Things to Do in London: Brunch, Lunch, & Dinner @ Giraffe!

I woke up this Sunday morning feeling hungry… and for a moment i wished from all my heart i could just put on my jacket and step out into the nearest Giraffe branch i could find…

Why haven’t anyone brought it over as franchise is beyond me. The place is AMAZING! It is modern yet cosey, funky and quirky with lots of colors and something to look at in every single corner! You can never be bored when in a Giraffe…

I have been to many branches of Giraffe in the UK and each and every one of them was amazing. I love the fact they serve their brunches all day long… I love the fact that it is a very welcoming restaurant where i could relax and put my guard down and not try to look put together or hip or be pretentious in an way…

I love their breakfast… i love their breakfast… i love their breakfast… yes i LOVE THEIR BREAKFAST! The portions are always so so generous… one plate is more than enough for two persons… 3 skinny girls could share one breakfast plate!

I love the fact that the menu is very vegetarian friendly… i could order half the items off the menu! I love their mezza plate for appetizers… and i am particularly fond of their chunky fries drenched in guacamole, salsa, sour cream, toasted seed, and cheddar cheese <3…

Their nachos are good as well… i do prefer american style nachos but since these are hard to find in the UK Giraffe’s nacho’s would do just fine…

My husband is fond of two dishes on the menu: The Falafel Sandwich and the Burrito… the falafel sandwich is below…  i have no pictures of the burrito and the dimmed interior of Giraffe makes it really hard to snap good pictures of their dishes…

If you order one of their cocktail juices… you get a surprise inside…

It’s this little plastic Giraffe that is very very cute! My sister actually collects those… she had green and yellow and pink and blue and orange and if i am not mistaken pink!

You can buy their memorabilia as well… the only picture i have here is of their greeting cards…

The BEST thing about this whole Giraffe love affair of mine is… they have a branch in Heathrow Terminal 5!!! The perfect way to say good bye to the UK after a long and eventful trip :`(

I wish someone would FedEx me the vegetarian English breakfast dish with a side of those chunky fried drenched with goodies ❤

If you are in the UK and you have never tried it before… well what are you waiting for? Their website is and their menu can be found be clicking here

If you did try it… what do you think? We need Franchising, don’t you agree?!

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3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Summer on June 27, 2010 at 12:17 PM

    I always go there and their food is just amazing!!


  2. […] The London Aquarium, the side cafe’s… some restaurants dotted  along the river (Girrafe for example)… those are the only pictures i could find where my Butootee doesn’t jump […]


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