Do or Don’t: Futoor in a Restaurant?

So many people i know do not mind going out for Futoor. I have always wanted to have futoor outside my home in my 30 years of existence. I did it once. and i didn’t like it at all to be frank.

I have my futoor rituals. I have to be in comfortable clothing. I have to pray before eating anything or i wouldn’t enjoy one bite of my futoor. and i like having my family around me… sometimes rowdy and chatty, sometimes quite and solemn, depending on the mood. Then afterwards i look for the nearest couch, sprawl on it and drink something hot while watching TV and chatting with my family.

I cannot even have futoor in someone else’s home. At3asar o i want my couch and TV and peace and quite. So going out to some restaurant for futoor surrounded by a bunch of strangers and watching the food getting cold and not being able to pray at once is beyond me. But then people are doing it all the time… why can they do it while i can’t?

Do you have any futoor rituals? Do you like going out for futoor in a restaurant? Do you really enjoy your futoor there?

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  1. I hv my futoor ritual just as u said, my clothing, couch, o teme’3e6 o tesede7 o tetene7 b3d elfo6oor bs every Ramadan me n my sister go out for futoor either once or twice! we hv to do it! it breaks the routine smhow and it wouldnt hurt for just one day!

    P.S. we always pick a rest that has a mosque close to it or prayer room so we can pray 😀


  2. I dont like to go out for futoor! Its family time for me… though I sometimes go to family houses (but prefer home of course – MUCH more). Just like you… I love my rituals during Ramadan too!


  3. well i enjoy having futoor anywhere .. and i have my rituals too
    akil tamrity o ashrab elmay .. o aroo7 a9aly .. then aroo7 elma63am 🙂 sometimes ma3a elshabab o mara wa7da bas ma3a ahaly .. la’ana 9a3ba 3ala elwalda kho9o9an elkil yetyama3 3endaha 🙂


  4. lol , im actually going for fu6oor outside , well its a semi fu6oor , ill have dates n liban ,pray then hit the road and put my hands on some burger that im craving right now


  5. Like you I have my rituals… and I don’t like going to other peoples homes because ma a’7eth ra7ti…even at family homes. My house my couch… ;p
    However the first time we had a fotur at a restaurant we didn’t like it… last year we had our tamriya water soup and prayed… an hour later we went to Johnny for our meal 😉 we enjoyed ourselves 😉


  6. Posted by Q80BOY on August 19, 2010 at 2:25 PM

    no way .. i dread every friday cause we head over to grandma’s house for futoor and that’s just messed up .. different food .. kids running around .. different mosalsal!! 😛

    and restraunts are a big no no .. drink a glass of water and pray THEN itfa6ar .. o shno ibtitfa6irayn? burger wala pasta? ya tashreeba ya matfa6ar 😛


    • Posted by danderma on August 20, 2010 at 12:29 AM

      You remind me of my 14 years old self when we used to go for my grandmothers houses and have futoor… the day we go was the saddest day ever and i always used to set the VCR for my shows o amed boozy shebrain

      ah min rabe3 il tashreeba? ana 3ad atfa6ar ay shay mo moshkila…el yom metfa6ra mashed potatoes .. el tashreba is my enemy 🙂


  7. Futoor rituals are MEGA IMPORTANT, but its nice to go out once in a while..
    Its not where you eat, but who you eat it with!


    • Posted by danderma on August 20, 2010 at 12:32 AM

      True… but if i go out i won’t be with my family and Ramadan to me is spending time with my family… unless they all go with me … i might reconsider…


  8. Eb9ara7a ma a7b atf6r 3nd a7ad o ma afathel a7ad ytf6r 3ndna
    many mst3dda albs shaila o ana ebbaitna;p
    9arly chm sena atshwag atf6r barra bs i didn’t
    ana zain menny aba66l 3ainy b3d l f6or hehehe
    taqabbal Allah 9yamkm jmee3n


  9. i feel the same way..the only time i did that was when i used to study abroad, bs here i cant..i dont even enjooy atfa6ar 3ind byoot ahal..abi agoom 7ada 7ada, be in my pjs, in our everyday living room’s dinig table where our tv is nearby and loud and we get to watch tv whle eating..lama itro7en bait awadim mujamalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat o 6uqooos things good about futoor bara is for people like me who hate goin out in ramadhan and want to try a restarant bs man7ib ilza7ma, futoor time would b perfecto


    • Posted by danderma on August 20, 2010 at 12:35 AM

      eee exactly! mali kholg atbosam o ajamel… fe marrat amed bozee 3la il futoor o fe marrat ath7ak o atqashmar 7sb il mood

      lakin jdam il awadm ma a3rf asawee chithee

      a9lan ma yeswa min yro7 rest. in ramadan cause meta itro7een? 3ogob el futoor full o for su7oor you must be going really late and not every one does that… ella 3la il futoor


  10. Posted by f7ee7eely on August 19, 2010 at 8:14 PM

    A BIG NO NO !!


  11. Posted by M.A.M on August 19, 2010 at 9:05 PM

    i never had futoor at a restaurant nor at any1 elses place..since this is the only time we as a family get 2 sit all 2gether and have a meal..(i guess thats just life..some work some study abroad and every1 has a different time schedule so we never tend 2 actually share a meal)..
    after futoor as u said its all about just lying around resting and drinking a few rounds of coffee and tea!


    • Posted by danderma on August 20, 2010 at 12:31 AM

      I agree… it is guaranteed that i get to see my family members gathered around in Ramadan because any other time we all work different schedules and don’t get to meet much… totally understand 🙂


  12. Posted by mrk on August 20, 2010 at 12:46 AM
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    and this one


  13. I prefer to eat at home.. but a couple of times during the month wouldn’t hurt 🙂


  14. Posted by noora on August 20, 2010 at 2:37 AM

    yazeen il bet o0 fu6oor il bet ;**
    it’s my 2nd ramathan with my in-laws, o0 kil yom fu6oor “jama3e” o0 kil yom albes shelty wanzil ;s ams e5neqatny il 3abra wana atfa66ar :..(
    abe akil ib ra7te o0 atlathath o0 maqoom min 3asofra! hadoor restaurant … 7asha wa kalla


    • Posted by danderma on August 20, 2010 at 12:45 PM

      Kil yom kil yom?!
      May9eer yom 3ndokom yom 3ndohom?!
      yom geltay i5negtech il 3abra dama3at 3aini…i feel your frustration and i cannot imagine my ramadan being spent every day futoor jama3e :`(

      Hal door restaurant 3la gooltich 😦


  15. We are newly weds, so we have not set any rituals of our own yet. We do family gatherings twice a week but the rest of the week I attempt to cook futtoor which is almost a disaster every time (just started cooking!) so we included futtoor out in the schedule to give me and our stomaches a rest 😛


  16. Posted by Q80 In Denver on August 25, 2010 at 11:38 AM

    I’m a guy and I really find it hard to eat futoor outside my home .. I can’t imagine myself sitting at a restaurant’s table waiting for meal courses .. I always love going out for restaurants 2-3 times a week .. but in Ramadan .. it’s a different case!

    the food in Ramadan especially futoor is something we anticipate every single year .. why waste it by eating at restaurants that we can enjoy all year long?


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