Would you drink 7leeb Khalafat?

I was driving around the “Aswaq AlQurain” area when i saw a little store with faces of camels on it… we drove closer and written on the window it says “Laban Khalafat – Laban Ma3ez – Laban Baqar” and a those lovely camels smiling at you… beckoning you to come forward…

Now what on earth is Laban Khalafat? Khalafat shino? I am taking a wild guess here and saying it might be a female camel? If so… although i heard it’s filled with amazing nutritiounts etc. etc. … i would not NOT NOT NOT drink one drop of it :S I don’t know why but it makes my stomach flip… same goes for goat’s milk…

Do you know what khalafat means? Would you try Khalafat milk??? If you already do, now you know where to get their products i supposed…


5 responses to this post.

  1. Khalfat is young female camel, actually their milk is somehow sweet and tasty let alone the nutritional benefits. I have a subscription with them for 1 liter of khalfat milk per week. you have to try it !


  2. did you try the chocolate made with camel milk? Al Nasma?


  3. looool.. omg..
    looool.. chocolate with camel milk?

    lool.. that is too weird


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