My New Teeny Tiny Ipod Nano <3

I was in the Apple store waiting for my husband to ask about the Iphone 4 -which was out of stock- and i was bored out of my mind. You see i am not a fan of Apple or it’s creations. So they have Ipods and Iphones and whatever else… i already had an Ipod circa 2007 and i was quite content with it thank you very much. Still bored, i wandered around and my eyes fell on this little fella…

I picked it up and played with it a bit… it was quite different from my huge old Ipod and very very cute! The touch screen color display was whirring underneath my finger tips… It had radio and a place for pictures and even something called Genius that apparently makes a mix of your songs for you…

Plus it is really tiny! Very light! like a little matchbox in your palm! It was priced at £129 for the 8 GB -before the VAT- ! Quite cheap considering the market prices now adays. Alas… like the Iphone 4, it was out of stock the moment it arrived 😦 I left the store very sad that day!

Then one day out of the blue, i was in the Apple store again, dragged there more like it… i just asked if it was in stock and they said to go to the cashier and i might just get one of the few ones left in stock! The line was long and everyone was buying the Ipod Nano… by the time i made it there were only 3 Ipod Nanos left in stock, all 8 GB, one blue, one pink, and one orange! I took the orange one and i was really happy! The box was so tiny as you can see in the picture, i could simply put it in my pocket and leave with it!

Unboxing it was another happy experience. You can’t believe how light, tiny, and compact it is! It was almost like something from outer space or lego land or something… very futeristic!

I am not sure if they are selling it in Kuwait or not yet. But if they do it is totally worth it. It goes with me wherever i go. Apparently you can wear it as a watch which i am going to experiment with next. and if i am to describe it in one word… i would go with CUTE!

For more technical details about it check out the Ipod Nano page here

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  1. Posted by Q80BOY on October 4, 2010 at 10:16 AM

    congrats on ur cute ipod! Girls are wearing them on their hair as well!!

    oh and about the iPhone .. their prices have reduced in Kuwait (not as cheap as the UK) but at least theyre in stock!


  2. Congrats babes I’ve got the Red 16GB model 😀 Hehehe and my little sister has her Pink one she wears it on her headband 😛 It’s fun!

    I think she started the fad LOL!

    I’ve got a cute picture of her doing that 😛

    P.S. Where is my DATHRA POST!


  3. WAIT! You’re an A-HA fan?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So am I !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Morten ❤


  4. Posted by Vince on October 5, 2010 at 6:15 PM

    Try this watch case for the Nano: I got one and it fits and looks great!


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