My first 3baya buying disaster…

Buying a 3baya is not as easy as i thought it would be!

Let me tell you what happened to my first bought abaya… it’s been a long time since i have written a long ranting post! Feels like the old blogging days…


The past week have been spent 3baya hunting… first i went to hawalli to a place they call mojama3 el ayob or al sondos and al7maithiya? I browsed around and nothing i found was remotely good. Then my mother and i decided to visit the store she bought my first stolen abaya from which is located in another shopping mall all together… we drove there and when we went inside i found the first 3baya i found, liked, and bought 😀

The Q8y owner & designer was manning the shop that day… all smiles and very sweet & helpful… i found one 3baya i really liked that is discounted to KD 55… fair price for a 3baya that fits my description, has not one piece of strass or halaheel thingies, has a subtle elegant design, not too shabby, and not over dressy… defienetly not a 3aza 3baya though and i would need a more elegant one for weddings of course but for now this would totally do! Mom verified the blackness of the 3baya and they said the material was something called 9aloona which i suppose is good? So i decided that i would take it…

I was wearing heels yet the 3baya was still too long and scraping the floor… i asked the lady if it was possible to shorten it a bit… wallah she took the box of pins and pinned the end of the abaya to my desired length… we asked her how long it would take to shorten since i will need to wear it on Tuesday? She said today is Friday so it will be ready Sunday evening… I paid the 55 KD & an extra 2 KD for alteration though i thought that it was unnecessary but then i wanted the 3baya shasawee…

Come Sunday evening… i was driving to Hawalli with my sister… the ride was hellish with all the traffic… i had many things on my mind and my next stop after picking the 3baya would be to drop it at the dry cleaners so they would be able to deliver it on Monday evening and i would relax knowing that whenever i come from work on Tuesday i would have my 3baya waiting and i could grab it and go at once…

A philipino sales lady was handling the shop that day… i go inside, provide the reciept and ask for my 3baya, and she says it’s not there!!!

Wain 3batee?!!! What do you mean not there?!!!!!!!!!

Apparently the owner who handled the shop on Friday didn’t do a very good job of sending out the 3baya for alteration on time. Apparently it’s not in the shop. My 3baya is still in the Altering place still and they are already closed for the day!!! I told her i don’t care, i need my 3baya NOW! She tries to call the owner and after keeping us waiting for 15-20 minutes trying to locate her… the owner simply says let her come Monday…

She calmly closes the phone and says: Madam says come tommorow morning.

Me: So if i come in the morning and i don’t find it what will happen?

Salesperson: mmmm come in the afternoon!

Me: Afternoon? OK! Afternoon what time?!

Salesperson: Ahh ah afternoon 6:30 7…

Me: 6:30 7 is the afternoon?!

and so since they are pretty much incapable of providing the right time for me to come pick up my 3baya.. i threatened her that i will come in the afternoon and if i don’t find my 3baya i will take my money back!

The next day in the evening… i drive through hellish traffic again… I go to pick up the 3baya… it’s there and the salesperson smiles happily at me and starts bagging my 3baya… then she hands me my bag…

Me: Erm excuse me, where is the laffa?!

Salesperson: Laffa?! You paid 55 KD only!

Me: YES but the laffa IS Included…

Salesperson: eerm mmm… let me call my madam!!!

and she calls her madam while i fume again… i check the reciept and it doesn’t say 3baya with laffa only 3baya… well i wasn’t going to pay one extra fils on the laffa when i have already bought it before… for gods sake i am buying a 3baya only! A piece of black fabric! Eshda3wa!

Salesperson: Madam says yes it’s with laffa…

Ashwa! Taw el Nass…! The salesperson opens a drawer and picks up a mass of fabric that is my 3baya’s laffa and for the record if i hadn’t taken it they wouldn’t have been able to sell it alone anyways because it belongs to my 3baya which is supposed to be the last piece!!!!

I storm out with my bag… vowing never EVER to come back to that store again. Then i took my abaya to the laundry who said they will have it done by 4 PM Tuesday… a little too late for me bs shasawee b3d…

Come Tuesday… long bloody day at work… long bloody day after work trying to make my self look like a presentable human beign. I pick my 3baya from the laundry and race back home… get dressed -or changed from my work clothes in that case- wear my heels… pull the 3baya over my head and…

Surprise surprise! It’s still TOO BLOODY LONG! Almost as long as it was on FRIDAY when I FIRST BOUGHT IT and ASKED FOR IT TO BE ALTERED and PAID TWO FRIGGIN KDS FOR ALTERNATION!

A thought began forming in my head… they never really altered it did they?! It was either that, or the lady had just pinned half a centimenter to alter that took a weekend to alter! Too late now… i have to go with my 3baya and i cannot afford to be late… y3ni ykon sharya 3baya yededa… eshfeha 3abate elchal7a?

By the way, since it was too long for me to walk in, i kept stepping on it… by the time i returned home there was a big gapid O shaped whole on the bottom front of my 3baya that i have no idea how it happened! Yes enshaqat il 3bat… no… enqathat el 3abat… it was as if you took a pair of scissors and drove them through the front and made an O hole… my heels had nothing to do with it, if the hole was in the back of the 3baya i would have blamed my heels but no… it’s in the very front and no one stepped on my 3baya all night long i am sure…

So now i am 3baya-less  again… and i took my bloody new 3baya to another tailor 3bass in Jabriya, he will take one KD and fix the 3baya and trim the whole bottom edge of the 3baya… i sincerely hope it will not become too short… i only wore it once and i liked it very much :`(

 7safa 3la 3abatee!!!

P.S. from here on in… no one is doing my alteration but 3bas the tailor… he said he will take less than a day to fix the edge and only one KD! That is until i buy my own sewing machine and learn how to trim my own clothing… if you want something done right you must do it yourself!


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  1. I’m sorry you had to suffer and I understand what you went through even though I’m a guy, but I had a similar experience with a formal pants.
    but I think you should’ve mentioned the name of the shop to keep others from having the same bad experience… takseben ajir ib banat khalg allah hehehe


    • Posted by danderma on December 23, 2010 at 3:05 PM

      wallah hal ayam gemna inkhaf… in ketabna il ism zafona galaw teg63oon rezgna… el 7yat tajarob b3d shesawoon!


  2. waaaay looooooyaaah 😦 ambeeh ana vhthee ma 3ndee 3abaya san3aa , mashalah 3ndee bnat yalbsoon 3abyaat tyanin but kil ma agolhom ene baro7 ma3ahom ashtree y9eer looya o ba3dee abaya over 100 at7saf walah 😛

    any way i love 3abat elraas waay bas 7ag el weddings lazem 3abat kashkhaa 😉


    • Posted by danderma on December 23, 2010 at 3:04 PM

      ana a3shaq 3bat il rass… wayed a7ebha!
      lakin fe marrat ma tenfa3 especially if ur moving alot or walking alot… o ham mosta7eel for 3ers!!!


  3. Posted by QueenZee on December 23, 2010 at 12:42 PM

    LOL 7araam…
    Well yes thus happened to me once or twice that’s why I get my abayas from Bahrain everytime I’m there.
    However there’s a Place called shadow in the avenues, their designs are simple and nice..most importantly no Hawaii traffic.


  4. My moms friend gets her 3abayas from Khobar, shes always dressed in 3abaya, so I think shes “khabeera” :p
    I had a disaster story with a 3abaya last week!
    My dad called me at 7 to tell me ena khalah tewafa, fa I had to go to the 3aza ASAP, 2 seconds later bent 3amity called me and told me the same news oo galatli etha tabeeni aroo7 ma3aha el 3aza. Fa 3ala ma I got ready gelt 7ag el khadama to iron my 3abaya and put it in my car.
    I have ONE 3abaya thats for all 3aza’s, its not 3al raas liana ma3arif, fa its el 3abat el islamiya I think thats what they are called. Anyways, we9alna me and my cousins el 3aza, a6ali3 3abati balbis’ha wela 3alaiha tartar! KENT BANTE7ER! MIN WAIN E6LA3AT hal 3abaya! Ashwa ena el tartar matte aswad oo khafeef bas still!
    Shasawee, ta3awatht min eblees oo dashait el3aza wana miftashla!
    Bas then I realized ena 3abati is nothing compared 2 the girls eli dasheen with 3abat emwarida wimzayina eli tamshi ma3a el laffa.


    • Posted by danderma on December 23, 2010 at 11:56 PM

      w3liya 3atham Allah ajerkom hon 😦

      Ashwa tartar aswad! Ee el awadm hal ayam la 7aya wala mesta7a bs 9ra7a mafe taqdeer 7g ahal il 3aza etha ur 3bat matrosa alwan… y3ni so what if its a 3baya it must be all black… khal itkon imnaqesha bs black brown romadee mo alwan!!! Nass ‘3areeba!


  5. Wyyyyyyyyy laaa 3athaaaaaaaaaaab!!:S


  6. Posted by giggles on December 23, 2010 at 9:12 PM

    tadren ana min gabel ermuthan o ana agol aby 3abaya 7ag il ejyam o yana ermuthan o 5ala9 o beyena mara thanya o hatha ana 3ala 7a6at eydich la 3abaya wala hom ya7zanon o 3ogob masema3t salfitich shakli mara7 a5ethli 3abaya hehe ;p


  7. Posted by Ananas on December 23, 2010 at 11:25 PM

    roo7ay el mot7ajiba
    wayed monathmeen
    i bought once 3baya for my sis on her bday oo getla abeeha be4 5-11
    and it was like 2 days be4
    galli come on that day at 4 and it was there 😀
    btw in november they do SALE xD


    • Posted by danderma on December 23, 2010 at 11:47 PM

      Fe3lan… my 2nd bought 3baya is from them and they are very good! Unfortunately the sale they do in November doesn’t last… in December they put all the discounted 3bayat back to full price!


  8. Posted by UmGhanim on December 26, 2010 at 11:22 AM

    Hey i have a question….What is the criteria for a “good” 3abaya??
    I dunno how to judge them. I only use them for 3azas and over my dara3a if im going to my mums and cant be bothered to change. I only use the 3abaya rass kind. What is considered good material, shape, length etc? if you could answer this I would be really grateful, also what is the best way to wrap it around urself, i always, always look a mess and keep tripping when a3azi al nass…really embarassing!


    • Posted by danderma on December 26, 2010 at 8:26 PM

      well i would consider a good design of a 3baya a good 3baya… my mother however would judge a 3baya by it”s fabric and degree of blackness… something i suck at so i take her with me for help!

      Lool best way to wrap it is not my area! If i wear 3bat ras i would look like the messiest human on earth! Hence why i wear 3bat chatf (islamiya) instead although i love 3bat el ras more…


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