Do you know someone who Reads?

You know how you hear/read the wail “No one READS ANYMORE” and “Internet killed the book” and “People are shallow” and “We are a nation that doesn’t read” and “Young Generations Don’t Read” and all that hoopla about how we, Q8y’s and Arabs, hate the books SO MUCH that reading to us is like commiting a sin?

Well i have got news for you, if you think that, you are WRONG!

Yes you are wrong! For I have seen endless young people from all backgrounds and generations read books like they breathe air. I have seen blogger after blogger post about their favorite books or put up pictures of their vast collections. For many of us living in Q8 feel the ultimate joy when travelling and visiting a proper bookshop where we lose ourselves there, feeling sorry for not having a similar experience back home… and last but not least, the proof of how books i have put up for sale in the Garage Sale section of , both Arabic and English, had flown in a wink and proved more successful than DVDs!

Do not insult our generations by the hating to read accusation. and don’t worry… the books are fine and not going anywhere any time soon.


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  1. Posted by Tronsky Troll on November 2, 2010 at 2:52 PM

    Just because we read books doesn’t necessarily place us in a position to declare that we are readers. The truth of the matter is not that young people do not read anymore, but rather that we are rapidly losing the capacity to just sit down and ENJOY reading books.

    I speak of this matter from the perspective of a person who is hardly ‘well-read’, and also a member of the Internet generation. By ‘not well-read’, I do not mean that I have never picked up books, or that I rarely pick up books. I still read books, it is just that my choice of reading is very narrow, mainly non-fiction and self-help books. To be honest, these books from just these two genres could span libraries, but even if I were to devour all the books in these libraries, would that make me ‘well-read’?

    My use of the Internet only became excessive when I was in my early teens, and as such, I’m fortunate enough to have experienced the joy of reading. Nevertheless, that was a long time ago. My distaste of fiction now, stems not from dislike, but rather from exasperation. When I read books now, my mind continuously wants to skip to the next page, the next chapter. My entire being has become focused on what comes next, instead of what is.

    In many ways, I could pin the blame on the Internet. There are countless arguments out there that justify my stand. The fact that the rise of Internet has occurred simultaneously with the decline in love for reading can hardly be dismissed as a mere correlation either. But this is beside the point; an explanation of a problem does not resolve the problem. I merely wish to insist that we have become an impatient people, individuals who restlessly want to achieve our objectives more quickly, and individuals who are quickly bored when we do not. This mindset stands at odds to the whole notion of reading.

    To summarize, I watched the movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ instead of reading the book.


    • Posted by danderma on November 3, 2010 at 9:48 AM

      I was brought up hearing every one wail about young people not reading. That was pre-internet era.
      I was brainwashed to think people around me hated the touch and feel of books. Any book, regardless of it’s content or worth or weather or not made it’s reader “well-read” or not.
      I always heard people around me gasp and wai, impressedl when they see a foreigner with a book sitting in a cafe to read rather than oogle passerbys. As if non of our population have ever read a book on a park bench or to kill time while they are waiting.

      I have seen dentists put down books between patients. I have seen employees bringing books to read on their break from work. I have seen people, q8y people, buy books and losing themselves reading them while on the plane from abroad to Q8, and not only fiction and novels.

      Yes we do read. The notion that we do not read is not correct.

      and to summarize, after i saw the extended edition of Lord of the Rings, i went ahead and bought all the books, including the hobbit, to read 😉


  2. some people really hate reading and they say its a boring hobby but they just cant understand/feel the joy of reading a book, not kindle, not ipad! a real book, with real papers & their smell! It’s just like heaven! 😀


  3. Posted by Kinz on November 2, 2010 at 3:23 PM

    Agreed, I have a book club and a few members use Kindle and what have you but the rest are avid readers. Literacy is thriving hamdillah even in the electronic age. Saw a few titles from the pic I have enjoyed myself.

    : ) Kinz


  4. Posted by Lemonyy on November 2, 2010 at 3:29 PM

    Yeah, we do read! .. Dubai mall got that big bookstore nesait esmha bs wallahh an amazing feeling lama edshenhaa farg farg farg 3an el kuwait.. Maybe lama yba6loun that el salasel elle b avenues phase 2 t9er maktba san3a !

    W btw I’m a Harry Potter fan! W finished all books w read them over and over w cant wait for the movie 18.11 in kuwait!!!!! 😀


    • Posted by danderma on November 3, 2010 at 9:41 AM

      konyokatee china?
      I took a picture of the bookstore ib kil 7asra o alam… el 3ebra not in how big a bookstore is… muthana has a huge book store, Virgin started out welll…

      El3ebra what can you get in that book store… quality of books… for example Virgin is nothing but books about how to cook and how to please your husband and some little books here and there that are “innocent”

      Dubai’s bookstore though amazing… ARabic literature wise it’s not so impressive. El3jaire in Q8 has more books. Religious books are also disappointing there.

      So Even if that il salasel opens… they are bound by the rules and regulations of having to sell something censored. Mako Fayda…


  5. Posted by Diva on November 2, 2010 at 3:58 PM

    i totally agree i know a lot of people who love to read even the people that dont like reading have taken interest in books and i for one speak for myself when i say that i LOVE books and the feeling i get when i finish one


    • Posted by danderma on November 3, 2010 at 9:39 AM

      Me too… i love books and i love the touch and feel of a book and the smell of a book… there is nothing better on earth… nothing!


  6. Posted by giggles on November 2, 2010 at 7:34 PM

    i read and i enjoy reading, there is nothing wrong in that.


  7. I love books!
    Reading takes new to different level where you can be any charector , the lover, the child , the mother.. U can also be the reader
    but i can’t deny i started a book months ago but have not finished it yet i read a sentence a heart breaking sentemce and that was it
    , i left it and read other books;s


    • Posted by danderma on November 3, 2010 at 9:35 AM

      Hehehe… that heartbreaking?

      There is a certain joy in reading books… whatever kind, that you cannot conjur anywhere else…


  8. Can’t wait to go back home and get rid of loads of books I have had in a pile that I will no longer need, I did not want to throw them out of course but did not know where to take them…so this seems like a sweet deal 🙂


    • Posted by danderma on November 3, 2010 at 9:30 AM

      I highly recommend her services! Why keep a pile of books you do not need around when you can have them auctioned off?


  9. here in kuwait not alot of people do read …. but THAT AL SALASIL is gonna open a huge book store in Avenues phase two end of Dec. same as the ones in dubai hoping people can have a differen idea of reading again .


    • Posted by danderma on November 3, 2010 at 12:15 PM

      Even if that Al salasil is opened… the problem is not only in the lack of available bookstores… the problem lies in our censoring committee that censors books for no good reason. Books shouldn’t be censored at all in my opinion but then there are books that are sold in KSA -Mecca of all places- and in Dubai but are forbidden in here… why? There are books that are made into TV serieses that we watch on TV but are forbidden here… ahlam masta’3nami’s for example… i could walk into any bookshop in Dubai and buy whatever i want… i cannot do that in here… i cannot read it but i can watch it on TV… 😦

      Unless the law changes… it won’t be the same 😦


  10. Posted by Wicked on November 3, 2010 at 11:42 AM

    It’s not quantity it’s quality

    yeah people in our country “read”
    but with all due respect, sci-fi and fiction / romance is not a good quality reading

    I understand it’s popular nowadays and its a MUST read , but it wont add much
    I like reading , i love the smell of books, i like to feel the pages between my fingers, but i don’t read much now cause its really hard to find a good book other words, if reading means collecting the whole harry potter/ twilight saga then sign me out ..

    the person whom i respect and look up to at our college – he’s a professor- had only read few books in his life
    but they were truly soul feeding- inspiring- valuable books that added so much to his personality and changed his views on alot of things

    reading is measured by quality not quantity..


    • Posted by danderma on November 4, 2010 at 11:13 AM

      Well i beg to differ. if we are going by the standard of “reading is measured by quality not quanitity” then we would all be reading quantom physics and medical books since they are “quality books” and no one would touch poetry books since they are “useless”

      Reading is reading. He who loves to read devours everything, from newspapers to online articles to fiction to politicis to scienece to religious to whatever. Whose to say that someone who reads only politics books is more well read than someone who reads religious books or someone who spent his life rifling through sciene books? It’s the drive to read and know, the urge to learn and explore VIA reading that matters… even a little stupid novel can give you another perspective on life, lift you off to another dimension, encourage your imagination to go wild, make you weep or cry… in my dictionary they are all soul feeding and inspiring. Neither i nor you nor Shakspere nor anyone else on this world can judge anyone else based what they choose to read.


  11. Posted by Wicked on November 4, 2010 at 12:14 PM

    In what part of my reply did i attack religious/poetry/classics book?

    and i never said that you guys should read science and medicine .. that’s personal preference ! but the truth is and no one can deny this… that your are what you read

    i never said that political books are better than religious books

    but what i meant is that upon choosing something to read. make sure its worth your time ,
    and btw everything in life in measured by quality not quantity including food, books, time, etc

    most importantly books,

    ” 30 years ago mark chapemn shot john lenon with a copy of the catcher in the rye book in his hand, he later told the police that it was the book what drove him to kill, so now who to blame ?”

    i hope you understand the effect of such shitty quality books on the minds of our population , you can read 10000 books that entail sick hidden messages or you can read a few and actually learn something good from them ..


    • Posted by danderma on November 4, 2010 at 1:42 PM

      I wasn’t saying you attacked anything. FYI to me this is a discussion not a fight nor a debate. I was just making a point.

      Ok lets discuss the catcher book… now the catcher wasn’t a novel as far as i am concerned. I doubt that in the book there were any messages for mark chapeman to go shoot john lenon. It’s all in Chapman’s mind. it’s all in chapmans head. Whatever he read in that book, ironically the mad did read the book, whatever he read the interpretation came from within his own conclusions and experiences. It “drove” that man to kill… it might have driven someone else to help someone in some way… it doesn’t mean it’s an unworthy book…

      Now there is a novel, the collector… it is very old. It is about a lonely crazy man who abducts girls, collects them as they may say, hides them and try to make them fall in love with him. The novel is a novel, just a story… but it was written in such a way you can imagine what must have drove the man to do this, you could feel his loneliness… his despair… the actual mental chaos and the struggle he was feeling. Was it worth my time when i read it? Absolutely… i could have never imagine that some people are this disturbed, that all people think the same way, that people handle their loneliness and urgent need for love with different severity… you see it’s the novels that tell you that people are different since they stem from different personalities… it’s the novels that open up your insight into another cultures and societies and what is valuable and acceptable or not… then again did it happen in real life? The abduction? Yes, in the case of Natascha Kampusch… did i relate the character in the book to the man who abducted her? a little bit yes… can we say that the man might have read the book and decided to act upon it? God knows… people look and read and taste and experience literature in different perspectives… i might have liked a book, others might have hated it… i tried to read Salman rushdi’s book the one which put him in the taboo list yet it bored me so much i put it down… others didn’t bore them… at ten years old i read tin tin comics and enjoyed them, but i also enjoyed stealing books from my fathers library and reading them and going to my father for explanation… i can say i have read so many books in my life… serious and not serious, novels and others… but not all books left the same impression on me… yet you cannot really know how the book will affect you until you read it 🙂

      Take for example twilight… twilight is a teenagers book. Sappy love story and vampires and not something i personally would care for. I loved the books, i read them over and over again… had someone told me to read it i would have dismissed it and not wasted my time on it. I never ever imagined in my dreams that i would be so inspred from it. There is something in those lines, in the relationship, in the characters… there is something that touches something deep inside me and i can relate to. It’s like opening up a page of my past and reading through. Reading something in my personality from someone else’s point of view! Did i benefit from it? Believe it or not on a personal level i did… my sister might have read it and found nothing but a teenage love story book. To me i found something else.

      So in conclusion all i am saying is… there is no criteria for what makes a book good and worthy or not. Even if it’s just a novel, or just a comic book. A book is a book. A read is a read. and we can all find something to benefit us from every line we read or not 🙂 don’t you agree?


      • Posted by Wicked on November 4, 2010 at 6:33 PM

        Not really

        i know some girls who read twilight. and the end result?? stuffing their heads with non sense romance thinking they are bella and that some one will find them and love them forerver, but they just have to act like her dont they ??

        the thing is with teenagers now is that they read. period , they dont criticize what they read, they don’t filter what’s going through their heads , they start dissociating from reality and building their own little corner ,
        and then they proudly call themselves readers, make fun of people who dont read while in fact their alleged reading didn’t do them any good .. no lessons to be learned except that love conquers all.. now before you attack i’m not against love.. its just there are many things I’d like to see people read

        alot of kuwaities read
        but only few of them actually read something useful like religion, science, biography, politics, etc

        the rest 90% couldn’t go beyond the romance fiction shelf in the library.. and with all due respect , those are not readers..

        ما كل من ركب على الخيل خيال 🙂


        • Posted by danderma on November 4, 2010 at 11:08 PM

          why do you think i will attack 🙂

          Now you have two assumptions here…
          By readers you think i am talking only about teenagers…
          and that teenagers when they do read they do all have the same mentality and reaction to what they read…

          I have seen teenagers read things that are not novels. I have been a teenager once. I have lived amongst teenagers. I have seen teenagers read romance and non romance novels. Not all teenagers swoon at love stories and fill their heads with non sense… and frankly i would be happier watching a teenager cooped up with a novel at home instead of spending her time looking at her reflection in the mirror and then going to the Avenues sporting her chanel and parading it around while feeling content with the number of guys who follow her…

          as for your point of view that people who do not make it past the romance fiction shelf are not readers… well i beg to differ… but you are free to think that way and i am free to think otherwise 🙂


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