن الحياة الابدية للانسان بعد الممات ، جريئة ومثيره للجدل ، كما انها اول راوية تحصل على توقيع للمشاهير قبل طرحها بالاسواق ،
الرواية ستتوافر بمعرض الكتاب الدولي – الكويت من تاريخ 13-10-2010 ولمدة عشرة ايام  بصالة رقم 6 جناح 57 بدار بلاتينيوم بوك بجوار كوستا كوفي

الرواية بعنوان ( هذه اخرتك ) من تأليف الصحافي والاعلامي فيصل وليد الجاسم
ومن ابرز المشاهير الذين وقعوا على الرواية: الفنان مشاري البلام نجمة الشباب والبنات شجون الهاجري ( شوجي ) نجم الشباب الاول ( حمد العماني) الاعلامية زينة كرم واخروووون

The Effects of the New Tomato Prices…

We read that the prices of tomatoes in Q8 are on the rise… we heard that people are boycotting the tomatoes being too expensive and all.

What we didn’t see coming was the effect of the price increase on the “Quality” of our fast food burger! If there is one bonus to ordering a burger from Hardeez or Mcdonalds it’s that they always add one huge crisp and juicy tomato slice in the middle. Same goes for the lettuce. However, when my husband ordered a Hardeez Big Delux for lunch last Friday… and for the first time in our lives… we witnessed the tiniest saddest slice of tomato EVER! It was neither crisp nor very fresh either!!! He had to grab a tomato from the fridge and slice it to add it to the burger!

What’s up with that? We know the prices of tomatoes have increased but seriously?! That sad excuse for a tomato slice?! What is happening!!!

Have you noticed other restaurants reducing the amount of tomatoes in their dishes?!

The House of Ettiquette’s Eidiya :D

I meant to publish this post in the very early days of Eid but then my life was jumbled up with my travel and my illness therefore i couldn’t 😦 I realize i didn’t even say thank you properly either which i guess why i should begin taking some ettiquette lessons to be frank to fix my rudeness!

Right before Eid i recieved this lovely elegant box from Continue reading

El Qerqe3an Mita?

Ams cham kan min il shahar? 12 Ramadan  mo? Laish 3yal el yahal already ga3deen yegarge3oon o dagaw 3lena jaras il bab o ‘3anaw 3lena wee9 wee9 fee betkom ja3ame9?

I am sorry but mo china Qerqe3an starts 13-15 Ramadan? S7 wella ana ‘3al6ana?

Laish 3yal il showare3 matrosa yahal iygarg3oon? In Jabriya o Surra o Qurtoba for sure?

Is there someone responsible for it y3ni? Wella el nass mesta3yela? Wella il yahal ma yadroon? Why do you let your kids yegarge3oon when it’s not gerge3an yet? Laish il 3ajala ana mani fahma?

Wella ako a national change in Qerqe3an timing? Please update us 3shan we prepare our selves o our kids for next year dam il wath3 chithee…

Ma yokom yahal yegarge3on ams? or et3arfoon 3yal imgarge3een ams?

By the way gabel la itchaykon 3la your Qerqe3an event invitations in Facebook or etgalboon ib sowar il gerge3an making groups… shraykom you Like my recipe on the VIVA competition facebook page? Chinkom ma36ene gerge3an! To vote first like the viva page by clicking here then like my recipes here and  here… Thank You 😀

Offscreen 2010 Adventure: Journey to the UK

at 4 AM on the 11th of Jully, Two Kuwait Students chosen by Offscreen Educational Pro gramme would flew to the UK on an amazing adventure to meet and interact with students their age.  Their adventure would be documented by artwork created by those students and updates with photos, videos, and diary entries via their interactive Website.

I never new such pro grammes existed… can’t they take me along? Of course the more people who know about the this project and visit the website, the more people will learn from the project. Check out their adventure by clicking this link