To Buy or Not to Buy: Caribou’s Blinking Coffee Sleeve!

I was in Caribou’s yesterday waiting for my drink when some blinking caught my eyes… i look around in search of the offender… wella it’s a coffee sleeve blinking happily all over the place!!! Y7leelah!

Oho cute o funky yet still moz3ej… it did make me laugh though… but i didn’t buy it… chini ta7asaft now…

Would you buy this cute blinking coffee sleeve?

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  1. Posted by shaba9a on June 29, 2010 at 11:52 AM

    totally! its cute


  2. cooooooooool 7adda EEEEEEEEEEEE i want to go NOW! i love sleeves!


  3. aww thats sooo cute I might buy one:D


  4. hahah i love it!
    which caribou did you find this in?


  5. hummm.. il just snap some pix of it n thats it :p


  6. Posted by Q80BOY on June 30, 2010 at 12:25 PM

    *imagines drinking his coffee with a set of traffic lights blinking on the cup*

    I for one will not enjoy it ;p


  7. i got it and ppl dont quite telling me how stupid i am but it feels stupidly nice 😛


  8. i loveeeeeeeeee Caribou! o 7dii i miss going to freezone caribou :(((
    ihneee mallat ma 3ndhom gher hl *bucks! ….. ohwaa ishwg bss a7sa iz3aaj lol


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