Childhood in Q8 Means: Kakaw Bu Nathara!

If there is one chocolate that defines my 80’s childhood… it’s Kakaw Bu Nathara!!!

How we loved the little foil packaging that looks like glasses… how we held them up against our eyes and looked through the little holes… how we popped the little sugar & colour coated chocolates happily and ate them… i don’t think they were particularly yummy but they sure made us very happy 😀

Do you remember Kakaw Bu Nathara?!


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  1. they weren’t yummy at all actually.. but they are treasured memories. I remember we use to hunt for strings all day so we can make them glasses, then after all the fun we just poked them all out, num num num

    bas a7la shay el حلال print on the package lool


    • Posted by danderma on November 15, 2010 at 2:10 PM

      Ee i wonder whats up with the 7alal print? maybe they are made in indonesia or malaysia!

      I agree they weren’t particularly good compared to for example Smarties but they were so much fun 😀


  2. Posted by 7ameedo on November 15, 2010 at 1:55 PM

    i am a 90’s child… born in 88..but i can relate to all your ‘nostalgic’ posts.. another candy which you should have mentioned is the ‘gold coins’..but kakaw bu nathara was and still in a league of its own 🙂


  3. aham shay ina “original” oo “7alal” 😛 zain ma 7a6aw “organic” ba3ad


    check this out a Kuwaiti online shopping website


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