Highly Recommended: Flavored Iranian Bread!

Last Summer i posted about an Iranian Tanoor in Keifan selling the most amazing Iranian bread mixed with different flavors. Sadly the municipality had forbidden it from selling “flavored” Iranian bread citing that it was not what it’s meant to do. So we lost our lovely bread.

There is another Tanoor in Mishref that sells bread with Nutella but i hadn’t been able to try it, frankly afraid the municipality would stop them again and then i would be crestfallen. Then one of Bu Tootees Relatives mentioned that they discovered a Tanoor in Shuwaikh that does AMAZING bread… of course we had to try it… so we drove there…

The Tanoor, which didn’t look too promising to me, was inside the Bakery of a market in Shuwaikh named “Souq El Meira”…  a place i usually avoid like the plaque. But now i am going to be a customer of their bakery…

There was quite a line of eager shoppers waiting for their order… here are their concotions…

We chose one Khobiz Jebn Ne3na3 and waited impatiently… the bread looked very yummy being handed out to customers… and bubbling hot!

When it was finally out turn… the bread was handed out in a paper sheet… scalding hot…

I hugged the paper sheet with my bread all the way to the car… it radiated waves of comfort and warmth to me… knowing that soon i would be eating fresh bread with oozing salty white cheese and tangy mint was making me ecstatic!

You could actually see the cheese and mint mix peeking through wholes in the bread… i had to wait though until we reached our destination 😉

See the insides of the bread? Cheese all tangy and melted… clumps of mint hanging on… that bread TASTED GOOD! So good… so VERY VERY GOOD!

I snuck that bread in my purse and went to see the Egyptian Movie “3asal Eswed” :p the perfect companion! My only regret is that i didn’t get to buy black tea from the cinema because the line was just too long and we were a bit late… so cold dark cinema, yummy strips of flavored Iranian bread, and a good movie that made us laugh! What more can we ask for? Just a cup of tea i tell you… next time insha2 Allah bs la etfatnoon 3lay 😉

Their normal bakery had white cheese fatayer…

i took one cheese fatayer to try… it wasn’t triangular… but it was good. Y3ni average fatayer not bad not amazing. The bread was awesome though.

If you want some of that lovely bread… head (or send someone) to souq al Meira, Shuwaikh… believe me it is so worth it… i wonder if Mr. Delivery can get us some for our Qraish @ work?

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18 responses to this post.

  1. Ye3t =(
    And that’s only in souq al Meira, Shuwaikh?


    ashwa , sooq ilmera is close to me , im soo going there soon inshalah
    3awafii :*

    ps: kaifan used to make 5obiz irani with date , MOOO 9IJ , but they stopped it 😦 maa 3aleh ‘6arb


  3. yala 9eba7 khair!!! I was planning to go easy on my stomach this morning ;p I want some thing light and what is the first subject I read on the blogsphere???? Flavored Bread! ;p


  4. Posted by romeya on August 3, 2010 at 11:19 AM

    yawa3teneeeeee ,, shakla mo 9ej i must give it a try ,,


  5. Posted by Lama on August 3, 2010 at 11:58 AM

    good thing i read ur post after i had my breakfast or I would have ate you 😛


  6. Oh my god it looks YUMMY! 3alaich bil 3afya!!!! 🙂


  7. Posted by UmGhanim on August 3, 2010 at 1:35 PM

    I discovered your blog yesterday at work, and went through ur old posts, i read the one about ash and nookhy, and last night i asked my husband when was the last time he had ash…..it had been years for both of us…..I forgot it existed till i read ur post…….so guess what we had for dinner………once i had the first bite i remebered how much i love love love it…..and i usually hate mushy, smelly, unidentifiable foods……..thats how good it is!!! oh with some nookhy and cumin on the side 😉


  8. yeahh dad got us some for Ramadan last year!!

    god its Ramadan already? This year flew by! 😮


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