Do You Remember This Cartoon: Alice Fe Belad El 3aja2eb!

oooh where do i start with this one?

ًWhenever it rains in Q8 i start singing the opening tune of this cartoon. Whenever i remember it i remember the old cosy days 80’s… my father would have just woken up from his afternoon nap and the cartoon would have just started… my father would cut us pieces of the old pound cake served in tin packets… either orange or chocolate marble flavours… and we would also little estekana’s of tea with pieces of marie buscuits soaked inside until it becomes a mushy celerac like texture… the tea, the cakes, and Alice in Wonderland… one of the fondest memories of my childhood ❤

Do you remember Alice Fe Belad el 3aja2eb? THIS Alice fe belad il 3aja2eb?


4 responses to this post.

  1. Lil asaf I did no grow up on that many “Arabic” cartoons like the rest of my generation 😦 but I did watch “Sally” oo “Lady” I think but the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland used to freak me out…still does shwaya 😛


  2. I never liked cartoons with villains or in Alice’s case most of the characters kanaw eyaneinoonha through out the movie lol chna nightmare :/ oo there is the baby oyster scene elee one of the character steals to eat :/ lol


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