Things 2 Do in London: Pedlars Shop!

I am a sucker for everything retro! This year as i was browsing in the basement of Selfridges i noticed a new store called Pedlars that sells the most exquisite funky & retro items! My kinda store! I am so glad i found it… let me show you my favorite pieces…


A pencil holder… i am too weak to resist those knicknacks but i have more than enough already so i put it down…

This shoulder bag is amazing! It looks like a bag used by a Japanese student going to school straight out of an oldie Anime! There were many colors to choose from and stupidly

Price tag? £87.50 … not bad!

And those phones! I remember when our house phones were like those phones!!!

The retro suitcases…

There are many many knicknacks to choose and ooh and ahh over… perfect place to buy that strange quirky soo’3a for your loved ones in Q8… whenever you are in Selfridges head to the Pedlars shop and have fun 😀



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  1. Posted by Shosho on December 29, 2010 at 1:53 PM

    I love those bags!!


  2. allaaaaah I have the shoulder bag in yellow! 😉

    When I first saw it in selfridges it immediately grabbed my attention. I was hesitant wether I should buy it or not, and if I should get the yellow or the purple one. Then I decided to get it in yellow since winter is coming and it will match my winter closet and bring out the winter dull colors.

    It’s GORGEOUS! It flatters any outfit I wear! I’ve been getting compliments from everyone on how beautiful the bag is, even my egyptian male collegue fell in love with the bag and the color hehehehe. It’s also very comfortable to wear. I just love it ❤


    • Posted by danderma on December 29, 2010 at 7:37 PM

      Zain itsaween 3leech bel 3afiya! ana 7safa ma akhazt le wa7da 7safa 7safa.. next time i am there i will take one insha2 Allah 🙂


  3. lazem lazem lazem arou7la in this vacation yshwgooooon !!!!


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