Are you a 7alwa fan!?

One guilty pleasure i cannot resist is the orangy translucant gooey texture of 7alwa infused with saffron and nuts… just smelling it makes my heart melt… i cannot resist it… yet i run away from it… when i go to bahrain i make sure to go to the old souk early in the morning when they roll out the halwa carts then start pouring it in plastic containers… it would stay warm until evening and tastes so fresh… However, the best 7alwa i have ever tasted was an Omani Halwa sent by Sultan Qaboos of Oman to an Emiraty family in Dubai… we were visiting the Emiraty Family in 1996 and they presented us with that 7alwa… OMG!!!

and as much as i love 7alwa i hate rahash… i cannot stand it’s muddy texture and weird bold taste!!! Sadly 7alwa in Q8 is horrible in comparision to it’s khaleji ones 😦

Are you a 7alwa fan?! If you are where do you get your fix from?!

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  1. Posted by noora on December 19, 2010 at 8:35 AM

    big 7alwa fan
    most of my family are loyal to shwe6ir, bs ana 7beet 7alwat AlMorouj, from Bahrain as well, I like the green one with pistachio


    • Posted by danderma on December 19, 2010 at 11:16 AM

      Ee i like the green one! Et9adgeen i am not a fan of shuwaiter… ako 7alwa another one in Ba7rain ismha il Jassim if i am not mistaken i think it tastes better… ham a7eb shay ismah nashab 7alwa min bu yousef ele darabeel is’3ar em7ashya 7alwa ❤


  2. Posted by e7mood on December 19, 2010 at 8:45 AM

    best 7alwa o3maniya in kuwait is in 7awali, somewhere called the green mountain or shy chethii


  3. ana 3axich… I LOVE rahash, bes ma7eb el 7alwa 😉


  4. ALLAAAAAH I love 7alwaaaaa!! Esp ma3a gahwa 3arabiya, after a filling lunch!
    Umyy tawha rada min 3man ams .. tabeen atnaqa9lich eb 7alwa… im pretty sure yayba :p


    • Posted by danderma on December 19, 2010 at 11:03 AM

      loooool 7yate wallah :*

      Abi ism il 7alwa store ma 3leech amor… 3shan ashof laman i go to 3man or someone is going soon awa9eh ayeblee…


  5. i loveeeeeeeeee 7alwa!

    we mostly get them from 3man;S we know some people bel safara so they alwaaays send some.. may5aloun;p

    bs ako this place in kuwait.. when I remember their name agulich


  6. I love 7alwa in all it’s shapes, colours and forms

    O I love rahash too ❤


  7. Posted by Summer on December 19, 2010 at 1:03 PM

    I haven’t had 7alwa in such a long time!! My dad usually gets them from Bahrain!
    But I love rahash, and I especially love it when a friend of mine bakes a rahash cake. Trust me, if you ever try it u will change you’re mind about rahash!


    • Posted by danderma on December 20, 2010 at 8:44 AM

      Eh no thank you… there is something in rahash that irritates me and my taste buds i can’t put my finger on it but even in cake it irritates me!


  8. Posted by QqwertyuiO on December 19, 2010 at 1:34 PM

    I like rahash bs I hateeeeee 7alwa! (Childhood incident)
    I know lots of people who love both 7alwa and rahash!


    • Posted by danderma on December 20, 2010 at 8:48 AM

      i haven’t met much people who love them both… they either would love 7alwa and hate rahash or vise versa!


  9. Since ana 3maniya I’d tell you there are loads of different types of 7alwa and everyone has there own preference. Though since you are looking for a store name which sells 7alwa that is popular all over, you should ask someone to buy some men Al Maqbali in Al 7amriya. They are amongst the best 7alwa places in Muscat. And there’s alos Ahmed AL Barwani. If you want some just lemme know. Ay shai 7a8 el e5wa bel Kuwait 😉

    P.S: I am a hard core fan of 7alwa, you should try having it with salty popcorn. It’s ah-mazing.


    • Posted by danderma on December 20, 2010 at 8:47 AM

      Thanks hon for the directions and the offer that’s so sweet of you…

      Now tell me how do you have 7alwa with salty popcorn? do you chop it up and mix it?!!!


  10. Yum! I love 7alawaa.. but I tend to stay away from it (its an a nightmare for weight gain.. lol)… I usually always get it mn Ba7rain.. never tried the Omani one.. now I need to try it!


  11. Well danderma, you just pop up some popcorn in a bowl and take a few of them and use the bits of popcorn to dig into the 7alwa and pull it as you would do with your hands but instead have the popcorn touch the 7alwa and not your fingers. That’s how the kids do it but you could also heat the 7alwa and just mix it up with a bowl of popcorn and let it cool down for a bit. And VOILA..!!


  12. Posted by Shoosh on December 21, 2010 at 11:18 AM

    I looove 7alwa, being Bahraini i think we like it by default. and btw not all shwai6ers are the same. some are excellentm some Ok.
    bu yousif now has mini samboosa stuffed with 7alwa they are addictive =)


    • Posted by danderma on December 23, 2010 at 10:27 AM

      ooooh ya 7elo bu yosef…
      i tried more than one shuwaiter but still the Aljasem one i tried was better…
      Bema inkom bel ba7rain golele which is the BEST 7alwa maker 3ndokom? Wedi ayekom 3amma qareeb 😀


  13. ooooh ya Danderma .. You just came in the most PERFECT time 🙂 check the blog today or tomorrow max. for the best, most delicious and the most extravagant 7alwa in the WORLD! It will be the answer for all other 7alwas! 🙂

    Stay tuned 😉
    Trust me on this 😀


  14. ana tawni miktashfa il7alwa min cham sina. the kind that my dad’s omani friend used to bring fi wayid hail and it put me off! A couple of years ago ri7na failicha and saw it being made and bought a fresh pot of it..AMAZING! thats when i started liking it:p it was simply spoonfuls of warm and gooey BLISS!


  15. eeee failichatna maghairha!! bas that was 3 years ago taqreeban madri itha bait il7alwa lail7een mawjood. i’ll fish out my old laptop and see if i can find a pic of it being prepared and send u the link!


  16. misa7t’hum:( i only found one:

    hatha lama ri7na ilthihir, we couldn’t buy it then. we had to wait a couple of hours until it was ready to buy some!


  17. YUM YUM
    7alwa shwai6r alb7rain (Y)
    mara okhoy yablna 7alwa mn OMAN 3jeeba (Y)


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