New La Vache Qui Rit Triangule Flavors!

Now this is something i am willing to try! Three new La Vache Qui Rit triangular cheese flavors are available in Q8: Green Olives, Bar B Q, and Chilli Peppers! I am happy to try the green olives one not the chilli and bar b q flavors…

Have you tried any of the flavors above? If you did, what’s the verdict?

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  1. never tried them, first time i hear of them actually. im pretty sure the olives one would be amazing, let us know if you try them!


  2. The green olives looks promising! I once tried Babybel cheese with green olives it was soo good but I couldn’t find it in Kuwait :/


  3. Posted by Summer on October 8, 2010 at 10:39 AM

    I bet the one with olives taste good! 😀


  4. oooooooooooh, dunno how I feel about this…… bbq…hmm.. dunno, couldn’t possible imagine eating soft cheese that tastes like bbq, that’s just wrong…the olive I could probably try tho..


  5. I just noticed that they have three new flavors of (La Vache Qui Rit) here in the US too but chna mlot al Kuwait a7la
    the ones we have here are:
    1) Mozzarella
    2) Chipotle
    3) Blue cheese
    and I don’t get why they don’t keep them in the refrigerated section?! Shouldn’t all dairy products be stored in cool places? Especially this type of creamy cheese :S


    • Posted by danderma on October 11, 2010 at 9:40 AM

      Ee i noticed in Q8 and the middle east they keep the triangular cheese in the refregirated section but in Europe they keep it on the shelves. Kiri is refrigerated but the triangular cheese is not. I guess it’s processed to be long life cheese just like the long life milk….


  6. It looks good.. I am going to have it for breakfast this friday.


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