Ma Taboon Etrakbon 3achayef?

I saw this ad in Alwasee6 the other day! I never knew hair extensions can have their very own salon?! I also found another one…

Now a head full of extensions would be a nice change from the usual routine… kila sha3ar salabe7 or curly kisha… o ya highlight emkha6a6 ya aswad… maleet…  am i the only one who is intrigued by the concept of 3achayef now? Last year i wanted a pink dye… chini now wedi 3achayef? Eshraykom?

By the way gabel la itchaykon 3la your crops ib farmville… shraykom you Like my recipe on the VIVA competition facebook page? Eshda3wa ya 7afeth il nass lel nass! To vote first like the viva page by clicking here then like my recipes here and  here… Thank You 😀


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  1. WOW !!!!



  2. i tried it before ;p it looked pretty good too haha ;p

    one of my friends mara did this thing mara…kan sha3erha brown oo 6weel mdaraj…so she dyed it black…oo b3dain el a6raf she dyed them kind of like a spectrum…the ones closest to the face kanaw caramelish then the blended into a turqouisy green to purple and then finally the bottom of her hair kan blue…i know that kinda seems hard to swallow oo wai3, but it really really looked amazing when you saw it ;p

    bas the problem was after a few washes, it all turned ORANGEEE! (t3arfen chenich you had 7ena on your hair then dyed it blonde)…it looked disgusting ;p another stylist told her ena it wasnt a problem with the style itself, but ena that 9alon had apparently used some crappy cheap dye ;p ya3ny etha a7ad msawy eb dye san3a chan ma galab chithy ;p


    • Posted by danderma on August 23, 2010 at 10:30 AM

      AUUUGH spectrum! 3jbneee!
      3jbne 3jbneeee!!!! ❤

      I will look into it! Ashof mino yertha yesawele ayaha bel q8… 3ad ihne id3al kila yetfalsefon… i once had my hair highlighted with both red o blonde o sawolee salfaaaa bs 6l3 ayanin… o 3ogob kil wa7da etsashwer li sha3ri ta36ene il two cents malot.ha 3la il two colors… shino mo3jeza?

      Ma sawaitah again dar2a lel 7anna…

      btw. love your experimenting!


      • afa 3laich bas ;p ana al3ab eb sha3ry li3b ;p one day ra7 y6ee7 killa mn kithr eli asaweh feh elmaskeen ;p bas ma7ib al3ab with dyes wayed cz i like its color, bas other than that, kilshay emsawya feh loool ;p
        oo 3la 6ary elpink, tara mara sawait sha3ry blue ;p if you wanna go for the pink, fe dyes ybe3onhom bl jam3iya eli they last 2-3 washes….thats the one i used…its nice for a change oo at the same time, they’re like a good test-drive before you do anything permenant 😉


  3. My hair is falling so much I’m thinking of shaving it off!!! But…how to hide the fact from my hubby??
    I’m thiniking of adding extentions… I tried some clip ons few weeks looks good for a little change and you can always remove them when you are tired of it 😉


  4. interesting idea …


  5. Haha!! Dear, you should watch “Good Hair” it’s all about extensions salon’s and weird history!
    I really didn’t know anything about it before watching it LOL el9ara7a I recommend u watch it it’s really interesting : D

    Never like extensions probably cuz of the “unreal” matter and that it’s 7aram hehe
    But if ur talking bout trying lady gaga/funky pink/colorful wigs then kudo’s in havng fun!!


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