Things 2 Do in London: West Cornwall Pasties…

When you walk through Paddington Station… a flaky wholesome aroma hits your nostrils and beckons you over… you follow the smell and you find the source… they are the Pasties from West Cornwall Pasty Co.

Quite a mouthful for a restaurant name… so i will abbreviate it with the word Pasty! Pasties are basically hot dough, more puff pastry like than pizza or fatayer, and filled with bubbling hot ingredients… be it mushroom and cheese, or creamy vegetables, of any other filling you would eat if you are a meat lover… the combinations are very good… the pasties are so crunchy and flaky and warm… it’s is the perfect guilty pleasure to have in the UK…

The Pasty stands can be found in Euston Station and Paddington Station… but our favorite spot to grab a pasty would be their  little café corner in Covent Garden Market!

It is the perfect spot for people watching! You can watch all the acrobats and performers playing in front of you while you eat your bubbling hot pasty. You should try their fries while you are at it… how good? This good…

If you have no time to sit down… grab your self a take away especially if you are freezing in December… you would be hugging the pasty so hard you never want to go… Butootee insists on grabbing a couple for himself whenever we pass by… there is no compromise when it comes to pasties in his dictionary…

It is one gooooood guilty lunch… Highly Recommended! Get they while they are hot, do not wait for them to cool down… you have been warned!

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Summer on June 24, 2010 at 4:57 PM

    yumm!! the fries look really good!!
    Are you still in london?


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