Ikea Frozen Yoghurt!

The frozen yoghurt mania is still going strong in Q8… one latest addition to the Fro-Yo q8y scene is…. IKEA!

I was in Ikea yesterday when i saw an ad for Frozen Yogurt!!! I  used to be a fan of their soft serve ice cream back in their old building but ever since they moved to avenues something in the mix has changed… their ice cream is still very popular though and now they are selling frozen yoghurt too! There is only plain frozen yogurt flavor. Fruit toppings are either strawberries or kiwi. Crunchy toppings include fruit loops cornfkales thing and 3 other crunchy things. By the time of their closing (10 pm) they had maybe one spoonful of strawberry left and another 2 spoonfuls of kiwi… and it’s sold for 500 fils!

Have you tried their frozen yoghurt before? I didn’t have the chance yesterday but i am willing to try it one day…

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  1. They have there frozen yogurt here in New York City and I actually enjoy it. Sometimes I don’t know if I have yogurt or ice cream because I asked for a cone and never specified which one lol. But there food is actually good and people never believe me.


  2. hhhhhh snow! gives me goosebumps
    as for the frozen yoghurt.. sounds interesting XD.
    im a pinkberry addict hal last month laidaraj i take the take home size kilyoum!


    • Posted by danderma on December 15, 2010 at 11:07 AM

      I had a phase when i would go on daily basis to Pinkberry and grab my self some… sometimes i would take 2-3 for the upcoming days and keep them in the freezer… the craving is impossible…

      But then i stopped craving it when i travelled for a while… i do believe there is something in their mix that makes you crave it like mad… not that it’s not good or anything but i am glad to get rid of that irrisistble urge to get my self a pinkberry on daily basis!


  3. i didnt try it, bs nawya to very soon


  4. lol gzarat whma ysawoon frozen yogurt!
    u have to make denderma frozen yogurt ;p


    • Posted by danderma on December 15, 2010 at 11:14 AM

      ee ma9ekhoha shwaya ma9arat kil min ybee3 frozen yoghurt… ma yenfa3 danderma frozen yogurt ya danderma ya frozen yogurt :p


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