Help: Where can i buy a decent 3baya?

I’ve never bought a 3yaba before!

The one i have and i’ve been using for a 2 years now is my mothers. I stole it from her wardrobe and kept it 2 years ago. Before 2008 i  didn’t have to wear a 3baya for weddings since i didn’t wear 7ejab then and i had one 3bat ras i would use for 3aza…

Now the 3baya i stole is getting discoloured… something i didn’t know a 3baya could do… isn’t it supposed to be black and stay black?!

So i figured that i need several 3baya’s now… one for 3aza, one for weddings, one spare that i could use for different occasions, one very plain for 3omra and 7ajj… i want it to be on the shoulders and loose and i want it to be very elegant and classy and simple without a single piece of strass in sight… no strange colors or designs… so far i have seen horrible 3bayat that are nothing short of halaga eb9ara7a!!! and paying 200+ KD for a good 3baya is not something i am willing to do… eshda3wa?

Where do i go? Do you know of a good place that sells elegant simple 3baya no khabba no mess no fuss yet not plain and with a price tag of 100 KD or less? Help!!!

P.S. yes the black blob in the picture is me modelling my trusty 3bat ras… fourme knows i look damn good in that 3baya :p

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  1. glad u posted about this
    am waiting for the readers 🙂


  2. mujama3 el.3arbeed in farwaniya…
    If you want something really fast go to mujama3 el.nigra el.janobi.. fe ma7al 3bayat… it’s good for everydays 3abayas…
    bs last time I went was 2 years ago… so madry what the new trend is ;p


  3. I go to als3eed in Mubarakiya… very good quality 😉


  4. mako ela u design your own , go to the places that make 3abayaat oo chose one cut that u like then tell them u want it with out all the stuff on it 😀 the places that sell 3abayaat are :
    مجمع الحميضية في حولي بجانب بلازا و مجمع العربيد في الفروانية في اكثر من مجمع بجانب بعض في الفروانية
    الاسعار تبدا من 15 دينار
    i know this cuz i needed some 3abayaat for 7aj ,,, also if u want a nice 3abayaa 7ag 3rss fee ma7al eb maka esma ( bedon esm) wayed 7low oo classy 7ag 3abayaat tharbaa oo mo haylgeyaa el prices are 60 kd and above


  5. Posted by noora on December 18, 2010 at 5:43 PM

    oh this zone is mine!
    as described; super elegant 3baya go c 3abat Najd in AlRaya, ma ra7 telqen shoqol anthaf minhum, u can do ur daily simple one, and another for weddings, o itha sarat waaauid qalya etkon 120KD
    another place for simple everyday 3bat check AlShahad in jabriya, ull find it next to shanakel the toys place, range;40-60KD
    for 7aj and 3omra, check the plain 3abayas from AlMot7ajba in the avenues phaseII, costs 31KD chena. but itha tben light material for the 7ar moot times, go c 3abyat AlSe3eed in old mubarekeya! 3indah qmash 5afeef wauid good 7q kad o mad
    there u go 🙂


    • Posted by danderma on December 18, 2010 at 6:09 PM

      wow thats great! your comment covered all basis masha2 Allah 😀
      I will check elshahad in Jabriya dam inha yamna… abi 3bat san3a aqazer feha 3la ma akamel my 3bayat collection 😀
      thanks 😀


      • Posted by noora on December 18, 2010 at 6:34 PM

        mubarkeya e5aleshum in 10 days
        also met7ajba in a week

        najd maybe more than a month ;p
        bs soo worth it, soo elegant!
        and u can cutomize ur own, choosing the pattern and colors, they have beautiful catalogues to choose from


  6. Well, for plain yet very nice fabric everyday or 3umra 7aj use I’d go for als3eed wether it’s 3abat ras o 3abayat jatef price from 25- to 40 i think very moderate pricing and excellent quality of fabric.
    For kash5a 3abaya’s you have Al-Shahd in jabriya next to shanakel they have a variety as well from fancy to everyday and 3umra use..
    and you can custom make your 3abaya according to your own prefernce of fabric designs and details but a bit on the pricy side..
    And you got Hanayen and Al-Mit7ajba in the avenues I usually get wedding abaya’s but I ask for very simple designs which costs around 100 kd..


  7. Posted by Nuha Al-Hamad on December 18, 2010 at 6:46 PM

    You can check 3abayaat AL-Shahad n Jabriya, near Al-Shanakel store, very class & high quality, it can stay with u 4 ever.


  8. the decay of the 3abaya depends on it’s quality.

    in our supermarket(Qurtoba) *midget* mall might I add they have a good 3abayat store, located upstairs. According to parent.


  9. Posted by Nawnaw on December 18, 2010 at 8:25 PM

    7aboba is good ,, i bought one back in ramadan , it had anice cut (944) 110-43


  10. I say go to jam3yat al roudha, esm the shop alhuda

    Im not met7ajba nor do I wear 3abaya’s but their 3abaya’s are really good.. I always buy from there


  11. I have from Als3eed, when I went to Omrah I bought 3abaya eslamiya min jam3iyat el fai7a but they are just plain simple and perfect for 3omra… as for 3roos 3abaya madry wallah


    • Posted by danderma on December 19, 2010 at 11:19 AM

      Ee ele foog 3nd om m7md? My friend just told me for 3omra they are good…
      I will go pay el sa3eed a visit soon… bs mali kholg loyat el embarkiya! bs now lazim aroo7 3aza o 3bate 9arat chal7a fa metwahga :S


  12. Posted by Manayer on December 19, 2010 at 12:58 AM

    Definetly AlS3eed eb soug lembarikiya. 7ata el7areem lekbar yakhthoun Mina, fa quality ou khafeef sh7elwa! Different shapes and sizes 😉


    • Posted by danderma on December 19, 2010 at 11:17 AM

      I will be paying them a visit soon… o ham abi asawe post help 3n il different khamat o stuff… 😀 Thanks!


  13. a7la o arqa il 3bayat mn il raya ( 3bayat njd )

    o ( shahad bel jabrya) as3arhom mnasba o twajh o mayt3`yr lonha wala tshel wala tt3fs o nqshathom thrba mo 5ba ,


  14. souq salman al dabbous in Fahaheel


  15. se2ltlch mom bma eni mo rabe3 m3a el-3baya :p
    so tgolch fe bjm3yat el-3delia aw bmojma3 el-awqaf o 6elbai 5amat bo kanan a7san no3 5am 7ag el-3bi o etha sada 7ada 25 kd m3a mlf3ah


  16. Come visit us in Riyadh 😀


    • Posted by danderma on December 20, 2010 at 8:50 AM

      Ako people who bring 3bayat min Riyadh but i am guessing they add to the price or double the price mo moshkila 3ndohom! Ayho a7san mokan in KSA for 3ebee?


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