La y6oofkom: The Historical, Vintage, Classic and Cars Museum in Q8!

What are you doing this weekend? Nothing new? Same old same old? I have got just the place for you!

Earlier this week my husband was telling me about a newly opened historical cars museum in Q8 and insisted that we pass by. I thought to my self “How many Historical Cars in Q8 are there anyways? and how far do they go back?” … i thought there would be 2 3 cars maybe and all dating back to the 40’s or something. Little did i know that i would be blown away by those cars…

The museum is not very big. It’s basically two parts: An outdoors parking with many many historical cars parked and a building with more cars inside.  I will start from the inside… at the entrance you see an old motorbike used by the police in the 1950’s if memory serves me right…

Then comes two very cute cars… this is the first one

and then this very very VERY tiny very cute BMW… i fell in love instantly!!! It’s smaller than a smart car and much cuter than a mini! Why don’t they sell these anymore?! I want one shloon?

This old early 1900’s car is amazing! Check out the wicker basket at the back… y3ni Dabba! How cute 😀

Another old and huge car… i think it dates back to 1912

James Bond’s Aston Martin from one of his movies…

Yes the real thing…

My 2nd favorite car in the museum… this amazing blue Mercedes ❤

More and more cars…

Signing the museum book…

Now the outdoors parking part…

A cart for munchies…

Sadly the flashlights made it very hard to take decent pictures outdoors but you get the idea…

Directions to the Museum

and last but not least… the Museum’s opening hours…

So now that you have seen a glimpse of the museum and you have the weekend upon you… i highly recommend that you give it a visit and soak up on the loveliness of those old cars 🙂

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9 responses to this post.

  1. wanaaasaaa !! never knew we have such place !!!


  2. Oh Wow!!! It looks amazing and I know my boys will enjoy it 😉 Thanks for Sharing!! :***


  3. someone is a lefty 😉


  4. ooh interesting! I know my dad will love it…must tell him! Thanks 🙂


  5. allllaaaaaaah :D:D:D

    i didnt know this existed!! totally chedcking it out! 7adda 3ajeeb!! 😀


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