Things 2 Do in London: The Sherlock Holmes Museum

If you are a fan of Shelock Holmes, you will for sure know that he lived in 221b Baker Street, London. One day i wondered if the address does exist so i set about walking and checking the house numbers.. to my surprise, not only does 221b exists, but it had a sign stating that it’s the Sherlock Holmes museum!

I wasted no time going inside and checking the place out. The place is tiny but it has one amazing room after the other filled with artefacts that should belong to Sherlock Holmes! They say that the rooms were designed to look exactly as described in the books written by the author Arthur Conan Doyle!

A must visit for every Sherlock Holmes & History fan. Just don’t go in a big group of people as the place is tiny! I bought a collection of Sherlock Holmes novels from the gift shop which is amazing too…

For more information check out their website here

8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by doona on July 4, 2010 at 1:52 PM

    that exists??
    ambaih aby!! must be awesome!!


  2. Thats so cool!!


  3. this is very intersting.. something to keep in mind..


  4. Everytime i pass by but never been in.. the people who are with me are not interested to go in :/


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