Baked: Whoopie Pies & More…

A dear friend of mine and i enjoy exchanging dessert recipes every now and then. She called me last week telling me there is a surprise for me and this time it’s “on the house”…

On the house? Oh no… not another cupcake business! God knows she is an amazing baker (and cook)… but we have enough saturation of Cupcake businesses in Q8. looks like every family has it’s designated bakery business or something.

Surprise Surprise… it was not another Cupcake business! It’s a whoopie pie business! I love whoopie pies! No other home made business does whoopie pies -to my knowledge anyways-

I read somewhere in the UK that Whoopie pies are the new style of cupcakes. They are smaller, and they are less messy to eat. In one bite you can guarantee you eat both frosting and cake and there is no need to peel anything! yet they taste like cupcakes…

When i opened the box, the sweet smell of chocolate and sugar wafted to my brain through my nostrils… i gingerly picked up a bite sized chocolate whoopie pie slathered in vanilla cream frosting, took a bite, and fell in love! It’s taste is simply divine!

The second kind of whoopie pie was the carrot cake whoopie pie!

Carrot whoopie is amazing… the right amount of sugar and spice… the perfect tiny little bite…

Carrot Whoopie comes with Cream Cheese Frosting… but if you are not a fan of cream cheese you will be happy! It has the slightest hint of cream cheese… just perfect to satisfy all tastes ❤ I need to get the recipe for that!

The third item on the box was the Peanut Butter Buttons. They are even tinier than the whoopie pies! Buttons indeed! They are sugary, peanut buttery, chocolatey, chewy, soft… AMAZING

If i want to describe it in one word… it would be Snickers! It’s like a Sophisticated more mature version of the chocolate Bar Snickers! if you like snickers you will love these buttons. Just don’t pop them like pop corn!

There was another box of … chocolate chip cookies!

They are not any old chocolate cookies… I know those cookies… i love those cookies! and now that she has decided to start selling them, i am glad! For there is not one place in Q8 that does the same… the chocolate is different… they are buttery and chewy and totally worth ruining your diet over!

couldn’t believe i was reluctant in accepting that yummy box! I should have asked for two boxes! Stupid Danderma!

The packaging and bags is not pictured here but it’s lovely as well. If you have a zwara or want something new for Ramadan to impress, just give them a call… The name? Baked… the number 97771791 or on their Facebook page (here)

Other flavors of whoopie pies include “Red Velvet Whoopie, Peanut Butter whoopie with Nutella frosting, Smores Whoopie, and Inside Out Whoopie” but they are subject to avbailability.


  • Whoopie Pies: 6 KD per 15 pies.
  • Peanut Butter Buttons: 4 KD per 16 buttons.
  • Cookies 4 KD per 12 cookies.
  • Cookie brownie chunks 4.250 KD per 12 cookies.
  • Batch of Brownies 4 KD.

Final words? Highly Recommended… i am placing an order for Ramadan so get in line people…

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10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sara on August 6, 2010 at 6:51 PM

    OMG!! Finaaally! I LOOOOOVE whoopie pies and these look delicious!
    I’ll definitely be buying some in Ramadan!
    YUM. < 3


  2. Posted by Q80BOY on August 6, 2010 at 9:06 PM

    OK these cookies look amazing! I;m craving a chocolate chip cookie now i swear!

    And Danderma please please please please (these are 4 pleases) dont DARE post food pictures before futoor during Ramadan! I’ll boycott the blog for a month 😛


    • Posted by danderma on August 6, 2010 at 11:02 PM

      dam inik craving chocolate chip cookie chan refa3t il sma3a o 6alabt. her cookies are out of this world!

      Boycott? Laish ya 7afith… inzain i will take your point into consideration 😉

      7amd Le Alah 3la il Salama by the way 😀 lovely trip?


  3. Its like you read my mind… I was craving something between a cupcake and a cake, but didn’t know what exactly until I saw your post. Thank you thank you, I think I will put in order this weekend. yummmmmyyy 🙂


  4. ive never tried them! 7aram 3alaich:( i cant eat any for a long time, bs will order some if friends come over! does it have a fb page so wecan get more info and see pictures of the other types of whoopis and contact the owner?


  5. they look delicious … mat7ooshna thwaga too?


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