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I have unearthed another collection of books to sell in the Garage Sale Corner of! This time it was a bit hard to let go, for i have saved one KD after one KD and awaited the weekends where i would go to Family Book shop or the other book shop which i forgot it’s name in Salmiya to score the Baby Sitters Club books and choose the ones i wanted to complete my collection. I loved those books so so much but i think it’s time to find a better home for them.

I only chose the ones in good (almost new) condition. A collection of 31 books to sell with a buy them now price of 12 KD. If you have any kids at home who love BSC this is a good chance for them to buy them at an almost nothing price 🙂 If you are interested click here to bid or buy!

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  1. this brought back so many old but good memories! not sure if i gave mine away or if they’re stored somewhere…!
    I used to get mine from Manara Bookshop in Salmiya


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