To the Lovely FourMe <3

By the time you read this post, most of you would have heard of FourMe if you do not know her already via her blog or twitter account.

and if you have heard of 4y, or known her, you might imagine the amount of horrible pain that rolls over her in huge waves and engulfs her for days. Especially after her chemo days. But how good is that imagination? After all we are all young and healthy… no one can imagine that a 29 years old might suffer that much… especially if you have never seen the pain of cancer patients before.

The good news is, her ordeal is almost over. Almost as in she has 2 more chemo’s to go! The lovely 4y made it through 10 already and there are 2 more to go… 2 is just a number to me and you… but to 4y it’s hours of endless pain and days of feeling sick afterwards… what gets her through her pain is the support and prayers of people. Any prayer for her, any word of encouragement on her blog or on twitter  means a great deal for the lovely 4y and will help her pass the finish line with flying colors :*

and my dear 4y… don’t you go cheating on me eating ice cream with someone else :p I owe you one chocolate massacre… this time it’s on me 😉

P.S. Thank you Yours Truely from Chill Pill Box Blog  :*


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  1. Thanks danderma for posting this :* alla yesma3 men kel elly yad3y laha nshalla 🙂


  2. ameeen ya rab! wana barge9laha bel ma6ar b3d awal materj3 edeera nshallah :*


  3. wooow mashalah mashalah thanks for posting that 🙂


  4. :* atfaham ma3ach ba3dain 3ala hal post

    Loool swera 3abdo! Lovin the name :p

    7aram 3alaich now am cravin the ice cream :/ ta3alay wadeeeeeeniiiiiiiiiiii ASAP!


  5. you both cheated on me by eating ice cream :@ im not talking to you both :@



  6. Posted by Kinz on October 1, 2010 at 11:10 AM

    Thank you Danderma for posting a reminder about FourMe, I wish I could reach her and let her know that her posts mean so much and help give people who have lesser problems gain some perspective. I cannot imagine the extreme trial her poor body is going through but I would hope that she is soon beyond these treatments and on her way to healing. I would definitely encourage her to write her book, I would think diary entries are a good way to do this and I wouldn’t try to overly edit her posts. Many times the best version of writing is the first one. May Allah bring her health and happiness.



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