Things 2 Do in London: Twinnings Store @ The Strand!

With a history of 300 years and a royal warrant under it’s belt… walking to the Twinnings store is sheer joy to tea & history lovers! This store is the first known Tea Room in the world, located on 216 Strand Street, London and is still operating since it’s opening by Thomas Twinings in 1707.

In Strand Street you walk and you walk surrounded by traditional buildings until you see the building above on your right and the sign below on your left… then you know you are in the right place… standing on the doorway of a genuine piece of history! If you are a history lover you will recognize the shiver that will run through your body when you lay your eyes on the door…

300 years ago rich people used to flock this very step and try and acquire some very rare commodity of their time… it was available for the rich and noble only… i can almost hear the carriages clickty clacking down the cobbled stone street passing by the store from that age… it gives me the chills to imagine that… and Though coffee houses were popular then, Tea Rooms were non existent until introduced in this very story…

You open the door… and you are inside the oldest most beautiful shop with antique chandeliers and skylights… the place is small and narrow, yet it’s beautiful! The wooden cabinets… the brass scales… the one million flavors of tea you get to browse…

I love the fact that you can buy the tea by the tea bag! I could try as many flavors as possible and decide which ones i like… ahhh the rose tea they used to sell… it was the MOST AMAZING tea every with soft infusions of rose :`( it is discontinued now sadly… we also love the boxed tea bag set of flavored tea

Not only tea is sold here… tea supplies are available and they even serve proper English tea in the afternoon still! I never tried their English Tea before though…

Another thing worth noting is that the Twinings logo, chosen by Tomas Twining in 1787, is thought to be the oldest commercial logo in the world!!! The location of the store is amazing too… for it’s a stones throw away from Traflgar Square, Piccadilly, Covent Garden, and the River Thames!!!

Highly recommended on a lazy afternoon stroll in London… you can pass by and breathe in History, get some lovely souvenirs for back home… you can rest assured that you will not see one Arab staring & bothering you there 😉

For more information you can visit their website by clicking here

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4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by romeya on July 1, 2010 at 11:23 AM

    ur posts are protected : l how come ??


  2. Posted by Q80BOY on July 1, 2010 at 11:50 AM

    LOL!! mum will flip when i take her there .. she loves twinings tea (buys stacks of em for Kuwait >.<) it's just tea no?


    • Posted by danderma on July 1, 2010 at 2:06 PM

      Your mom will be very happy with the new itinerary :p

      La mo just tea… it’s very good tea… o il flavors yafreq… especially the boxed herbal infusion ones 🙂


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