Lovely Twilight VIP Night with Crumbs Bakery…

Remember when i posted about Crumbs Competition in this post? I WON! I couldn’t believe my ears when i heard the nice owner on the other end of the line letting me know that i have in fact won!

So last night, Thursday Night, we headed to the VIP cinema in 360 Mall at 7:30 P.M. we received our the tickets…

Tthere were Crumbs goodies and Arabian coffee while we waited for the Screening of Eclipse to start at 8 P.M. … we got ourselves the pop corn and it’s companions… and then went inside!

The first thing we found was this lovely cupcake waiting on each VIP chair!

Very creative… a luscious chocolate cupcake with caramel pop corn pieces resting on top ❤ it was very yummy -i ate it for breakfast though-

We reclined in our seats… the movie started… we had so much fun munching and losing our selves in the movie… no babies cried, no one made silly disrespectful sounds in certain scene… every one of the audience was lost in the movie because we were all fans of Twilight! It felt good to watch the movie with people that are as interested in it as you are!

On the way out… there were more goodies waiting for us! We thanked the owner of Crumbs for a lovely and very different night, we received a bag with two crumbs Tshirts and a bag of their mini truffles -which i adore <3-

The back of the Tshirts

The bag of truffles

Thank you Crumbs… very very much… for caring about what customers anticipate and wait for… it what sets you from other bakeries around… that and your delicious goods of course!

I cannot WAIT for the next competition! Insha2 Allah Insha2 Allah i win again… fingers crossed!

For more information about the amazing Crumbs… you can visit their website or their facebook page.

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8 responses to this post.

  1. Mbroook
    i went to the 6:30 show
    eyannen l movie EYANNEN!
    L cupcake shaklha ehabbl


  2. yeeeeeey luckyyy u 🙂



  3. Posted by Summer on July 9, 2010 at 9:37 PM

    Yaaaay!! Mabrook! 😀
    The cupcake looks amazing!!


  4. They should do a Harry potter night when it comes out! and mabrook that looks like fun!


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