Pizza, Cupcakes, & Fun Bloggerettes Night :)

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Yesterday night we were invited for another albeit more casual Blogerettes gathering in FourMe’s place… Rules:  Come from your couch as you are… no fuss and wear nothing but sweats or track suits! We were prepared to lounge casually around the couches, eating harmful but yummy food, and talking about nothing and everything 😀

The menu as you can see was 5 large pizza’s -can you guess from where?- and lots of soft drinks… and every one who attended brought… CUPCAKES!!! While we were waiting for the pizza’s to arrive the girls were eating one cupcake after another with tea! I was worried that they would ruit their appetite for real dinner: Pizza & salad from Salad boutique! It didn’t help that we were indulged in a 100% homemade chocolate cake made by the one and only FourMe herself!!! Yes the yummy cake that looks like a hedgehodge is hers!

That was one lovely sugar and fat filled night to remember… Thank you girls for another amazing gathering :* That’s 4y’s cake below by the way it deserves another standing ovation 😀


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  1. Had a FABULOUS night!! Thank you ladies for accepting the invitation on both accounts :*

    It was an absolute pleasure, bs inshallah next time mn agool 6:02 etyoon SIX OH TWO! :p

    *bows* thank u thaank u adri my cake tshawig 😉

    p.s. Kshashkom kanat the hit of the night :p


    • Posted by danderma on November 9, 2010 at 8:29 PM

      7ather 3amiti! ana el sa3a cham yeet hal mara? mo china 6:02?

      Ee a7la ma fe il mawthoo3 inah no seshwar was allowed beforehand… bs 3n il feshela i left that out bel post :p


  2. ABBBYYYY PIIIIIZZZZZZA OO CHOCOLATE CAKE 😥 *tge6 nafes-ha bl ar’6 oo tedarba7 *

    mashlla fourme’s cake looks AH-MAH-ZING!

    bl 3afia ;D


    • Posted by danderma on November 9, 2010 at 8:30 PM

      Fourme’s cake AAMAZING… o ana ele 3alamt.ha how to cook by the way 😉

      Allah y3afeech 😀 shofee FourMe etha 3ndaha cake o pizza tertha she shares them with you :p


  3. That was super fun :* you girls are awesome :*


  4. So right now I’m homesick, missing my lovely Kuwait and I came across your recent posts and it just made my day! 🙂 I absolutely love the idea! A Blogerettes night, definitely worth a shot!


  5. Posted by noora on November 9, 2010 at 10:14 PM

    Fourme is back in K town! taw ma nawarat ;*
    3lekom bil 3afya o allah ehanekom ib ym3atkom 🙂


  6. yumiii papa johns pizzzzzaaaa right ??
    o 3alikom bel 3afia ;***


  7. Oh she’s back in Kuwait now?! Yaaaay! Welcome back and it looks awesome!

    Hope you all had more than a blast!


  8. the pizza looks sooo goood cant believe it was from salad boutique! 😛 oo wain alsalads? klsh moo layg salads weya ha akl alqataaal 😛
    bl3afya..looks fun


    • Posted by danderma on November 10, 2010 at 8:21 AM

      Laa salad boutique ma 3ndah salad… hathee papa johns’s pizza
      el salad ma7ad 3abbarha wala 9awaraha… o ana ga3da akelha gamaw y7enoon khal9eeha yallah bsich salad o eat pizza… kharab hal banat :p


  9. Posted by Hi1 on November 10, 2010 at 6:53 AM

    Hi Danderma and Fourme. First off, alah yashfech ya rab ya fourme. O enshala hal azma et3adi 3ala khair o etkon all part of your past and i wish you a wonderful healthy future.

    But I have a question. I happened to stumble upon Fourme’s twitter and i read it from time to time. What i’m worried about is your eating habits. Did you not stop eating junk food? I noticed in some of your tweets that you still eat foods made with sugar for example.
    I know a kuwaiti woman who got cured from cancer just by changing her eating habits and eating huge quantities of antioxidant foods and foods that are known to strengthen the immune system.

    Do you know Organic Kuwait Blog? I read an article the write wrote about food that people who are diagnosed with cancer should avoid.

    I know you might think that i’m being shallow and you probably had endured a lot of pain to give a crap about food. But please think about what goes in your body especially at this stage.


  10. Hows FourMe now? Inshalla better??

    3alaikom eb alf 3afiaaa hehehe el akel may3eeel tara 😛


    • Posted by danderma on November 10, 2010 at 8:25 AM

      Alf el 7md le Allah not 100% OK bs insha2 Allah kilha cham shahar o she becomes as good as new 😀
      Allah y3afeech… el akel ma y3eel? Lo itshofeen el mo9ayeb ele ga3deen insaweeha… i defienetly gained 3-4 kilos!!! kila min FourMe :p


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