Things to do in London: Ed’s Dinder…

One evening as we were in Euston Station waiting to board a train, we felt like we wanted to have something to eat before our journey. Butootee suggested we try Ed’s diner and i was skeptic. Vegetarians & Diners do not really go together well now do they?

To my surprise we found not one but two vegetarian burgers on their menu: Medeteriannian Vegetable & Mozarella cheese burger  and the Bean Spice burger… therefore we went in…

We decided to try both vegetarian burgers, fries, and onion rings. They had fancier fries options on their menu but we felt we ought to keep it simple so we opted for plain fries and onion rings with soft drinks only.

The fries were good… had that chunky wholesome feel in each bite

The onion rings 😀

with ketchup even better…

The Medditeranian Vegetable Burger with Mozzarella Cheese… it was good and fresh

The Beanspice burger… doesn’t look that good but it tasted amazing 🙂

i wouldn’t be able to comment on the quality of their beef burgers… but judging from their veggi burgers i would think they would be good 🙂


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