Valentino for GAP Collection… i <3

I was in GAP yesterday and the moment i walked by the door my eyes fell on this amazing casual yet very stylish & modern jacket that i have never seen like in GAP before!!!

I am a GAP fine for i love their casual style… and i own about 500 Denim Jeans jackets half of which are from GAP already. But i wouldn’t say that GAP would be my ultimate style destination or anything.

Therefore i was a bit baffled when i saw that too lovely a jacket… turns out it’s a new line “Valentino for GAP” that was out last Saturday at 6 AM and was sold out by 6:20 AM only in the Oxford St. shop and today they had a 2nd shipment!!! I saw people grabbing the Jackets… i couldn’t find my size from the one i liked the most…

The skirt was also very beautiful but too short for my liking…

I didn’t like the pants in reality although the collection pictures showed that they were amazing…

I didn’t like the tshirt either or the hoodie…

A trench coat was available but it was too bulky and i already had a trench in that colour… malah da3i…

All sizes were gone by the way :`( and the size i found is too tight for me 😥  Botamba!

To see the Valentino for GAP collection in Vogue click here


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  1. oh lucky u mashalla! Valentino is my favorite designer and i was in NYC for the weekend oo even though adry the collection was just for Europe i asked they said they didn’t know anything about it :/
    bs anyway Red by Valentino taghreeban nafs al collection oo good prices too…how much were they selling for btw?


    • Posted by danderma on December 1, 2010 at 12:44 AM


      the most expensive thing was the long trench for 149 pounds… Bs makoo sizeessss :`( as i was trying to find my size two men attacked the hangers o gamaw ynashbone 3la il jackets… they were looking for size small b3d… 😦


  2. In Kuwait the stuff dont know tht there is something called Valentino by GAP lol 😀

    The company in Kuwait owned by UAE Business man, they got many stores in Dubai such as, Harvey nichols, Bloomingdales, YSL, Gucci, Bottega, Aramani all lines and more! 😀


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