Things 2 Do in London: The Tintanic Artefact Exhibition!

One great thing about London is the amazing exhibits you get to see every now and then. This year i was lucky enough to be there during a great exhibit, the Titanic Artefacts Exhibition!

The exhibition was at the O2 which i have previously posted about (click here)… i booked my tickets online and almost ran all the way from the O2 entrance to the exhibition venue…

at the door you are greeted by an usher with a camera who takes your picture and you are handed a boarding ticket that is an exact replica of the original Titanic boarding ticket.

On the back of the ticket you find the information of one passenger who was actually on the Titanic. Mine was the ticket of Ms. Leila Saks… daughter of the Saks department store who was on board the Titanic to attend the funeral of her father.

In the end of the exhibition you search for your passengers card and see if they survived the disaster or not. Ms. Leila Saks did. Her husband didn’t if i am not mistaken.

We went inside the exhibition and in short it was BREATHTAKING… you get to see items salvaged from the bottom of the sea that sank with the titanic… dining china, clothes, bags, money, toothpaste jars, bits and pieces of the ship, and many more! You can also see exact replicas of the Titanic rooms such as the first class room… There are also videos and documentaries showing, pictures and a time line of events. Also a big chunk of ice that you could touch to see how cold it was in the arcitic water that night and imagine being submerged in water that cold… no wonder people died of hypothermia w3liya!

We were not allowed to take pictures inside. But when i went to the gift shop guess what i found? Copies of the newspapers of that time reporting the Titanic’s disaster… this bar of soap made by the same company that made the soap used in the Titanic almost a century ago…

and pieces of coal from the wreck of the Titanic! To keep as memorabilia!

and in the end we got to get our pictures… they added the grand staircase of the Titanic as a backdrop and made us look like we were standing on that staircase… but that wasn’t all… we were in for a spooky surprise! Check it out!

The ghost of the captain posing on the staircase behind us! I laughed at first but now to be frank i am spooked! I keep the picture stuffed in it’s envelope mo nag9een ghosts b3d!

The Titanic Artifacts Exhibition is running until 1 May 2011! So if you are going to be in London and you are mesmerised by the Titanic… you must must MUST visit the exhibition! A stroll afterwards in the O2 to grab a bite to eat won’t be so bad either!!!

For more information check the exhibitions website by clicking here



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by noora on December 2, 2010 at 3:21 PM

    shawaqteni wauid wauid wauid!
    allah yaktebli London gabil May, eb5a6ri aroo7 sij ;(
    allah ehanekom o 3alekom bil 3afya hon ;*


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