The House of Ettiquette’s Eidiya :D

I meant to publish this post in the very early days of Eid but then my life was jumbled up with my travel and my illness therefore i couldn’t 😦 I realize i didn’t even say thank you properly either which i guess why i should begin taking some ettiquette lessons to be frank to fix my rudeness!

Right before Eid i recieved this lovely elegant box from The House of Ettiquette as an early Eidiya… I loved every thing about the tiny compact elegant powder blue box!

 From the way it closed and opened to the two chocolate lollipops inside from Chocolate Bar along with their upcoming class schedules, everything about this box was classy… or as we say in Q8… Nazaka!

I took the two chocolate pops with me on the plane and i ate one as a compensation for the horrible plane food to cheer me up! They came in the nick of time as well as i had boarded the plane the very next morning…

Thank you very much The House of Ettiquette for the lovely Eidiya which i have enjoyed very very much indeed. I do sincerely apologize for the late thank you… O kil 3am o intaw ib khair 😀

To know more about The House of Ettiquette’s services and program schedules please visit their website here or their facebook page here

2 responses to this post.

  1. I read about ‘The House of Etiquette’ some time ago…not sure what I think about this.

    If parents bring their kids up with the right morals, values and manners, surely we don’t need something like this…………


    • Posted by danderma on October 5, 2010 at 11:12 PM

      There is only so much a parent can teach a child. Parents are not perfect and do not know every thing there is to teach, especially now a days when parents are too busy perusing their lives to actually raise their children. Take a look around you and tell me how many young and old adults alike are in dire need for the basics of etiquette? In malls, restaurants, work, shops, streets, queues, hospitals, schools… etc. etc.
      House of Etiquette is like a finishing school for both kids and children alike. I for one wouldn’t mind getting some etiquette lessons especially considering the current status of society


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