How do you eat your Nakhi, Harees, Bajela, and Ash?

When it’s time for Eid breakfast, or if we were having a light lunch or dinner… a lovely light choice would always be to pass by the nearest Co-Op branch and to grab a white plastic box of Nakhi, Bajela, Harees, or Ash…

My all time favorite is the Nakhi. I could eat a box of Nakhi on daily basis and that would be enough to last me a life time. I love mine with hot Iranian bread… sometimes i mash my Nakhi on the bread and make a mini wrap… or dip the bread into the Nakhi water… drinking the water is also said to be a cure for a severe cough… Do you love Nakhi? How do you eat it?

Bajela, i am not a fan of, at all… to me it’s a bit tasteless… so i would often dress it up with chopped up herbs and some lemon juice to give it flavor… i would still live without  it happily… Do you like Bajela? How do you eat it?

Ash is my enemy to be frank. The smell! It makes my stomach goes in knots but every one else seems to like it… and for some reason it looked good in the picture fa there goes… Do you like Ash? How do you eat it?

Hares is my 2nd enemy… never ever eat it. I am not a fan at all… again people seem to like it so who am i to judge? Mo? Do you like Harees? How do you eat it? I see people sprinkling cinnamon sugar on top… do you do that?

What do you think? Do you like any of the above? None of the above? Have a special ritual of eating them? Please do share 😀

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  1. Ash is delicious 🙂 i eat it just like that without anything and it’s yuuuummmm yuuuummmm yuuuummm 😀 been a while actually due to my diet plan 😦


  2. I LOVE nekhiiiii!!! I mix it with lemon, cumin, parsely, shwaya chilli peppers and eat it straight, no bread no nothing :p
    I adore harees bas only made by grandma, none of the others even come close 2 hers ;p


    • Posted by danderma on July 15, 2010 at 10:39 AM

      mmm 3ejabne il mix… i will keep out the chili peppers though :p

      LooL 3lech bel 3afiya o teslam edain ur grand ma 😀


  3. Posted by shosho526 on July 15, 2010 at 10:10 AM

    Aaaaa abeee nekhiiiii .. Ely b dawam waid tharab kela yakloon men casper :@ o ana abe nekhi o chapatiii o sambosak o marat abee bo6a6 o bedeyan o falafel o fool 😦


    • Posted by danderma on July 15, 2010 at 10:40 AM


      mo bel dawam 3aaaaad tha7akteneee :p
      Ana a7eb casper but i am against eating breakfastat bel dwam in general :p


  4. Abi hareeeeeeees


  5. Posted by Zain on July 15, 2010 at 11:06 AM

    naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakhi is my bonding item with my grandparents ❤ i love it with lemon, cumin and fried onions (adri weird combo..but i love fried onions as i throw them into everything) i have mine in a tall clear glass with a gellato spoon 😛 once im done picking on the golden gems out, i sip the soupy water 😀

    i dont like it with bread or anything else, plain and simple is my way 😉

    as for the other items you mentioned, i hate bajela its just bloaty 3al fathi! not a fan of harees or ash either 😛

    in dubai to us, its not a jam3eya item its a khabaz irani item as each khabaz has a jidir nakhi, bajela and ash el 3a9er so when we pick up our bread we pick up our munchies too 😀

    ketabt maqala and not a comment 😛 sooooooooooooooowwy


    • Posted by danderma on July 15, 2010 at 11:55 AM

      7yach Allah 😀 3jbni inich u put it in a tall glass with gellato spoon… must try that… fried onion?! Really?!

      Intaw you don’t have society jam3iya like us in Q8… e7na in each area ako el Jam3iya area feha el supermarket… then far3 khabbaz irani alone… lakin yamah or around it far3 el nakhi wel bajela ham alone…

      o each jam3iya ta3awiniya in each area has branched in every block… o almost every other block feha far3 nakhi o bajella… in jabriya our far3 doesn’t have nakhi o bajela but the far3 in block 12 has the best ones even better than elfar3 mal il main jam3iya … 😀


  6. I have a Nkhi box in my fridge all the time…it is a very good snacking option when you’re hungry and want something to fill you up with out the added guilt. I eat mine with a squeeze of lemon and a tsp of grounded cumin seeds.. just love it…
    When I was pregnant I always sent for the Co-op Harees all the time…No…I don’t eat the home made one….I want the one sold at the co-op!!! actually I lived on Harees all through my pregnancy…now its been a while I haven’t had some… hmmm…is this a craving I’m feeling???
    Ash!!! I love Ash!!! Although I don’t know what goes in it….do you have any idea???
    Not a big fan of Bajela…. 😉


    • Posted by danderma on July 15, 2010 at 12:00 PM

      3ad tadreen yegolon el nakhi yematen mo mal takleen akthar min 5-7 tablespoons… but i don’t care i would rather eat nakhi than eat a huge salad

      Eshma3na Co-Op Harees? I thought people loved Harees il byoot akthar mo?

      Hmmm once i read in Crimson Gardens menu that ash is a ‘legumes soup’ but i don’t think so… it certainly doesn’t look like soup?! The smell always puts me off though :S


  7. Posted by giggles on July 15, 2010 at 12:24 PM

    i like nekhi, i sometimes eat it alone and sometimes with bread. hares on the other hand, i don’t really like.


  8. Posted by noora on July 15, 2010 at 1:12 PM

    my dad’s would be mashing il
    nakhi o adding cumin lemon juice and olive oil o eat it with 5obs erani ,, mom’s would be a bowl o nakhi with lots of its water, add za3tar and red
    rooster hot sauce
    both r yummy to me 🙂


  9. Posted by Bu Tooty on July 15, 2010 at 2:48 PM

    Ramadan is coming and hares and it’s sisters are more welcome…
    But why is there NO home Delivery for them???? Maybe because the price is cheap no one thinks it’s worth delivering?
    I should make up a business kind of stuff but with renovation of the way its presented & with a touch of secret flavor… like an old granny’s secret 😀


  10. I LOVE harees
    and we -at home- eat Nikhi by adding lemon juice + olive oil + kammoon + tiny tomato cubes YUMMMMM! Sometimes we add shredded parsley for color 😉 hahaha


  11. Posted by F6aim on July 16, 2010 at 1:33 AM

    a7la shay takleen el Aash with Labneh YUM YUM ❤ bs the aash eli fl 9oora wayed thick ow a7s ashm ree7teh mn el screen O.o .. malna shway afta7, greeny, and not THAT thick.. u add it with few spoons of fresh labneh yummy!!


  12. Posted by kinz on July 16, 2010 at 7:08 AM

    These seem to be all bean-based and Iranian in origin. We don’t see these items in Ramadan in Jeddah. We have something called Baleela which is usually chickpeas which come in their own clear water. We dress it up with cumin, lemon juice and some shredded red pickles or maybe chopped cucumber and tomato. Ful is on every table for Iftar but fixed many different ways, one is “mubkhur” where a small chunk of hot charcoal is put on a piece of foil with a little pool of oil and covered. The ful then tastes like it was smoked. Another way is just with olive oil and lemon juice and either parsley, green onions, tomatos, chili peppers or mint and cumin. My favorite is ful nabit which is sprouted ful cooked in a light fresh tomato sauce with a topping of ground beef flavored with coriander. So good with the spiced flatbread I make at home. Tastes like Arabic chili con carne! Another version of ful is ful Makkawi where onions, tomatos and green chili are fried in butter (ghee), cooked with the ful and a tablespoon of tahina and topped with more melted butter. Hubby says it’s too heavy but leftovers can be rolled into flour tortilla with shredded cheddar and some Mexican style chili powder and make a decent burrito or chimichanga. I’d try harees and ash only if it isn’t smelly. Have a problem with that for Fatur.


  13. Mmm it’s been ages since I had any of the above, I don’t like hareeeeees at all !
    and ash as well :/


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