Things to do in London: British Museum’s Book of the Dead Exhibition!

One thing i love most about London is the vast amount of interesting exhibitions they have year round! As i am a sucker for anything historic and related to the ancient Egyptian dynasty i couldn’t wait to visit the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead Exhibition in my favorite museum in London.. The British Mesuem!

The British Mesuem is an amazing place! Admission is free of charge but you have to pay to see the special exhibitions.

Located just behind New Oxford St. and Tottenham Court Road… it is very close to the shopping and you can go by foot (5-10 mins)… So you don’t have to travel to a faraway place or compromise a precious day of shopping just to visit…

I have seen many tourists entering the museum with their high street shopping bags laden with goodies… so you could stop by and check your shopping in the cloackroom first… which was very wide and filled with swarming people and this is all i managed to photograph…

The British Museum, although it looks old and gray from the outside, has a magnificent interior! Modern, airy, and will lit!

 There were many exhibitions that day… including one about afghanistan heritage but i only had eyes for the Book of the Dead Exhibtion…

I bought the ticket…

We entered the exhibition which started with an introductionary video and was AMAZING… sadly we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside… basically it’s about how the Ancient Egyptians believed in the afterlife and how a person was to be judged before being admitted into an equivelant of heaven or hell. They believed that the road to the trial was filled with dangers and monsters and that upon judgment your senses would “testify” against you… sounds familiar? So the book of the dead was a group of “spells” used to ward off bad spirtis and help the soul through the afterlife to reach the judgement place safely and then stop the heart, arms, and other senses from testifying against you… the exhibition is filled with many intriguing real artifacts from that era… amazing really…

Just because i couldn’t take pictures inside the exhibition didn’t mean i couldn’t do it in the rest of the museum!  Upon finishing the exhibition i was still in ancient egyptian mood so i went to the Ancient Egyptian part of the museum to look and photograph the items they had there…

This is part of the Sphinx’s beard…

and this is my favorite item in the museum… the Rosetta Stone… if it weren’t for this slab of stone no one would have been able to understand hieroglific!!!

The Biritsh museum have many other items from diffrent historical eras… i wanted to see the Samurai armors but i was out of time so next time insha2 Allah… i was also hungry so i thought about having a quick bite in their cafeteria…

Then i thought i wanted to go to Bea’s of Bloomsbury which is just around the corner so i went to the gift shop instead…

I like this computer sleeve… very cute!

Old film rolls! I wonder if people still use those?!

Rosetta Stone Magnets… we bought one of those…

Books of the dead for those interested…

Guide Books in many languages…

The British Museum is well worth the visit… a good day in London would be to spend morning till afternoon in the British Museum then have a good cup of English tea in Bea’s of Bloomsbury … the Book of the Dead Exhibition is on until 6 March 2011. For more information you can visit the British Museum’s Website


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Reeba on December 19, 2010 at 9:46 PM

    This is so freakesh. I too recently Visited the British museum,
    checked my bags at the cloakroom,
    checked the what’s on board and decided against seeing anything on it,
    Bought my ticket,
    spent HOURS at the amazing exhibition, I got the accompanying audio guide which was amazing.
    Afterwards headed to the gift shop, I bought a keychain instead 😉
    and had lunch at the museum cafe which was to die for. You should have too 😉

    It was a great experience. Everytime I am in London I revisit either the britsh museum or the v&a or Tate modern for my dose of cultre. How I love London city.


    • Posted by danderma on December 20, 2010 at 8:52 AM

      It’s an amazing experience right?!!!!! Something so different from anything you might experience in Q8… i didn’t take the audio guide though 7safa…


  2. The Rosetta Stone magnet is too darn cool! I want one!


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