Highly Recommended: Kinder Choco Fresh <3

If you are a fan of Kinder and you have not tried the Kinder Choco fresh, let me tell you that you are missing out on a LOT! Before the opening of Carrefour in Q8 i used to bring boxes of this Kinder Fresh from Lebanon whenever i went there… i just cannot have enough of it! Once the Check in Lady at the Lebanese Airport gave me a lecture on how adults are not allowed to eat chocolate when she opened my hand bag and saw my stash!

Anyways it’s now available in both Carrefour and TSC… maybe even in Lulu Hypermarket. Why is it good? The shell of the bar is a thin kinder chocolate which we all know how good it tastes. Then it’s filled with fresh sweet fluffly light cream and a little hazelnut thingy in the bottom… the combination is just TORTURE! You take a bite and the cream will give away to tiny happy bubbles -it’s not heavy cream more like very light whipped cream- and then the hazelnut taste will come through… it’s like… drinking a frothy hazelnut kinder mocha or something! HIGHLY Recommended to any chocoholic out there! What are you waiting for?!


5 responses to this post.

  1. hatha the hippi? ako wa7ed thany 3ala hippos ynba3 singles , LATHEEEETH


  2. i loveeee kinder..its one of my fav chocolates!!! im gona get them sooooon!! 🙂


  3. jarabtaaaaaaaaah , 3ajeeeeeeeeb , loved the hazelnut flavor
    legeta ib sul6an


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