Recommended: Bliss Spa Facial Mask

My sister showed me this heavenly product yesterday. A facial mask by Bliss Spa that has both Oxygen and Vitamin C, making it the perfect remedy for tired skin. In five minutes the skin becomes more radiant and so soft you.

She got it from the UK for £38 pounds and it’s totally worth it! I know there is a bliss spa in Dubai festival city but the question is, do you know if they stock Bliss Spa Product in Kuwait? They have a matching cream to the mask…


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  1. I got it last summer 2009 its great! i 3ad i was planning to buy a facial cleanser when this guy came and talked and i bought about 6 products :S and this was one of them lol


  2. Actually, the one in Dubai is at the W Hotel, which isn’t due to open till October of this year. But there is one at the W hotel, Doha. If i’m stuck here with low supplies, I just order them from amazon and get them delivered to me here using

    If you ever go to a bliss spa, try their triple oxygen facial. You’ll look at least 5 years younger, no matter what. It’s, hands on, the best facial I’ve ever had 🙂


    • Posted by danderma on August 19, 2010 at 12:43 PM

      It is? Because on their website they said Dubai Festival City…

      I always thought that you were not supposed to order cosmetics online because they wouldn’t allow them in Q8? Did you ever get into any trouble?

      I am so looking forwards to trying that facial 😀


      • Yeah, the W is in Dubai festival city, and shud open this october.

        As for ordering bliss stuff, el7mdella i never had a problem. I usually order a bunch of stuff; like my face creams, the oxygen mask, another type of mask, and body cream.

        I also know of a few friends who buy makeup from the states, and they too never had a problem shipping them here… The only thing that isn’t allowed, and i know of, are perfumes.


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