Where to buy *Fake* Designer Items in Q8…

I heard about this store a while back. Tucked away in the basements of the Old Souk of Kuwait in Mubarkiya is a little stand that sells grade one replicas of designer bags, wallets, belts, shoes, rings, watches, bracelets, and so much more! I had to explore so i asked for directions my self… 

You drive to Mubarkiya and walk around until you see this sign

If you stand underneath the sign and turn your back to it you will see this view…

Turn back to the sign and you will see a stairway leading to the basement…

You will find your self in a basement filled with stores… walk around and look at the store numbers…

Look for store number 23

and you are there! The seller didn’t allow me to take pictures for the bags inside… specifically a yellow Hermes bag being checked by several women, well dressed women by the way… for example a 1st grade replica Chanel bag is being sold for 200 KD! Many many bags and items for sale… for example Hermes Chanel Balenciaga Mulberry Bottega and many more…

A far away shot for some of the merchandise inside…

The Cartier watch above which comes with a fake authenticity certificate is being sold at 140 KD


Care for a fake Chopard watch?

Bottega men slippers…

No wonder every one in the Avenues is proudly carrying an Hermes bag! Flocks of women went in and out of the store… the seller says that in 20 days he will be brining some more Hermes bracelets that are sold out!

Is this even allowed? Isn’t the municipality supposed to hunt those counterfeit products and destroy them? and they are not even cheap!

In any case… if you do not mind wearing counterfeit products just for the sake of looking *important* and *rich*… you know where to go… and if you do not approve… well, you know which bags and items to avoid buying especially when EVERY one is buying fake versions of them…

What do you think? Would you buy a fake bag from this store or do you think someone should stop them?


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  1. looool i loved the way you described how to get there 😛

    that’s “serdab eshaye3” and it has many many stores that i enjoy shopping at specially for Indian Makeup “karaja” o rabe3ha! but seriously? KD 200 for a fake bag? I’d buy a new one from a well know brand “original” and it wont cost that much!



  2. I HATE replicas!! Wallah its not fair! My birkin is not so special anymore :/ everyone is carrying one, o after this post akeed not all of them are original :/


    • Posted by danderma on October 19, 2010 at 10:51 AM

      So not fair. You would go and spend all that money only for people to accuse you it’s a fake if they feel like it or regard the one with the fake berkin as authentic if they feel like it… what a mess


  3. Posted by sarona on October 18, 2010 at 11:52 PM

    In the past it used to annoy me that I’d drop 400/500 kd for a bag and find someone carrying a replica with pride. But now I’m way past that point, now I buy high end bags for me, I know it’s a good investment that will last me a long time and even would pass to my daughters someday enshalla. Same thing goes for replica anything, it’s all about quality even if looks 100% the same they don’t call them fake for nothing =)


    • Posted by danderma on October 19, 2010 at 10:52 AM

      In my case i tend to carry items or bags that are hard to forge or simply is amazing but hard to identify… i agree they don’t call them fake for nothing…


  4. This is so not fair ,,, wayed wayed a7tar lama ashoof my watch or bag labsathaa wa7daa ma teswaa bayzaa oo ana daf3aaa mabla`3 wa 8adraa for the same thing ,,,
    Btw eshtkayt 3ala hal ma7al 3nd chopard oo galowlee beysakroonaa cuz selling fake stuff is illegal bs shaklaa 9aa7b el ma7al sha59 mohem cuz ma 9aar shay,,,,

    ya mel8ch laish dalaytay el nass el ma7al ,,, al7een more hailag eb yalbooon menaa :(:(:(


    • Posted by danderma on October 19, 2010 at 10:55 AM

      This is the problem. People must undersand inah one’s value o worth is not by how expensive or seemingly expensive his clothes o watch o clothes are!!!

      Haw you already complained and no one did anything?!!! esh hal 7ala!

      Loool 3la laish daialyt.hom… bel 3x chood yeste7oon o yhawnoon 3n il roo7a laman yeshofon inah their secret supply store is exposed!!! Eshda3wa 3ad ma yedelonah il nass while i was there i saw TONS of women!


  5. hate that , and by the way tra fe girls yalbsoon 3abaya and negab so know one will know them !! leesh enshalah aswee b3mree chthee ?? 3ashan akshakh bas ?? enzeen 200 kd 3la fake bag ?? ashtree shay ykoon a9lan rkhe9 uch as mark by mark jacobs or any brand

    alaah ykhaleech ana b lebnan en9dmt elkil labes el love braclet l geet el store o shft feh bnat q8yat kanaw wayed kashkha bl jam3a kanaw ma yklmone cuz ana mo mstwa-hom one of them shaftne o ana ga3da a9wer mn barra chan t6l3 tsalem o tgool ee ga3deen neshtree 7ag khadmna !!!

    bas in the other i guess we can`t blame them mojtam3na ya7km 3la elshakel wel wa7ed mo mla7eg , o shay thane waayed brands fet7aw ma9ane3 bl9en so akeed ra7 y9eer fe fake


    • Posted by danderma on October 19, 2010 at 10:58 AM

      Ma sheft 3baya o neqab… sheft.hom ashkara kashkheen o yayeen o yet6ameshoon 3la il jnaa6 o china il 3eed!!!

      Aham shay ele yesharoon il fake bracelets for their khadam!!! Why didn’t you post about that store before?

      La we can blame them. El mojtama3 mino? ana o intay o ehee o ohoo… laman ele ma 3ndah yestathbe7 o yesawee nafsah 3ndah hathee moshkila 3ndena… ma a9eer khoosh admiya ella etha shelt berkin? o eb9ara7a a person who would judge me for not carrying a berkin o would rather see me carry a fake instead of not carrying one at all is not someone i would care to interact with… period.


  6. Posted by enigma on October 19, 2010 at 1:38 AM

    bas yebayen il fake??

    madry, i think they should be stopped..


  7. hehehe fake 140 kd
    wallah ma 3ndhohom salfa
    ana sm3t enna hermes fake eb 500@@
    GOD buy a Gucci instead

    marra shft om o banat’ha kel wa7da hermes loon a5af a9leyeen 3ad

    by the way
    marra w7da mn l banat who i like her style i feel like she spend 2000 minimum monthly on designers bags shoes,,,etc
    galoly enha mix l a9ly wel tqleed! like she buy authentic bag with fake belt or wallet so no one will have doubt!!


    • Posted by danderma on October 19, 2010 at 10:59 AM

      loool etwafer el bnaya… khosh 7ekma iqte9adiya…
      i believe in the saying “elle ma3ndoosh ma yelzamoosh” … esh hal sakhafa ele e7na 3aysheen feha?!


  8. Posted by Q80BOY on October 19, 2010 at 3:15 PM


    a fake authentication certificate .. thats EPIC!! Never knew you can have fake and authentic in the same sentence 😛

    our society is funny .. i beleive in the following saying مد ريولك على قد الحافك .. if its too expensive i dont think about it .. end of story .. but to buy a fake .. you just undermine your self! lesh agu9 3ala nafsi?


  9. this is sick :/, Well I think if I carried a replica ymken amshy o af’6a7 nafsey iney shayla fake!
    Laish yuba mu ela marka shfeeh topshop o ninewest? 😛


    • Posted by danderma on October 20, 2010 at 10:46 AM

      khalee topshop o ninewest … eshfeha jan6a ib 200 300 400 o even 500 min any desginer? ella fog el 1000 yalla et9eer khashkha?


  10. Posted by noora on October 19, 2010 at 5:57 PM

    danderma qolai hatha in basement bil mbarekeya o0 mad3oos o0 7alta 7ala…
    eshrayech ina AL-Fares jewellery sell replicas of Van Cleef necklaces, bracelets, earings etc… hatha qeer LOVE bracelets by Cartier, Chopard and DAMIANI O_o !!!
    sara7a hilarious XD


  11. I can’t believe people are obsessed this much.. I love bags but to pay 200 for a fake?? I prefer to buy a less expensive original bag.. ma3indi mo lazem!

    I really don’t care if I see everyone carrying the same bag or wearing the same watch i have really, fake or no fake because I know what I have so it doesn’t matter to me. What i don’t understand is how people go to this level just so they prove to others “Look what I have”.

    I am all for stopping these shops not because tinba6 chabdi if others are wearing a fake of the same watch or bag i have but because it is not fair to the brands!


    • Posted by danderma on October 20, 2010 at 10:48 AM

      Obsessed and think they cannot be respected unless they carry or wear the most expensive item there is on the market… it’s really sad wallah!


  12. Posted by LadyCay on October 20, 2010 at 9:41 AM

    Et9adgeen ams 7almana ena i was carrying one of my chanel bags and someone is telling me why did u buy this bag there are so many fakes like it, loool, from ur post.
    3agadteena wallah ya Danderma, i hate it when people do that, 3afia what does it mean to carry a fake, someone ones told me that she carries a fake just to tease the one who carry real ones, that’s nonsense.
    So many shallow people around us.


    • Posted by danderma on October 20, 2010 at 10:48 AM

      LoooooL i made it to your dreams :p

      Aham shay the girl who carries a fake bag to tease ppl! Masha2 Allah theqa :p


  13. Lol th8at lkuwaityat ”ilksh5a” shay thany, about 4 months ago I walked into a Chanel store with a friend who was carrying a FAKE Chanel bag (I know bayen). Oo b3ad this other girl I know is like lala I never wear fakes and then I see her walking out of a fake bags/watches store in lebanon.

    and 200 KD for a fake Chanel? 9a7yn ilnas?? Chanels cost min 700-900 oo 6al3. Why not save that way it will be worth even more in the long run.

    Shay y7r when u pay only to find someone else wearing a replica bought at the fraction of the price!


    • Posted by danderma on October 21, 2010 at 11:12 AM

      200 KD for a fake chanel imagine. walla b3d lo 10 KD gelna ma3thoreen… eshda3wa!

      Lool theqa masha2 Allah carrying el fake chanel into the chanel store!!!

      They say ako in lebanon a fake loubies maker b3d !!!


  14. i hate that pl r allowed to sell fakes!

    aslan 3/4 ele etshofeenhum shayleen designer had visited thailand or china for fakes.

    i hate fake crap and wouldnt be caught dead carryn one !


  15. […] week Danderma posted about this hidden place in Kuwait City that sold fake designer items. She was surprised to why the place hadn’t been […]


  16. Posted by miszbuf10 on October 25, 2010 at 7:27 AM

    is this the same place that is pictured on Mark’s blog?


    • Posted by danderma on October 25, 2010 at 9:13 AM

      No it’s not. This is in Mubarkiya Souq and they sell first degree fakes.


      • Posted by miszbuf10 on October 25, 2010 at 12:17 PM

        well i was in Salmiya the other day and not only do they sell fake bags there but now the have a whole store dedicated to fake Hermes and Cartier jewelry and accessories.
        my younger sisters in law like to buy the fakes, but theyre young and want to be trendy, where is the the place on Marks blog?


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