30 Years Worth of Birthdays & Cakes!

With less than a week to my Big 3 Oh… I headed for my photo albums to see how i had celebrated my Birthday and what did i have for a cake on each and every one! My favourite so far is My first Birthday Cake shown above! It’s the most creative one… Date: July 1980, Kuwait, Grandma’s house. Big Bash apparently and i started walking on that day during my party 😀

2nd Birthday? I have no pictures and no mention of it :S Apparently i was old news …

3rd Birthday… I found this picture… it was me, my parents, and my doll only, Date: July 1983, Egypt.

My Fourth Birthday Party was also a small one with only 3 of my cousins and my aunts in my Grandma’s house. My cake was Bert from Al3alamiya 😀 Date: 1984, Kuwait

I remember Having a Lulu cake for My Fifth Birthday from 3alamiya as well… i have looked every where for that party photographs but couldn’t find any 😦 but i know my Lulu cake was the one pictured in the 3alamiya cake catalogue with my name on it back then 🙂

My 6th Birthday was with my Aunts and family friends in the Summer of 1986, Montreux, Switzerland … i remember i was sick that day 😦

My 7th Birthday was the Best! My mom decided to reserve a hotel ballroom and invite every one! I got to dress up in two different dresses and have a special Zaffa (Parade) while entering the ballroom with the cake and a Palestinian Band playing bagpipe like things behind me! Date: July 1987, Kuwait. I got soooo many presents presents that day 😀 Horrid Cake though…

My 8th Birthday was on a smaller scale… Just my family, one of my aunts, and some visiting friends… i can still taste those flake cakes though, they were yum! Date: July 1988, Brighton, UK

In 1989 my mother went to 7ajj during my birthday so we weren’t in the mood to through me a birthday party. I do remember being allowed to bite into a block of Mozzarella Cheese… something i always wanted to do but never allowed to 😀

My tenth Birthday was the last before the Iraqi Invasion, which happened 16 days later 😦 I remember my aunts and their kids attending my party and my getting a nice Playmobile red car from my father as a gift, i still have the car! I also had 2 cakes -from M&S if i am not mistaken- Date: July 1990, Brighton, UK

My 11th Birthday was the first birthday we held in Q8 after it’s Liberation! It was a small blackforest cake from Almo7aisen -only bakery open at that time- and the attendees were my siblings, my mother, and my grandmother… Date: July 1991, Freed Kuwait

1992, i saw pictures of a party at home with my family, i remember absolutely nothing about it :S Only picture of the cake was this Date: July 1992, Kuwait

1993 we were travelling, my cousin woke me up and took me for Breakfast at a nearby French Cafe then went for a cruise on the Thames. No pictures unfortunately… Date: July 1993, London

In 1994 i think we forgot all about my birthday for we celebrated it a bit late :S Cake was from M&S  Date: July 1994, London

In 1995 we stayed in Q8 and i invited some school friends over… i remember it was around the time 3alamiya reopened so i got my cake from them again 🙂 Date: July 1995, Kuwait

My 16th Birthday cake was also from 3alamiya. It wasn’t much different than my 15th and my 16th… and this is the only picture i have of it. A small gathering of friends and cousins.  Date: July 1996, Kuwait.

My 17th birthday was a also similar, the same all girls friends and cousins only guests… only difference was the cake from 3alamiya but Pizza Qaysar is present as well… Date: July 1997, Kuwait.

My 18th birthday! I was in London… I remember vacumng the apartnemt, then going to Boots, buying myself a boost bar, and eating it while sitting alone on a park bench… Location: July 1998! W3liya 😦

My 19th Birthday was spent in… Euro Disney! I remember my family wanting to call over goofy to sing Happy Birthday to me with a big bang… i hate that kind of attention in restaurants so i declined furiously! Date: July 1999, Euro Disney, France…

My 20’s Birthday was in the UK, i remember my mother telling me that the 20’s would pass in a flash… now i believe you mom. I remember several 50 pound notes… but i think that’s about it…

My 21st Birthday was fun! I had a little party, i didn’t find a cake picture but i found this baloon picture which is good enough 🙂  Date:  July 2001, Washington, USA!

My 22nd birthday was spent in the computer labs of the Basement Level of Kuwait University… i did have a lovely brownie from Mrs. Fields which had just opened at the time…

My 23 birthday…It was the summer i started working so i spent it all alone in Kuwait… The only family member left was my grandmother who took me to dinner il Altarboush, Sheraton to celebrate… i think i ate cream caramel that day for Dessert 🙂

My 24th Birthday was my first with my Hubby Butootee… we were also alone in Kuwait so my cake was my favourite dessert… the Vermicille Crème Brulle from Lenotre 😀 Date: July 2004, Kuwait

My 25th? I woke up at the crack of dawn and headed for Virgin Mega Store in Marina Mall, grabbed my self a copy of the just released Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince, went back home, slept on the sofa reading until i learned that Snape killed Dumbledore… then started screaming and crying for Dumbledore and my hubby came running, scared out of his mind! lovely Birthday! Date: July 2005, Kuwait.

My 26th was in Lenotre again… this time with my family… can you guess what was my cake? Yeees! Date: July 2006, Kuwait.

My 27th? It was just me, my father, and my hubby… so my cake was from Diet Centre for some reason? Date: July 2007, Kuwait.

My 28th? I didn’t do anything about it… i was in denial… my grandmother was very sick in the hospital… i remember we went to visit her when she was brought home that day after a long stay in the hospital… a few weeks later she was gone Allah yer7amha 😦

My 29th? Even deeper denial! and feeling all old and fat and wrinkly, i didn’t want a cake or anything so i got this *healthy* boquet from Edible Arrangement as my birthday cake… i was trying to Diet y3ni 😉

My 30th? 30… 3X10? 15X2? 30!

When did that happen! I was just at Euro Disney, singing with Goofy!

T.H.I.R.T.Y. … Thirty?

i don’t know how i am going to spend it to be frank. I do know a big cake is waiting for me… i know that it is possibly the last birthday worth celebrating… lee meta 3ad? After 30 there is no point in celebrating birthdays… that’s how it seems now anyways…

But 30? Masha2 Allah! how time flies! Alf El 7md le Allah 3la il 9e77a wel 3afiya!

30? Ay Wallah 30…

We’ll see how it goes… i definietly do NOT feel like 30… 30?

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24 responses to this post.

  1. Happy Birthday w al3omer kila inshallah :***


  2. Posted by Dee on July 12, 2010 at 9:58 AM

    Wow loved the post! i dont think i have any pictures (or cakes) from the age 1 to 15 :((((( ba3dain gmt adale3 roo7e 😛
    and PLEASE stop torturing me! u started ur london post jst when i jst got bk from there so please have mercy 😛


    • Posted by danderma on July 12, 2010 at 12:05 PM

      Zain itsaween one day down the line you will be able to look back at something at least 🙂
      Ana b3d my london posts are posted after i came back fa it’s double torture :p


  3. Posted by wet knickers on July 12, 2010 at 10:00 AM

    i loved that post!!
    the memories seem amazing!
    inshallah i would do something like that if i ever get married and have kids ;p
    in our family we were never big on birthdays ;p
    loved the post 😀
    inshallah u’ll have an amazing birthday..
    and ure only as old as u feel ;*


    • Posted by danderma on July 12, 2010 at 12:07 PM

      I was the luckiest amongst my siblings because i had many birthdays cause i am the eldest… the others didn’t have much :p

      Insha2 Allah soon :* and i feel 19 only to be frank so i have decided that the meter had stopped at 19 😉


  4. Posted by cerah on July 12, 2010 at 10:34 AM

    you’ve totally inspired me to do the same! i remember getting a black forest cake on my 7th birthday and i hated it, haha

    also, i was at virgin that day too!


  5. You’re so lucky to have those photos! Amazing.. And us women reach our peak at 30 so ya bring the Big THREE OH ON! When is ur bday?

    *if I was there I would have baked u a cake*


  6. Come on… 30 is what 20 was 10 years ago 😉 You are still young… and you shall continue to celebrate our big day! Enjoy yourself.. and you will see that although the double digits begin with 3- now… age ain’t nothing but a number.. and you shall still feel like that teenage girl that was too embarrassed to be sung to at Euro Disney by Mr Goofy 😀

    Happy Birthday hon!


  7. Kil 3am wenti bkhair!
    w lich 6olat el.3Omr inshallah :”)


  8. Happy Birthday!!! El3umur kila inshala ;*****
    your only as old as you feel :p age is nothing but a number 😉 if you dont feel 30, if you don’t look 30, ur not 30 :p


  9. Posted by F6aim on July 12, 2010 at 2:21 PM

    Hiii !!
    Happy Bday ow Kil 3am wnty b5air..
    It’s okay age is only a number 😉 I bet you still look young and gorgeous!
    I just couldn’t help not commenting on the ‘Brighton’ part.
    I get so excited when I read that because my whole extended family and I have been going to Brighton for as long as I remeber. ow ga9a 3ala 3mry at7ara n7n el wa7eedeen eli nseer hnak :$ cuz the only Arabs I see are from our building lool so i get excited when I read people mentioning it =P

    Happy Birthday again ^_^


    • Posted by danderma on July 13, 2010 at 1:19 AM

      Thank you hon 🙂

      I actually remember seeing big groups of Emaratis in Brighton over the years… but no wayed q8yeen go and own places there, plus saudies matroosa khalejyeen min zman 🙂


  10. Posted by Najla on July 12, 2010 at 5:24 PM

    Sooo cute;** happy birthdaaaay;**


  11. Posted by giggles on July 12, 2010 at 11:30 PM

    happy birthday o kil 3am wentay ib 5air il 3omer kela inshala, it’s ok i also don’t feel like my age lay daraja ena i look younger than my age which can be good and annoying sometimes bas methel mageltay il 7emdela 3ala il 9e7a wel 3afia. hope u have a great birthday and enjoy it inshala 🙂


    • Posted by danderma on July 13, 2010 at 1:05 AM

      Thank you very much for your lovely wishes 🙂
      I am 19… elmeter waggaf 3nd 19 khalas :p


  12. Posted by LadyCay on July 14, 2010 at 2:18 AM

    Have A very wonderful Birthday dear, walla me & my hubby always say that we don’t feel or look like our age, elmohim el galb, china towna bil el 3ishreen, o celebrate it why not if you like 2, wish you all the best all year round and the years to come ❤


  13. Happy Birthday in advance 🙂
    loved ur birthday cakes…made me want to go rummage through our pictures and find all my birthday cakes hehe nice post


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