I miss Eid :`(

I know Eid comes around every year… Now adays Eid is just another day for me…

I miss Eid like it used to be. I miss what Eid used to mean to us, what it represented back in the days. I miss anticipating Eid and the thrill that would consume me whenever i thought Eid was coming.

I miss my mother driving us around with our aunts from store to store, looking for Eid Dresses, finding that perfect ruffled Eid dress and feeling so happy you can fly.

I miss the aftermath, searching for perfect matching shoes, socks, tiny little bag and purse, perfect head band, perfect scrunchy or shaba9a or whatever that was to go in our hair… the process would take up the entire month of Ramadan as my mom had 3 girls to dress up. Thanks to my mother, we were always the BEST dressed children in any Eid, no one can rival my mothers style. and i am suspecting my mother and aunts competed on whose children were dressed the best :p

I miss My mother singing “El 3eed Hal Ehlalah” on the night before Eid while she used the fair “curling iron” to straighten my kesha. She only used it on my hair for Eid. I always remember the nights before Eid, sheer happiness and in ability to sleep in anticipation of the glorious day to come.

I miss the Eid mornings. My father having his Eid Breakfast and my mother flying around from one room to another trying to get us ready in time. We would dress in those lovely dresses and wear everything that went along with it… then we would stand in line by my mothers dressing table, she would put the gold bracelets and earrings and belts and ankelets and rings and necklace… then she would do our hair and put on our makeup. We always wore makeup for Eid… always lip stick, two round patches of blush, and some kohl.

I miss piling up in the car… the ruffles in our dresses taking up space and poking at us… there is something about those mornings when you first step out… something in the air that is happy and lovely… i miss my father driving us from house to house… i miss speculating on who will we see in the next house we go into… i miss making my entrance like a tiny little princess and every one cooing over me, my beauty, my dress and then handing me my Eidiya… a lovely green or blue bank note -10 KD were green, 5 KD were blue-

I miss stuffing my little bag with money, applying the rules of mathematics on them and counting how much did i get… my eyes going $_$ in the process… i miss my little plans to buy all the Barbies in the world with those money… throw in a couple of  MSX games… i remember some adults saying don’t count your money or you will lose some. To those adults i would now say Shako itkhar3oona? I always counted them nevertheless… i didn’t care…

I miss standing in circles with other children and declaring how much each of us has… hmm… my cousins who are mean always started before us so they would always have much more money and they would always always taunt me… scratch that i don’t miss that…

and what i miss the most… Na7no Wal A6fal… fighting the crowds to get there… flying around the shelves trying to locate the items from the catalog delivered a week ago for our sheer excitement… then going wild and buying everything our money would get us… my parents setting limits for us and making us return half the items-Drat- … us returning home and assembling/playing with our toys till we pass out from excitement… how lovely life was back then… how the simplest things would make us over the moon happy…

Now Eid for me means absolutely nothing except the ability to eat breakfast in the morning and tons of traffic. I truely miss the days when Eid felt like Eid… Does Eid still mean something to you?


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  1. ohhh memories 😦


  2. Posted by noora on August 30, 2010 at 2:53 PM

    I miss Eid 2 😦 
    my aunt got sick 8 yrs ago, she and my other aunts dont spend that much time in q8 since her treatment is abroad. She’s a photographer 🙂 
    eid would end with tons of pics taken by her for each family; parents and their kids 
    she’s travelling nxt wk back there …

    and now add to the morning round list a couple or more houses and ppl I dont even know! hubby’s family ;s ma3arifhum ag3ad asolif m3 mino !!!


    • Posted by danderma on August 30, 2010 at 5:04 PM

      w3liya Allah yeshafeha insah2 Allah 😦

      Ever since i got married i never spent an Eid in Q8… i suppose it would be awkward going to strange people’s houses. When we go for the begining of Ramadan i usually keep silent… mali kholg at7acha shagool o asolif wya minoo 3la gooltich 😦

      ham hal ayam 3adi jedan ayeech 3eed o kil min imsafer… y3ni you would have no place to go to…


  3. I couldn’t have said it better.. the good days of Eid are long gone 😦 If only I could let my children experience a mere half of what we experienced :s


    • Posted by danderma on August 30, 2010 at 5:06 PM

      I feel that even now adays the kids cannot feel the same excitement towards eid like we did madry laish? What happened? What changed?


  4. Now eid is a family lunch in the avenues and a visit to grandma .. and as u said TRAFFIC!! I wish I lived those old days .. there was like an Argos catalogue??


    • Posted by danderma on August 31, 2010 at 2:29 PM

      La not as big as an argos catalouge… every Ramadan or Before 3eed El Ath7a we would recieve a little white catalouge maybe 20 pages with pictures of new toys on them, i am not sure if the prices are included but we used to pour over that little booklet and imagining out selves buying the toys… it was the best feeling ever :’)

      3la ayamkom garada mako shay… Allahoma fantasy world. I used to take my siblings and cousins there during Eid but eyeeb li il qamet. I feel the toys chinhom chinese madry laish…


  5. I wonder if the kids in this generation enjoy Eid as much as we did way back then. I remember EVERYTHING had to be new, and we loved our new pretty outfits they were special and different than our normal day to day outfits.
    My dad used to take all of the kids to “Kids R US” (Na7nu wal A6fal? or is it Na7nu AlA6fal?) man the tons of toys we bought! I still have them!! hehe good ol days 🙂


    • Posted by danderma on August 31, 2010 at 2:46 PM

      La kan ismah na7no wal a6fal … madry laish el translation magloob?

      I don’t think thery enjoy it as much… they have every thing readily available… i am surprised there is anything that excites them anymore!


  6. It doesn’t mean anything to me either 😦 1 reason is after my grandmother passed away, its not the same anymore.. second I’ve lived away for too long now it’s a day like everyday.. my kids go to school if it’s during the week and we don’t dress up anymore.. when ppl tell me they are trying to find an Eid outfit I am like Shakhbari!!

    But I think in Kuwait it’s the same for everyone because now el kil esafer! Leesh? before everyone was there during Eid and now people can’t wait to get away! Some of them i suspect travel to avoid the visiting.. Sad!

    I miss na7no wal a6fal I knew you were going to mention that heheh ..

    I think because kids have too much and everything, khalas mako excitement over Eid to get money anymore because they get things all year round.. Before we used to save to buy things.. I don’t remember asking and whining over a toy or something I want..


    • Posted by danderma on August 31, 2010 at 2:46 PM

      Ee laman grandparents pass away and their kids scatter its sad… one less buzzing household to visit …

      School? School?! they go to schoool?!


  7. Posted by Summer on August 30, 2010 at 9:52 PM

    It means nothing like it used to. Its very said how nothing is special during Eid. Its the same thing every year, except as kids we don’t realize that.. money meant something.. now we’re given an allowance every month so that extra money means nothing..


  8. Unfortunately, Eid has never meant much. As far as I can remember I only spent Eid once in kuwait and it was exactly the way you described it-I was eight. The rest of my Eids were spent abroad mostly during school days doing tedious school work. I used to beg my parents to skip school annnnnd they always refused.


    • Posted by danderma on August 31, 2010 at 2:48 PM

      Schoool? whats with people and school during eid? this is the 2nd comment i get where kids abroad go to school during eid 😦


  9. Posted by f7ee7eely on August 31, 2010 at 2:34 AM

    member alwaleed toy store in old salmiya ?:PP


    • Posted by danderma on August 31, 2010 at 2:48 PM

      I remember el sanafer wel shanakel ele we used to buy from there o il baskin robbins ele yamah… o el 3alamiya for MSX 😀


  10. I still wear everything new to Eid… including my PJs the night before! I cant give this up!
    We still have breakfast as a family all together…


    • Posted by danderma on August 31, 2010 at 2:49 PM

      I travel during eid now so no family breakfasts and no new anything…
      NEw PJ’s ? I like that idea 😀


  11. Eid will always be special if u put effort into it. With my kids I always tell them stories about how eid used to be for us, and force them and myself to get excited. Starting with henna to salon to dresses.

    Nowadays everything requires effort. And we owe it to our kids to try hard and show them what it should be like.. Wela Allah e3een the coming generations.


    • Posted by danderma on August 31, 2010 at 2:49 PM

      Ee laish 3ad everything requires effort laish.. why doesnt it come naturally like the good old days :`(


  12. Posted by Nancy A on August 31, 2010 at 1:55 PM

    Well said…mom used to straighten my hair, pile on the jewelry and you are right, the air had a crisp/spark feel to it. Nowadays my daughter is used to eating out, new clothes, toys etc. Heck we do that every weekend. I thought it was just us in our family who were feeling nostalgic for the good old days, the days before loved ones passed away. Apparently the feeling is everywhere.


  13. i miss those 3eeds too! my mom used to take me to salon the night before and we would do our hair together. kina neg3ad yom el3eed n9aly el fajr, then have bfast oo b3dain nro7 n9aly el3eed. then we would come back and wear our new pjs and sleep for a couple of hours. then we’d go to my grandmothers place for family lunch oo 3ayady..oo nejra m3 my cousins elbanat oo le9bayan ygolonly heeeey shaklich elyom bnaya oo y6anazon 3ly and i would still beat them up with my big ruffled dress ;p b3dain 3ugb el3esha nroo7 hatha share3 el al3ab eli b sharg (eli ana lail7en ma3arf esma) oo neshtery al3aaaaaaaab as much as our money can buy! 😀 b3dain nred bait yadity oo kil wa7id yred baita 🙂

    good times wallah 🙂

    we havent done that since my grandmother passed away back in 1994…i havent seen my cousins in years (and its usually in 3azas mo 3eeds lol) i havent bought new 3eed clothes in years now cz omi allah ysami7ha tgoly ‘kbarty 3la halswalef’ oo ‘we dont even go anywhere to get something special for 3eed’ oo she totally killed watever was left of my 3eed spirit, and now 3eed has become (on a good 3eed) a family lunch, bas even that is not a regualr thing anymore oo y9er only every once in a while :S

    7asafa wallah…

    wow…i actually ended up in tears by the end of the comment 😦

    such beautiful memories that are now just that…memories 😦


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