Recommended: Activia Mango Yogurt!

I am not a big fan of Activia flavored yogurt in general, but i have seen that they have a Mango flavor in Q8 in some website. As far as i am concerned i haven’t seen any in any nearby Co-Op so i took off to TSC Salmiya to check if they stock it… and of course they did!

I took several back home with me to try… and from the first spoonful i fell head over heels in love! If you are a mango fan -alphonso mangoes in particular- you will love this divine pot of goodness with chunky mango pieces tickling your taste buds with every bite ❤

Highly Recommended! In fact i am eating one right now as we speak! And for 141 calories per pot… it’s just the perfect snack or breakfast ever ❤


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  1. I’ve tried the Strawberry one, nice and light! will try the mango soon 😉


  2. I had the strawberry one… but will give the mango a try enshallah.. sounds yummy! as I ❤ anything Mango 🙂


  3. ooo.. and welcome back… ❤


  4. since when ??? kelaa ashoof strawberries


  5. mashifta ib tsc sharg:( i love the strawberry one bas i have a feeling im gonna like this one more!


  6. I was looking for them the other day but couldn’t find any…will make a trip to TSC tomorrow.
    Thanks 😉


  7. I looove the strawberry one , i tried raspberry flavoured activia in London was really yummy and before coming home I Found another flavour which was Peach and fat free 7addah latheeth!
    Gonna try the mango soon 😉


  8. oooh shawagteenee I have to try it…usually get the strawberry 😛


  9. Flavoured activia was my breakfast in Barcelona .. try the Tropical fruits one .. im drooling now .. maybe Tesco have them 😉

    ee and i tried the Gelato .. thanks for the great reccomendation!!! i loved it .. and my sis had seconds! 😛


  10. never tried it
    I’ll try it asap 😉

    * I’ve tried “London Dairy” yogurt with mango 😉


  11. Posted by Summer on August 1, 2010 at 12:12 PM

    I love it!! much better than the original!!!


  12. me like too


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