Blast from the Past: After 8 Chocolate Mints!

Whenever i see the dark green box of After 8 chocolate mints something comes over me and i grab my self a box for me to enjoy later. It is not the best tasting chocolate on earth but there is something different about it’s dark colors and posh feel and it’s tangy minty taste is quite special to my heart for it pulls me back in time to my 80’s childhood… my father would bring home a box and i would hover around waiting for his fingers to hand me the little elegant dark paper pouch containing a little sliver of chocolate with sugary mint center! I always hated how tiny and thin the chocolate portion was… i always wanted it to be bigger for i wasn’t allowed to eat the whole box in one go… but now i am allowed to so i don’t mind at all 😀

Do you like After 8 mints?! Do you have any childhood memories attached to it?


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  1. I love After 8 Mints I actually have a box in my desk right now LOL! Hehehehe and I dunno about the memories there seems to be a lot attached to it I don’t know where to begin! 😛


  2. I love anything with a mint flavor – chocolates, Baskin Robbins’ mint chocolate chip, chocolate biscuits with mint flavored filling. After Eight was my childhood favorite too, my grandfather used to get it though.


  3. lol…. Oh YES.. the memories.. baba used to bring it back in the 80’s as well, and it used to be part of a family moment.. whenever I see it, I grab a box (or two or three).. lol.. it just takes me back to my childhood ❤


  4. Posted by baglady on December 28, 2010 at 11:27 AM

    Love the After Eight chocolate mints. I used to place one on my pillow every evening and then bed time pretend that I was in a hotel room on vacation somewhere.


  5. Posted by Q80 In Denver on December 28, 2010 at 6:04 PM

    As you said it may not be the best chocolate on earth but surely it’s one of the best MINT chocolate 😛 I love it! 😉


  6. my love ❤


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